The Difference Between Thinking Mind vs. Emotional Mind


The greatest mystery in our lives is how our mind works. A lot of scientists invest their whole lives researching the conscious mind and a lot of them go crazy down the road.

Every problem and solution we’ve ever came up with was a product of our mind. Every worry and excitement, every thought and feeling is a product of our mind. Everything we perceive as a reality is a product of our mind.

It is something brilliant, something unexplainable. If we were a vehicle, our Mind would have been the driver. He is so unique that words cannot even begin to describe it. He researches about himself, he can see his own flaws and improve them. He also gave a name to himself.

Our mind can be our biggest friend or our greatest enemy, it can be our faithful servant or our ruthless master.

Be that as it may, we cannot live without our mind and our job is to work with it. To Balance It With Our Whole Being and Become SEMP. The mind is the agent of your Mental being and it is constructed by 2 parts, The Thinking Mind and The Emotional Mind. Many mistake the thinking mind with the conscious and the emotional mind with the subconscious, or the heart, but that’s just a misunderstanding.


What Is a Thinking Mind ?

Kind ButterflyThe Thinking Mind is like a kid with a net, in a garden, chasing butterflies. In this analogy the butterflies are thoughts, the kid is consciousness and the garden is the collective unconscious.

If the kid has a bigger net then he will have a greater capacity for more butterflies. The more butterflies he collects the bigger the chance of him finding some quality pieces. When there are enough butterflies in the net, the kid chooses what butterflies to keep and what to release. But what is the net and how to get a bigger one? Let me first explain the emotional mind.


What Is an Emotional Mind ?

Linking EmotionsThe Emotional Mind is constructed by your subconscious, super-conscious (which is the code of your soul), your Paradigm and the part of your Heart (not your actual heart but the agent of Your Emotional being, the one responsible for creating emotions) that creates meaning linking thought, value and emotion together. This sets the rules of what will promote what emotion.

If your Thinking Mind collects butterflies, your Emotional Mind gives them value based on your beliefs, and connects them with the emotion linked to their value.


Different Beliefs

Black WhiteSo let’s say you are raised to believe that black cat crossing your road is a bad luck. When you see this happen your Thinking Mind will send the information to your Emotional Mind and because the information says black cat your subconscious links the information with that topic and everything connected to it. The belief of a bad luck links that topic with a feeling of unease and your information along with it.

But what if you weren’t raised to believe in that? Than you would have probably never even noticed the cat and you would have kept going like nothing ever happened.

The kid never chose to keep that butterfly because he didn’t saw it as valuable, others butterflies dominated with their value and that’s why the kid was distracted with them.


How Your Thinking and Emotional Mind Work ?

Vibration FrequencyThe thinking mind Collects Information and Shapes Thoughts based on your Beliefs and Paradigm. The emotional mind links the information with emotions and emotions promote chemicals we call feelings. Every feeling makes an impact on your body and changes its frequency of vibration until the chemical is gone and your body returns to vibrate in its default frequency.

Heart and BrainSo you see, the thinking mind and the emotional must work together as one to make a difference, the one without the other is useless. But let’s get back to the previous question.


What Makes The Net Bigger ?

The net is the frequency on witch you think. Bigger net means higher frequency and higher frequency means More Quality Thoughts which will promote positive emotions, feelings and vibrations. Smaller net means less quality thoughts, emotions and vibrations. Your default frequency of vibration is determined by your default way of thinking.

The NetTo get a bigger net all you need to do is raise your frequency of vibration or manually detach from the problem and the emotions linked to it. Learn to be comfortable using only your thinking mind for a while before you start sending “butterflies” to the emotional mind. This way you will experiment with different kind of “butterflies” having a better chance to choose a quality thought and promote higher vibrations. Higher vibrations means bigger net and doing this more often will set a higher frequency as your default one.

If you have trouble understanding the process, think of it like this, your purpose is to catch as many quality “butterflies” and Create Positive Emotions so you will perceive the world around you as a much more beautiful place.

Mind PointsTHE CODE

<The Thinking Mind collects information and creates thoughts, The Emotional Mind links thoughts with emotions through memories>