Why The Law of Attraction is Not Working for YOU ?


Let’s clear something out right at the beginning. It’s not that The Law of Attraction is not working, The Law of Attraction is not working for you. The law of attraction is working, always, it’s just your perception of it not resonating with what you want.

Ok. Now, why the law of attraction is not working for you? First we need to understand how the law of attraction works.

NOTE: This article is all you need to learn so you can create your PERFECT LIFE. As simple as that. The other variable is trust.

What is The Law of Attraction?

Why The Law of Attraction is Not Working“Opposites attract” is probably the greatest lie limiting the progress of humanity and I am going to prove it to you that it’s a lie, right now.

You have probably installed the idea of opposites attracting each other in Physics 101 at a very young age. This is a limited view of the TRUTH and not the complete picture.

Opposites Attract through LOVEYou are focusing on 2 halves of both magnets as a whole instead on focusing on each magnet as a whole.

I want you to rise above the magnets and see the complete picture. Aren’t both magnets looking EXACTLY the same? The first one is N/S and the second one is N/S. They are facing on the same direction.

We are taught to focus on the middle, the/S of the first magnet and the N/ of the second looking only at a fragment of the TRUTH.

The whole TRUTH is that similar WHOLES looking in the same direction attract!

This is The Law of Attraction and it’s Universally working, always and anywhere where The Force of Magnetism exists.

We are a MAGNET like everything else

Human MagnetsA magnet is constructed by a North Side and a South side not because they are different, but because the nexus point generating a frequency for the magnet to exist, the essence of the magnet, its features are coming from a source which is the same in the N and in the S of that magnet. The sides are just reflective of each other, not opposite.

That’s like you looking yourself in the mirror. If you are white, short male with a dark, long hair, you are not looking in a reflection which is a black, tall female with a blonde, short hair.

You are still You looking on a reflection of You facing towards You.

N attracts to S not because they are opposite but because they are reflective of each other’s SAME TRUTH, Frequency.

What attracts?

EmotionsThings with similar FREQUENCY attract each other. Things looking at a similar vision attract each other. Things feeling similar emotions and thinking similar thoughts also attract each other.

All in all, the energy attracts similar energy to its frequency. No matter in what type of element it represents itself the energy you give will be the energy you receive.

The MOST important RULE of The Law of Attraction is..

Give to ReceiveYou must first GIVE to RECEIVE!

The Giant Field

Giant FieldThink of The Universe as a giant field. In this field you plant seeds and you water them with energy so they can grow.

The frequency of the energy you feed the seeds with will be as same as the frequency of the energy these seeds will give to you once they grow into fruits and get consumed by you.

Positive BeliefImagination is the factory of seeds. Create a future you would want to have. This is planting a seed.

Once you plant the seed you need to nurture it daily so it can grow. You need to feed it with energy.

Create somethingThe thoughts you think are NOT the energy you feed the seed with. The thoughts you think create the emotions you’ll feel and the emotions you feel are the energy you feed the seed with.

The Look of Our Emotions 1That’s why thinking positive thoughts is so important because they promote positive emotions.

If you feed the seed daily with positive emotions it will grow into a positive fruit. The fruit is the outcome you are waiting for. The fruit is the reality you have created, the opportunity coming out from nowhere, the promotion, the perfect man/woman showing up into your life.

The Look of Our Emotions 2When you consume the fruit you will receive what you have given for its creation and it will be the same frequency of energy.

Consuming this energy will make your body promote emotions corresponding to the frequency. These emotions will feed your spirit opening doors for more AWESOME seeds to be created and more positive thoughts to be promoted inside your mind.

The whole process will keep on going again and again. The whole process is always active and happening no matter if you are aware or not.

You plant and grow seeds that grow YOU so in a way you are growing YOURSELF. We are all growing ourselves.

Where do we make a mistake most often?

Positive EmotionsOur most often mistake is investing negative emotions in a positive seed.

We create our desired reality and we feel good. We plant the seed. But the next day when we need to “water” it with positive emotions we cannot focus our mind to think positive thoughts and we keep on getting not so positive emotions.

10 or 15 days after we planted the seed we cannot even imagine what we planted. We have lost most of our trust in this process as all around us is anything but people doing what we do.

We get scared, we lose patience, we get distracted. The complete process of sitting down for 15 minutes per day and imagining our perfect reality, creating positive thoughts seems ridiculous as we see people actually working their ass off for a couple of bucks.

Why this happens? What’s The most Important KEY ELEMENT why The Law of Attraction is NOT Working?

Key Element TrustWe lose trust in the process. The world we live in today is very different from this reality and you really have to be detached from all the other people and do your own thing to not get distracted. You simply need to stop caring what others think of you and grow your perfect reality into existence.

Awaken to The Law of AttractionBut this doesn’t happen as sooner or later you start doubting yourself. You start losing faith in this process as no one else around you believes it works. They may say they do but you never see them actually investing their energy in it.

We all care where we invest our energy so we choose the option with the lowest risk which is do what everyone else does.

It’s like if we live in a reality where everyone thinks objects fall down because The Sky is pushing them down and if they stop moving the sky will stop pushing and everything will fly away. So they keep moving.

The Law of GravityYou start believing that maybe The Earth is the one pulling them down because of The Law of Gravity which always works no matter if you are aware of it or not. So you stop moving and you start doing what you truly want to do.

However, if no one else around you is doing what you do you’ll start feeling guilty, you’ll start doubting yourself and you may even feel crazy. So sooner or later you’ll start moving again with everyone else.

What’s the other KEY ELEMENT why we fail to grow our “perfect” reality into existence?

I deserve to be HappyWe don’t feel like we deserve that “perfect” reality.

A lot of us feel like they don’t deserve to be happy. It’s more common than you think.

