What’s The Difference Between Love, Friendship and Family ?


Before we start surfing through the answers and exploring “What’s the difference between love, friendship and family?”, I have Another Question for Our Mind to Ponder.


What is Friendship?

FriendsI think that the true art of life is what we call friendship. The mixture of personalities, energies, different causes anchored with unexplained mutual love is the highest form of art, The Art of Life.

There cannot be friendship if there is no love, everything starts with love. There should be no reason to love, there should be no explanation of why you love because love, like happiness is something you present to life, the fruit you give to the world.


Just Like an Apple Tree

Apple TreeJust like an apple tree doesn’t need a reason to give its apples, just like an apple tree gives its apples to everyone no matter what kind of person they are, as same as the apple tree we need to give our fruit to the world, unconditionally.

Loving a person doesn’t make us weak, if nothing else loving someone is the purest act of strength. That’s the true strength we humans have, to love.

Family Comes FirstWe are not the fastest of spices, we are not the ones that The Earth could not live without and fighting 1 on 1 with a rhino will prove that we are neither the strongest.

The only thing we are here to do and the only thing we know how to do best is love, that’s our fruit. That’s Our Real Strength and Not Our Weakness. Fear is our true weakness. Love is life. Love is the fundament of friendship.


Love is Not The Opposite of Friendship

Love FriendshipMany of us see friendship as something you are stuck in if you don’t initiate love, the famous “friend zone”. Like somehow friendship is the opposite of love.

Believing that it’s as stupid as believing that having a great time is the opposite of being happy, you need to be happy first to have a great time but not every time being happy will be great.

You start with Love; sometimes you’ll find compatibility in other individuals and that love will evolve into Friendship. That’s a whole new being that you and the people involved need to put an equal effort to make it last.


Family Comes First

FamilyFriendship that lasts long enough evolves into Family, something you stand for no matter how wrong it did or how strong the law that opposes is. You stand for Family no matter what. Family Always Comes First.

It doesn’t matter how smart we are, it doesn’t matter if we know that there is no chance of winning, we let ourselves believe in something impossible for Family and Friendship because for us they are bigger than logic.

That’s the beauty of being human, to be stupid enough to stand against giants when it comes to Family and Friends. That’s the greatness of humans. That’s The Essence of Humanity.


Real Friendship

True FriendshipTo live without family and friends it’s as same as an apple tree living without sun and water, sooner or later it will stop giving apples.

There is no stronger love than real friendship. There is no greater force. 2 Friends believing in each other are greater than any force, even if they get crashed by it, because they already have something greater from the thing they seek to get, they have true Friendship.


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<Love is what we need to give unconditionally, friendship is when we make others partners of our story and time grows love and friendship into family>