9 Toxic Behavior Red Flags that You MUST Recognize…


Before your relationship crashes and sinks due to the toxic behaviour patterns.

5 Verbal Toxic Behavior Red Flags


1. Manipulation:

“If you loved me, you’d do this for me without question.” 

They always make you feel guilty and imply that the love and the relationship is conditional on you meeting their demands. It is never reciprocated.

2. Gaslighting:

“You’re overreacting. It’s all in your head.”

They always dismiss your emotions and experiences, making you doubt your own reality and sanity.

3. Verbal Abuse:

“You’re so worthless. No one else would ever want you.” 

This cruel statement attacks your self esteem and is meant to control you emotionally.

4. Control:

“You can’t hang out with your friends tonight. You belong to me.”

This possessive statement demonstrates a desire to control your and isolate your from your support network.

5. Threats:

“If you leave me, I’ll make sure you regret it.”

This threatening remark is to create fear and intimidation, forcing you to stay in the relationship because getting out of it will be worse.

But it is not only words.

There are also Non Verbal Red Flags!

4 Non Verbal Toxic Behavior Red Flags

1. Intense Eye Contact:

Constantly staring or glaring in a confrontational manner can indicate aggression or control issues.

2. Body Language:

Defensive postures such as crossed arms or clenched fists may signal defensiveness or hostility.

3. Lack of Boundaries:

Invading personal space without consent or disregarding physical boundaries can indicate a lack of respect for the other person’s autonomy.

4. Ignoring Non Verbal Cues:

Disregarding cues such as discomfort or disinterest during conversations may indicate a lack of empathy and emotional intelligence.

Recognizing these non verbal red flags can be just as important as identifying toxic behavior in dialogue, as they can provide valuable insights into the health of a relationship.

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