51 Ways To Take A Break


For those of you who desperately need a little break but don’t have a time for a vacation, here is a list of simple things that will give a quick charge to your batteries. We all need and deserve a break time, so.. Take a break, do one of these things daily to relieve yourself from stress:

1. Take a cold shower.
2. Listen to your favorite songs.
3. Read a Book.
4. Meditate For 10 Minutes.
5. Run Outside.
6. Rest your legs up the wall.
7. Take a nap.
8. Fly a kite.
9. Go to a body of water.
10. Learn something new.
11. Listen to a guided relaxation.
12. Take deep belly breaths.
13. Write in a journal.
14. Watch the stars.
15. Watch the clouds.
16. Let out a sigh.
17. Call a friend.
18. Climb a tree.
19. Let Go Of Something.
20. Buy flowers.
21. Walk in nature.
22. Meander around town.
23. Find a relaxing scent.
24. Sit in nature.
25. Notice your body.
26. Give thanks.
27. Put some music and dance.
28. Make your own kind of music.
29. Read poetry.
30. Write a poem.
31. Go to a park.
32. Go to a farmers market.
33. Print on a surface other than paper.
34. Engage in Small Acts of Kindness.
35. Climb a tree.
36. Do some gentle stretches.
37. Color with crayons.
38. Walk as twice as slowly.
39. Examine an everyday object with fresh eyes.
40. Drive somewhere new.
41. Eat a meal in silence.
42. Turn off all electronics.
43. View Some Art.
44. Create your own coffee break.
45. Read or watch something funny.
46. Pet a furry creature.
47. Take a bike ride.
48. Forgive someone.
49. Hug someone.
50. Light a candle.
51. Do something that you are afraid of.

If you have something to add to the list, feel free to do that!

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<Taking a break should not be something we do once or twice a year, to be healthy and productive a daily break is essential>