Marathon Running Benefits That Nobody Speaks Of



Leveling Up

If you read my blog you have certainly read my article about SEMP. As you know we are made of 4 pillars, The Physical, The Mental, The Emotional, and The Spiritual.

If we improve only 1 of the pillars, some other pillar may become neglected and its AOS ( Amount Of Satisfaction ) will drop.

While running a marathon we improve all 4 pillars simultaneously, without neglecting one. The first third of the marathon you should give accent on your Mental Being. This is because you need to start smart, don’t break your tempo just because some old man or lady out runs yours. You’ll need your energy for the last miles.

The second third give accent to your Spiritual Being, face your fears, dig deeper to The Core of Your Soul and see what greatness hides there. As you pass the half of the marathon, your fears will become clear to you, understand them! Everything that you need to face and is hidden in your subconscious should be faced. Shine your greatness.

The last part of the marathon is the “grind”. It is the hell you must pass before you get to heaven. After 20 miles your body doesn’t have stored carbohydrates left, you run on your will. Here you need to put accent on your Emotional Being, this part is passed with your heart! Don’t let this last 6 miles change you, keep your spark burning because that’s who you are, no matter where you are.

Through the whole marathon you improve the physical being that’s why you don’t put an accent on it. Your Physical Being is what constantly improves since you start preparing for the marathon.

30% focus on your physical being, 50% on the pillar you give accent to, and 10% each for the other 2. This way, after you cross the finish line you’ll be leveled up. Your whole will be improved!


Surviving The Island


The saying goes, “First you feel like dying. Then you feel reborn.” but in the midst of this, there is a place I call “The Island”. The place where there is no one but you and you rely on no one but yourself. That is the place where you turn to your fears and face them.

That is the place where everything calms down, you don’t feel anything, you only hear. You see things you never saw till then, you understand the truth. That is the place where you “Man Up” and get to know your purpose.




When you run the marathon you start asking yourself, why do I needed to do this, and you answer your question. You understand what you regret and what you need to redeem. The marathon is your redemption.


<I've learned that finishing a marathon isn't just an athletic achievement, it's a state of mind, a state of mind that says anything is possible>