5 Reasons Why Most People Fail to Beat Addiction


It’s safe to say that most people struggle with some kind of addiction, whether that’s pornography, cell phone addiction, social media addiction, or even substance abuse.

At some point or another, just about everyone has tried to beat their addiction, and likewise, most people have failed over and over in their attempts to conquer what controls them.

Why is it that most addiction recovery attempts fail?

We are going to look at a few of the most common reasons why that is…

5 Reasons Why People Fail to Beat Addiction:


1. Giving Up Too Soon

What happens to a lot of people when they try to beat an addiction is that they are successful for a few hours or even a few days, but then something happens and they fall back down into their addiction.

Instead of getting back up and continuing to try, they give up in defeat and tell themselves that they cannot conquer this addiction.

This is simply an excuse, and it’s a lie that deceives the mind about its own abilities.

Anyone has the ability to conquer addiction within them, but most people do not realize that and will give up too quickly and too easily when trying to beat an addiction.

If people would continue to try, they would start to see more and more victory.

It’s helpful to realize that addictions take a long time to develop, in many cases, and they can take a long time to conquer.

What took you years to turn into a controlling aspect of your life may not be conquered in a couple of days.

2. Not Telling Anyone

Another failure when it comes to beating addiction is when people don’t let anyone else know that they’re struggling and attempting to get victory over something.

They may not tell anyone that they have the addiction, and then if they try to beat it, they may keep that to themselves as well.

What you will hear from many addiction counselors is that people need accountability partners.

These are people in their life who they trust and who they talk about their addictions and their attempts to beat them.

They tell these people when they fail and when they succeed, and having that level of accountability and open communication will help someone to get victory in areas where they have been struggling.

Someone who keeps to themselves about their addictions may limit their social life and may feel like they’re living a double life.

They may not let anyone in to how they’re really feeling and what kind of struggles they are going through.

They tell themselves that no one understands them, but that could be simply because they don’t open up to anyone.

3. Not Getting Real Help

We all need help sometimes, and when it comes to addiction, we may need professional help that goes beyond just talking to our friends and acquaintances.

There are people who have had victory in beating addictions and who have helped other people to beat their addictions, and these are the people we need to seek out while trying to beat our own addictions.

It is wise to seek out counselors who have experience in helping people with addiction when you are trying to conquer your own problems.

Even if you don’t have in person sessions with these people, you can get advice over the phone that will get you moving in the right direction.

You need to have someone you can turn to who will help you in those down times and give you the right advice to get you out of your funk and start getting more victory in your life.

4. Letting Stress Overwhelm Them

There are many environmental factors that make it difficult for people to beat addiction.

In many cases, these are often the same environmental factors that caused them to turn to something addictive for comfort in the first place.

You can think of these things as stressors, or factors that cause stress for a person.

What happens to many people who are trying to beat addiction is that they allow stress to get the best of them and don’t make the necessary changes to move into a less stressful environment so that they have less temptation to give in to their addictions.

What can help is to take some of the responsibility, duty, and stress out of your life.

Take something as simple as housework, which can become overwhelming in time, especially when coupled with a full time job and taking care of children.

If you hire fresh and Detailed residential cleaning in Brooklyn, you don’t have to worry about the house cleaning, and that’s one less stressor in your life.

Simply having a clean and tidy home can reduce stress as well.

That is something most people don’t realize, but they would understand better where stress comes from if they reach out to people who are experts in these areas and who can give them good advice.

Simply talking to someone about stress can help a lot, as can making a list of all the things in your life that cause you stress.

Once you’ve made that list, you can start to determine how you might be able to whittle it down and remove some of those stressors.

As stress piles up, it’s tempting to go back to those things that give you comfort that you know you should stay away from, whether it’s unhealthy food, alcohol, cigarettes, or something else.

5. Keeping the Same Habits

Addictions are reinforced by the habits we have in our life.

If you hang out with friends who are a bad influence, they can get you thinking about your addictions.

If you keep going to the same places, you’re going to keep thinking about the same harmful substances or habits that you do while you are there.

The alcoholic should stay away from the bars and the drinking friends.

The pornography addict should change their electronic device habits.

These are simply a few examples, but the small habits in our life have a big impact on how quickly we get over our addictions.

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