Why Do We Need Fear ?


What is Fear? Why does it exist? What is it useful for? One thing is for sure, it scares the s**t out of us.

What if sometimes we want something so badly but we are scared to go for it. When do we know if we should go against the fear?

Sometimes the smartest thing you should do is be stupid enough to go for something your heart wishes against all odds and fears.


Just Imagine……

Just ImagineImagine a world without fear….. stop….. what you are imagining is impossible. There are “stupid” people in the world, and worse than “stupid” men with power is stupid men with power who don’t fear anything. Yeah that’s right. The world… Puf… None…

When I say “stupid” man I am thinking of men with limited minds. Not limited by disability, but limited by their ego, by their greed, by their weakness in character.

Sometimes a disabled person can be a bigger human than all of them together. What truly disables us is our weakness in character, the tendency to choose the easier way rather than the right one.


Fear by Itself is Actually on Your Side

Fear by Itself is on Your SideFear is just a belief, a belief that something has a potential to harm you in a way, to harm the thing that you stand for. Fear actually defends your cause.

We are born into this world with a purpose coming from our soul and the importance of our purpose creates our primal instinct for survival.

Our survival instinct is the main cause for our primal fear which is the fear of death, the fear that defends our soul’s purpose.

This fear becomes so powerful with time, it actually puts a shadow on its main reason of existence, the purpose of our soul.

Sometimes, because of not wanting to face our fear we twist it so much it becomes the very thing that destroys our cause.

Sometimes the cause we stand for is driven by our weakness instead of our heart and the fear by itself is not wrong but the thing that it defends is. It is not a bad thing to be afraid if your fear makes you a better person.


How Heroes are Made

How Heroes Are MadeIf you are free from your ego, from seeking vengeance, from being greedy, jealous, and hateful, if you base your dreams and goals upon your love and faith in your cause, only than the right decision is to listen to your heart.

People with vengeful spirit full of hate, people willing to approve their ego by showing the world “who I really am!”, those people are the most dangerous when they “listen to their heart” because what they actually listen to is their ego.

Fear is like a leash that limit’s our restlessness and keeps us from sticking our nose where it doesn’t belong. The only way to unleash ourselves is by loving something more than the fear itself.

Usually, if the cause our fear defends comes from our weakness, the love of our cause can never be strong enough to make us face our fear, which is good news because weak people full of greed, hate and ego can never get a hold of the unlimited power coming from facing your fears. And if they do they’ll meet their strength through the process of facing their fears which will make them less “stupid”.

I think the fear helps us know who the real hero is and who is acting like a hero but it’s actually the villain, The Egoman (let’s call them The Egoman from now on and not “stupid”, they offend easily)

I think fear is what creates heroes, just look at “Batman”, his greatest fear were bats and by facing it, he became “The Batman”.

The hero will always follow his pure heart and do what his heart says it’s right, even if he is terrified.

That’s the definition of being a hero, to keep moving forward even if you are terrified. And without fear, the definition would seize to exist along with every “hero”.