The Well Of Broken Dreams


All of us have been hurt, one way or another. All of us have secret doors in our subconscious where we keep bad and painful memories. It is not strange, we all do this. It is the way we are trained to survive. But this, let’s say broken dreams can help us more than we may think.

This “well of broken dreams” is the place where you keep all of the ruined plans and broken hopes, this is the place where we lock all of our sadness, so we can move on with our lives acting like nothing happened. Or we are to afraid to face with our broken dreams.

In here, all of the core elements for your depression, negative thoughts, and inability to be motivated are hiding. Everything that stops you from experiencing that True Happiness hides in there!

But, how do we get rid of them? How do we purify our well and get rid of all the “dirt” that makes us feel bad. That’s the thing buds, we can’t get rid of that “dirt”. We cannot go back to the way we were and forget about everything that happened. But why should we?!

We haven’t gone through all that for nothing, to forget about that! Maybe we will have that “well of broken dreams” forever but that doesn’t mean we cannot use it. Use everything in your advantage!

Everything that happened to you can be used as your weapon to fight and fulfill your new, improved dreams. Enter “the well of broken dreams”, remember what you have gone through and use that sadness to Get Pissed Off For Greatness!

If we link our losses with something that we gain and succeed at, than they don’t represent loses any more for us. They are just something that helped us be where we are today! That is the only way to purify your well!

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<Use your broken dreams to build new better dreams>