What is The Greatest Cause in The Universe ?


What is the greatest cause anyone can have? What matters the most in this thing we call life? As I wandered through the possible answers I realized something strange. Whenever I choose a reason, some noble purpose, I always end up seeing another one, nobler, greater than my previous choice.

Helping OthersWhat is the greatest purpose in life? First I thought that the greatest cause in The Universe is to understand yourself, to fix yourself and to free your mind. Then, I realized that there is something greater. You can help your family, your friends, and the people closest to you to understand themselves, to fix themselves, to become better and to free their minds.

Of course there is a purpose even greater than that. You can help The World be more aware and live in a way that is beneficial for everyone. But if you Help The World Function Better than why don’t help The Galaxy function better, The Universe, or maybe every Universe that exists, help everything that exists…..

Our PurposeThen 2 more questions entered my mind, Is our job to do all of this? and, What kind of person can possibly manage to do all of this? Well, the truth is we all can, individually. You see, the farther you go and see the bigger picture, the closer you come to yourself and realize that what matters is that tiny dot which creates the bigger picture, YOU.

The purpose of life is different for everyone, and that’s OK. The purpose of life is what you choose to be, what the things that you stand for are. It is not our job to understand how everything works, or why The Universe exists just like the audience of a magic show is not meant to understand the trick but to experience magic.

We are meant to experience the magic of life, the love, the friendship, the connection with other “Tiny Dots”, not to understand what love is or how long it lasts or how it happens. Understanding how something works intellectually, kills the magic.

Gift of MagicSo what if you are fooled? So what if everything is just a trick? A magician doesn’t do magic to fool you, he gives you the present of magic, the most amazing gift someone can ever give you.

Be fooled, fall in love, have friends, have an open heart and an open mind, experience the pleasures of not knowing but feeling. That is magic, the true magic and the true magic exists only if you let it exist.

That is the greatest purpose in life, to be and remain human. It is not our job to understand everything. Our job is to live, to be fooled, to experience magic. Our purpose is to live simply as humans, knowing that we could be gods. Our cause is to choose friendship before greatness, to choose love before science.

Tiny DotsThe greatest purpose in life is to be REAL, to be TRUE. All we really are is what we choose to be. So choose to be human, At The End of The Day it’s not about knowing what the planets are, what they are made of or how The Universe was created. At the end of the day we remember that “Tiny Dots” we spent the greatest times with.

We remember that tiny moments that gave us more happiness than all the knowledge in The Universe could give. We remember the hug of a friend or the kiss of our loved one. We remember the joke of our coworker or some embarrassing moment that is secretly making us smile. That’s Who We Are and That’s Who We Need to Remain.

The end of my dilemma came when I realized that the greatest possible cause anyone can have is not important. What’s important is what is the greatest possible purpose for ME? What do I stand for?

Friends and LoveI stand for Love, I stand for Friendship. That’s greater for me than every battle fought or every science, or every cause that exists.

That’s what the greatest purpose for me is, to stand for LOVE and FRIENDSHIP by any means necessary. To choose them before greatness because for me nothing is greater than being with the ones you love. That is my bigger picture.

The purpose of life is not in the complexity, it’s in the simplicity. The greatest cause in The Universe is the act of having a cause to stand for, the quest of fulfilling your purpose. That’s the elegance of life.

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