This is a belief we create in our spirit which cannot link our positive thoughts with the corresponding positive emotions. We feel guilty to feel happy because of some reason.

Logically we can think of positive thoughts, we can focus our mind to create positive thoughts. But, once we try to personalize these thoughts and create emotions for us we have a conflict with this belief that we do not deserve them.

So we have positive thoughts and negative emotions and the seed feeds on the emotions so no matter what reality we imagined we will get maybe 1% of what we truly wanted. This is unnoticeable and we lose trust in the process.

The last KEY ELEMENT for not growing our “perfect” reality is..

PatienceImpatience! We think if we imagine having a big house, money, perfect wife/husband we’ll get them in a month or two.

First of all, if you were that close to get all of those things you wouldn’t have to read articles on The Law of Attraction and plant seeds consciously. You would have been growing “fruits” helping you get those things sub consciously for years.

Second, for you to GROW into the person who has those things in the mutual reality we live in, first you have to consume enough “fruits” which will grow you that way.

Watering the seed of having, let’s say big house, first will grow you smaller “fruits” which will help YOU to grow enough. These “fruits” may be a job opportunity, a new friendship or even an idea for a book.

You will notice these “fruits” by feeling the emotions their presence promotes to you. If it’s corresponding with the emotions you feed the big house seed, than consume them.

The shape of things to come

Follow The Frequency of BeautyMaybe that new friendship will open an opportunity for you to go in a party where you’ll see a sculpture which will give you an idea to visit your family.

Maybe on the way of visiting your family you’ll see a great big house for sale and when you arrive at your family’s home they’ll connect you with a person who will give you a job.

Maybe this job will make you enough money to buy the house you saw. You just need to follow the energy flow you give and trust the process.

The path of how things will turn out is almost impossible to predict so stop wasting your time with it. Just create positive feelings and feed the “perfect” reality with them.

Why sometimes bad things happen?

IndependentYou live in a pool of thoughts, emotions, seeds and “fruits”. Another factor which has a role in this process is the people and objects you depend on, the people and objects you attach to.

If you create positive emotions it doesn’t mean that your parents or girlfriend are creating positive emotions.

So, no matter what reality you have imagined for yourself and what kind of emotions you have invested in the growing of that seed, if you depend on others’ “fruits” you will consume the “fruits” they create which may not be so tasty.

Sometimes, and it usually happens to all beginners as the famous Murphy’s Laws somehow work, right when you start with the career of feeling positive thoughts something unfortunate will happen.

This is probably a “fruit” of someone you depend on so don’t take it personally and don’t let it stop you from creating positive emotions.

This is why it is incredibly freaking important what kind of people you surround yourself with.

Surround yourself with positive people!

Surround yourself with positive peopleEvery village, city, community creates its own paradigm depending on the mutual spirit and beliefs it holds. This paradigm determines what kind of thoughts and emotions will be created inside.

No matter how independent you are, nothing great will happen for you in a community feeding its seeds with negative emotions.

You may create the most positive emotions you can possibly feel but all you will get is just the positive “fruit” the community allows to exist in it, which is not so much of what you expected.

Alchemists said “As above so bellow”. I cannot even make you grasp how important knowledge this is.

If you individually create seeds and “fruits” which grow YOU so you’ll be able to create that bigger “fruit” you imagined and planted, that “perfect” reality of yours, it’s the same when you are a part of a community.

The mutual spirit of the community creates and plants the greater fruit of the community and every smaller “fruit” each individual creates benefits the creation of the larger “fruit”. It grows the community on a way so it can get the larger “fruit”.

Each “fruit” is constructed by smaller “fruits” and even we, humans, are fruits of the energy our own smaller fruits give us.

This law is like Gravity, no matter if you are a good person or a bad person, if you jump from a cliff you will fall down.

So when you try to create positive “fruits” in a community which planted, consciously or unconsciously, a negative seed, you will get just a positive shade of all the negativity, or with other words, s**t.

A Guideline to use The Law of Attraction in the smartest way possible

  1. Surround yourself with positive people.
  2. Stop depending on others as much as you can possibly become independent.
  3. Take a piece of paper and write the question “What my perfect reality looks like?”
  4. Answer this question with every answer that pops into your mind for 20 to 30 minutes, write it down no matter how silly it sounds.
  5. After you have the answers start imagining the “perfect” reality. Try to feel how it feels to live in it. Be as detailed as possible.
  6. After you imagine your seed for 7 to 10 minutes, take 12 deep breaths and with each breath think to yourself “I deserve to be happy”.
  7. Accept the positive feelings you have created with imagining the seed and go on your day feeling AWESOME. Do this daily for 7 minutes. It is best to do it in the mornings.

All you need to do is be patient, trust the process, and follow the FREQUENCY of your emotions. Feel the opportunities that feel the same way, or similar, like when you imagine the reality you want to live in.


The Law of Attraction Emotion and FrequencyThis article is one of the most POWERFUL articles you’ve ever read. Not because is on this website or because I wrote it, but because it tells you the secret behind the secret.

It gives you the steps, the theory and EVERYTHING you need to know to create the best reality you can think of.

You may believe it or you may not, but what you’ve read is how you will make your dreams come true. No matter if you work an a** of or if you just hope for The Universe to award you, you won’t make your dreams come true if you do not make The Law of Attraction to benefit your dream.

Every successful person first invested their positive emotions to receive the success. Everyone!

Everything that happened to everyone was what everyone planted and grew with their energy.

If you are looking for a sign THIS IS IT!

Share this knowledge to the world. Spread the energy I have invested here in this article so others’ seeds can feed from it and grow. GIVE TO RECEIVE!

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<Imagine, Feel positive emotions, follow the frequency, repeat>