7 True Love Stories to Heal Your Heart


I don’t know why, probably because of the low levels of tolerance and what is presented to us through the media, the world today seems like it’s increasingly absent of love. Of course, this is not true. It’s not the world that is lacking of love it’s we, the humans who believe less and less in true love.

We close its doors and stop its flow in the world. But, love still exists and waits for Someone to Open Its Doors by believing in it again. We Need to Free Love by Opening Our Hearts.

There are People in This World Who are an Example and a living proof of true love. Their stories will heal your heart and help you find faith in love once again.


1. True Love Defies All The Odds

True Love Defies All The Odds

Loves is the strongest will in The Universe. The Will of Love doesn’t care about odds or chances, it is beyond that. When we are driven by the will of love and if that love is pure, True Love, than there is no force in The Entire Universe that can stop us from doing what we want.

2. True Love is Bigger Than Logic

True Love Means Never Giving Up

True Love is stronger than sickness, stronger than consciousness. True Love listens with the heart no matter how strange that sounds to people who have never experienced it. True Love means being there when they need you even if there is no logical point in doing that.

3. True Love Never Gets Old

True Love Never Gets Old

The pure things like happiness, love, fun, joy, wonder….. are eternal, they never get old. It is we who stop believing in them as we believe that we get old by growing old.

4. True Love is doesn’t Care about Sacrifice

True Love is doesn’t Care about Sacrifice

The strength, the courage, the power of True Love are beyond explanation. We feel them, we feel like screaming in the face of fear with a smile in our face just to express how funny and small our greatest fear looks like next to our True Love. It doesn’t care about the sacrifice, doesn’t care about what is smarter or what’s the point. True Love doesn’t need a point.

5. True Love is Knowing Without Evidence

True Love is Knowing Without Evidence

When we love a person with our whole heart that person is our home. There is no place in The Entire Universe we’d rather be because that person is our Entire Universe.

6. True Love is Beyond Sex

True Love is Beyond Sex

True Love doesn’t care who we are or what we do or what we are. We can be the kindest saints or the greatest psychopaths in the world but if our hearts are compatible, when we look in each others eyes, there will be True Love.

7. True Love Means Never Letting Go

True Love Means Never Letting Go

They say if you love someone let them go and if they return they were meant to be yours. Bull***t! If you love someone, if you truly love someone with all your heart, you never let go. No matter if there is no logical reason or the whole world turns its back on you, you never let go. You keep on trying and trying and trying until you get what you truly love or stop loving it. Sometimes we let go of things we love a little too early and move on with our lives pretending everything is alright. No one should punish himself living a life like that. 

Heart PointsTHE CODE

<True Love exists no matter if we believe in it or not and we can lie to ourselves by ignoring our heart to suit our fears or we can face them and open our heart to free the love we hold locked inside>

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