How do you make a room full of adult professionals weep? By making them connect with their inner child!


During a phenomenal workshop recently, I was witness to the power of that connection and the energy that gets unleashed when the inner child is finally seen and heard. 👶

That child is the powerhouse that has been keeping you going for decades, pulling on to keep herself or himself safe from the trauma and wounded story.

Can you imagine anything more loving than that child trying to keep you safe even as an adult? 💖

What a magnificent gesture!

But now it is time for you as the adult to ask the child to let go. To promise that you will keep him or her safe, and not the other way around!

Here are 6 important things to say to your inner child…

6 Things to Say to Your Inner Child:


1. I love you. 😍

Look at yourself in the mirror and say…

“Hello there!! I LOVE YOU! You are AMAZING!”

2. I hear you. 💟

As a child you may have been told to ignore or brush away your hurt and pain or you’re your fears dismissed.

Now as a adult you need to let the inner child know that you hear them.

“Don’t worry. I hear you. I’ve got you! It’s going to be okay.”

3. You didn’t deserve this. 🙏

When we were small we may have been told we were bad or undeserving of love because our parents are working through their own issues and unhealed trauma.

Now you can tell your inner child…

“You did not deserve whatever happened. It was never your fault.”

4. I’m sorry. 🙇‍♀️

The person our inner child is often most angry with is our adult self!

For ignoring, neglecting or simply being unaware of the inner child and her needs.

So now you need to say a Big SORRY!

“I’m so sorry for not having given you the attention you deserve! I am here now and I am never going to neglect you again.”

6. Thank you. 🤗

Can you imagine your inner child keeping you going till the time you discover it and recognize it?!

The kind of resilience and fortitude it takes to keep your life together and keep you going for decades?

Say a huge Thank you today!

“Thank you for protecting me in the best way you could! Thank you for keeping me going and for keeping me safe!”

Do you want to learn how to connect with your inner child and recover from the trauma of a divorce or break up or recovering from any bad relationship?

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