12 Easy Steps to Find Your Happy Place


As we grow old we get lost in the never ending circle of Work – Sleep – Work – Go Out – Sleep – Work. We forget about wonder and excitement, we forget about our happy place, we forget that there is a lot more of the world than we make our reality to be.

Don’t worry everybody do this, it’s not just you. Even I (not that I am someone special but even I, who know this things) sometimes lose myself in the working lifestyle forgetting completely about what life has to offer.

After everything, We are Just Humans (I am not saying this in diminutive but we have a tendency to forget). We need to be reminded once in a while that there are beautiful places waiting for us to explore, that life is not as limited as we start perceiving it. The best way to remind ourselves is by visiting our happy place.

Our Dream WorldWhat is a happy place? I don’t want to sound like Mr. Obvious but it is a Happy Place. In fact, it is the happiest place we can be in. The most awesome thing about this “Happy Place” is that we don’t have to travel anywhere to get there.

Our happy place is in our mind. In our Inner World we have a sacred garden that we protect no matter what. This sacred garden is surrounded by walls keeping everything bad outside of it. That’s where our happy place is.

Monsters Inside Our Own MindWe may not realize this but Everything that We Fear of the Outer World lives in our Inner World. That’s why we need to protect our happy place to remain sacred.

Everything that we ever wanted; every dream we ever wanted to become a reality; every wish and longing we ever had lives in our sacred garden – in our happy place.

As Humans, We Do Something Better than Any Species on Earth – we may actually be the only species to be able to do this. This special ability we have is our imagination.

Our ImaginationOur imagination enables us to visualize things before they even happen and our whole Inner World is a product of that. Our Inner world is the fundament of our psychological profile. It is what we call our Spirit – Character.

Because we are able to visualize things that never happened we are able to create a place that makes us feel safe; a place that gives us hope and motivation to keep following our dreams.

This place is like a sneak peak of what our life would be if we succeed. The purpose of our happy place is to give us a mini vacation into our desired future so we can recharge our batteries, remember why we work in the first place and get back to making our dreams reality with full steam.

It is necessary to remind ourselves once in a while that there is light at the end of the tunnel (and it is not a train).

So how to find your happy place?

  1. If you are easily distracted go somewhere free of distractions (turn off your phone, TV, computer) and make yourself comfortable.
  2. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  3. Count 5 exhales and start scanning your body; feel your toes, knees, legs, torso, hands, fingers, shoulders, neck, mouth, eyes, head.
  4. After you are aware of your whole body take a deep breath and relax it with your slow exhale; do this 3 times and with every time become more and more relaxed.
  5. Picture a garden and a fountain in the midst of the garden; try to listen to the water, try to smell the nature, try to feel the grass under your toes.
  6. You are safe here; there is nothing that can possibly hurt you.
  7. Explore the garden; come near the fountain, feel the material it is made of – just feel free to get to know your sacred garden.
  8. Now I want you to look into the water and ask yourself “What would my Dreamland look like?”
  9. Picture the water morphing into your Dreamland; everything you ever wanted is in there – explore it, feel it, experience it.
  10. Just let yourself enjoy this place; become completely free to do whatever you like.
  11. After a couple of minutes it is time to get back to your sacred garden.
  12. Focus on your breathing again and count down from 5 to 1; on 1 start moving your fingers and toes. Welcome back.

If you want, PLEASE, feel free to share with us how your Dreamland looked like. My personal Dreamland is very similar to a Hawaiian island with the sun setting into the ocean while a calming sound of a ukulele plays in the background. And yes, I have my surf board on my right hand and a coconut cocktail on my left.

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<Follow the 12 steps whenever you need motivation and hope to continue working toward your dreams>