The Art of Asking and Giving


Do you have everything you want? Do you have enough money to do whatever you want as long as you want, to be wherever you want to be?

Of course you don’t, I don’t have enough ether and achieving that is impossible. You may say “but you don’t need money to be fulfilled” and I agree, but the system doesn’t.

We created a world where we express value through money. If we want something we need to value it as much as it is worthy for the one who will let us own, interact or consume the item. That’s the system we created. We need money to build our life as much as an engineer needs screws to build a house.

The SystemThey say there is no scale that will balance the human eye, which is somewhat true. Even if we Get What We Want, we want something else right away. After we use something that satisfies us we start abusing it because we want more of that satisfaction. This is our greedy nature, but we can control our greed. We can choose to have the things we deserve to have, the things that give us balance.

Because we express value through money we put prices on things we give our value through. We do this because we focus on the What not on the Why. We focus what we give not why we give it. We forget the purpose of our value.

Circle Of GivingDon’t get me wrong, it is a good thing to value what you do or create, it is very important thing. What I am saying is instead of forcing someone to give money in order to have what you give, give your value and let others experience its worth. Instead of demanding money, ask for money. You will be amazed how many people are willing to pay your worth if you really walk your talk.

This, of course, is most appropriate with the ones who express value through art because the art they share holds different value for each individual. You may ask, “But what is art really?” and that’s a really good question my friend.

Essence Of ArtThe art is something that cannot be explained. The act of explaining art is taking the essence of its existence. But, if we try to understand a little better, we can say that art is a fusion of individual’s heart with other energies creating a harmonious work that speaks directly to the hearts of others.

We all have different values and different points of view. That is why everyone values a single artwork differently and that is why we shouldn’t put prices on art.

Amanda Palmer TEDAmanda Palmer, in her amazing presentation on TED, says: “Don’t make people pay for music, let them”. Don’t make people pay for the art of your soul, let them. Let people value your work and ask for money in return. If they find any worth in what you’ve created ask them to value it by giving you money. Anyone who finds true worth, whose heart is touched by what you’ve created, will be more than willing to give value in return.

Asking for money to share something you’ve put energy into is honest. Money is like Energy. More money – more power to influence. If you Concentrate a Lot of Your Energy in a product you are creating it is fair to ask for some “energy” back.

Nature GivesNature always gives without demanding nothing in return and because every element in nature always gives, nature creates the most harmonious circle. We created a system where we must demand something to give something and with that the essence of harmony is destroyed.

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<Give as much as possible, no one became poor by giving>