The Dr. Dolores Show: “HELP! Being Perfect Is Ruining My Life!”


By Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP, Nurse Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Energy Whisperer

In this captivating episode on the Dr. Dolores Show, we delve into the struggles of individuals whose relentless pursuit of being perfect has become a burden too heavy to bear.

From carefully edited social media personas to meticulously planned career paths, people’s lives seem flawless on the surface.

However, beneath the facade lies a constant battle with anxiety, self doubt, and the suffocating pressure of impossibly high standards.

As they reach their breaking point, they find themselves trapped in a cycle of self sabotage, unable to accept anything less than perfection in every aspect of their lives.

Struggling to maintain the facade while feeling increasingly isolated and overwhelmed, they realize that their relentless pursuit of perfection has come at a steep cost.

The Dr. Dolores Show: The 7 Fold Path to Overcoming Perfectionism


Perfectionism can be a heavy burden, affecting our mental and emotional well being.

It often stems from deeper psychological factors and societal pressures.

Here, we explore the 7 fold path to overcoming perfectionism, embracing self acceptance, and fostering personal growth.

1. Recognize the Energies You Absorb

We often unknowingly absorb various energies from our environments, shaping our thoughts and behaviors.

Becoming aware of these external influences is the first step in managing their impact on us.

By acknowledging how our surroundings affect us, we can better maintain a healthier mental and emotional state.

2. Understand the Deeper Issues Behind Perfectionism

Perfectionism is more than just wanting to do things right, it often hides deeper psychological issues.

One significant driver is the fear of failure, which can push us to adopt perfectionist tendencies.

This fear acts as a coping mechanism to fit in and gain acceptance from others.

Recognizing this can help us address the root causes of our perfectionist behaviors.

3. Compete Only With Yourself

Instead of comparing ourselves to others, we should focus on competing with ourselves.

Personal growth is a unique journey, and setting boundaries is essential.

By concentrating on self improvement and internal validation, we can foster a healthier sense of self worth and achievement.

4. Embrace the Shades of Grey

Life is rarely black and white, it exists in many shades of grey.

This understanding is crucial for overcoming perfectionism.

Recognizing the complexities and nuances in situations can help reduce the pressure to meet unrealistic standards.

Embracing life’s ambiguities allows us to approach challenges with greater flexibility and resilience.

5. Accept Mistakes as Part of Growth

Constant pressure to be perfect can lead to chronic stress and anxiety.

It’s important to accept that making mistakes is a natural part of learning and growing.

By acknowledging that errors are inevitable, we can alleviate some of the burdens associated with perfectionism and open the door to more meaningful personal development.

6. Patch the Hole in Your Bucket

Striving for external perfection can drain our energy and joy, creating a metaphorical hole in our bucket.

To address this, we need to shift our focus from outward appearances to inner fulfillment.

Prioritizing our well being and authentic self helps preserve our emotional resources and enhances our overall quality of life.

7. Celebrate Life

Finally, it’s essential to celebrate life and cherish every moment.

Embracing imperfections and valuing our unique journey allows us to live more fully and authentically.

Shifting our mindset from constant striving to appreciation can significantly enhance our happiness and well being.

By celebrating life and its imperfections, we foster genuine self acceptance and create a more joyful existence.

Follow this 7 fold path to transform your approach to perfectionism and unlock a more balanced and joyful existence.

“Help, Being Perfect is Ruining My Life” is a compelling exploration of the pressures of modern day perfectionism and the transformative power of self acceptance.

Join Dr. Dolores as she shares the highs and lows of the journey towards authenticity and inner peace in this thought provoking episode.


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What to Look for In This Episode of The Dr. Dolores Show:

  1. We take on a lot of stuff energetically from our environments that we are unaware of. (06:48)
  2. When we strive to be perfect sometimes there are some other things going on. (07:20)
  3. That fear of failure is the underlying hot plate. (08:24)
  4. In order to fit in we develop this coping mechanism of being perfect because if we are perfect of course they will love us. (09:30) 
  5. The only person you should be in competition with is yourself and sometimes boundaries need to be set around that. (11:55) 
  6. When you are polarized by black and white thinking just remember there are many shades of grey. (21:01)
  7. “When we are under constant pressure to be perfect this can lead to chronic stress and anxiety.” Dr. Dolores Fazzino
  8. “Accept that making mistakes is part of natural learning and growing.” Dr. Dolores (25:28) 
  9. There was this hole in my bucket that was draining out because I was trying to be perfect on the outside. (29:40) 
  10. Celebrate life, it is time we all start celebrating every moment we are alive. (37:18)  


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