The Dr. Dolores Show: Open Yourself Up to Surreal Experiences (You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!)


By Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP, Nurse Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Energy Whisperer

Step into the realm of the extraordinary with this captivating episode of The Dr. Dolores Show.

This episode takes viewers on a wild journey through the most mind bending and surreal encounters imaginable.

From bizarre coincidences to inexplicable phenomena, hear the unbelievable tales that defy logic and leave audiences questioning reality itself.

Prepare to be spellbound as real people recount their jaw dropping surreal encounters, accompanied by expert analysis and stunning recreations that bring these unbelievable stories to life.

But first, how to open yourself up to experience such phenomena in your life?

The Dr. Dolores Show: How to Open Yourself Up to Surreal Experiences


The mind loves to be certain.

That’s why it has a powerful system responsible only for categorizing things and making us feel certain about where we are, how the world works, what is possible and what is not.

But most of these certainties are based on assumptions.

If we are honest, we have no idea about how 99% of the things in the world work.

In fact, we don’t even know the answers to the 3 most basic questions “why we are here?”, “how was the world created?”, “what happens after we die?”.

Our mind, in order to bandaid these uncertainties, it invents beliefs that we can hold onto and lean on so we can better sleep at night.

But in a world filled with uncertainty, embracing the unknown can be a transformative journey.

By allowing yourself once again to approach the world with an open mind, you open yourself up to experience the real magic that most of us actively ignore.

Taking Beliefs at Face Value

At the heart of understanding surreal experiences lies a profound respect for individuals’ beliefs.

Dr. Dolores aptly notes the value of taking people’s beliefs at face value, recognizing that each person’s lived experiences shape their reality.

Who are we to dismiss these experiences as mere “bologna”?

Embracing Uncertainty

Amidst the chaos of uncertainty prevalent in today’s world, Dr. Dolores advocates for a radical shift in perspective, embracing uncertainty.

Rather than resisting the unknown, she encourages individuals to welcome it with open arms.

It is through embracing uncertainty that we open ourselves up to new possibilities and growth.

Surreal Moments and Laughter

Surreal moments often serve as a respite from life’s seriousness, an escape from the mundane.

Dr. Dolores emphasizes the importance of finding humor in these moments, recognizing that laughter can be a powerful tool for breaking down barriers and fostering connection.

Staying Present and Expanding Awareness

Being present in the moment is key to experiencing life to its fullest.

Dr. Dolores highlights how stepping into our “beingness” allows us to tap into an expanded awareness, attracting new opportunities and experiences into our lives.

Befriending the Ego

In our journey towards self discovery, it is essential to befriend our ego rather than allowing it to dictate our lives.

When I said our mind loves to be certain, what I really meant was the ego.

The idea we have about ourselves, the mortal part of you, the illusion of self…

That part loves to be certain because it can only exist in certainty.

If things keep changing, the ego finds it hard to maintain its permanence and it has to change.

Any change is potential “death” for the ego, so it avoids change at any cost.

Most people are stuck within their own egos and they cannot peak out of that limited perception.

But by acknowledging the role of the ego and learning to navigate its influence, we can liberate ourselves from that limited perspective and cultivate a greater sense of inner peace and authenticity.

Allowing Things to Be

Not everything in life requires a logical explanation.

Dr. Dolores reminds us that sometimes, we must simply allow things to be as they are, without the need for justification or analysis.

Join Dr. Dolores on a thrilling exploration of the extraordinary, where the line between fact and fiction blurs and the impossible becomes possible.


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What to Look for In This Episode of The Dr. Dolores Show:

  1. I like to take peoples beliefs at face value because they have actually lived those experiences and who an I to say that is bologna. (07:43)
  2. “When we are able to step into our beingness and our own reality, when we are in our bodies in the present moment, this is where those opportunities for surreal experiences can occur.” Dr. Dolores (10:45)
  3. It is a time of uncertainty and we are having so much uncertainty right now in the world that I am just going to ask people to embrace that. (12:29) 
  4. We have all had those mind warping things or a series of events that are not even related. (14:06) 
  5. “Sometimes when we experience those surreal moments it is almost to break the seriousness of stuff and allow yourself to laugh.” Dr. Dolores (23:26) 
  6. I think many of us have a tendency to take ourselves very seriously and sometimes we think if there is laughter it is laughing at us. (24:46) 
  7. Look for those little epiphanies that are coming your way and just allow them to be. (26:13) 
  8. I feel that everybody is capable of having these experiences. The important thing to remember is to do things that are going to keep us in our bodies. (35:06) 
  9. When you are in the present moment you have an expanded awareness that you are able to tap into a lot of different things and energetically things are being attracted to you. (36:21) 
  10. It is time for us to befriend our ego and not allow our ego to run the show. (40:10) 
  11. Sometimes there is no logical reason, it is just what it is and you have to allow it to be. (42:09)  


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Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP is a Nurse Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Energy Whisperer, an International Amazon Best Selling Author, TV, Podcast, and Radio host. With over 45 years-experience in the healthcare industry, Dr. Fazzino believes healing is a multi-faceted process. After witnessing the miraculous healing of her father’s physical condition as a young adult, Dr. Fazzino has dedicated her life to assist people to Heal In Ways They Never Thought Possible. Dr. Dolores takes us beyond the mind-body paradigm to include spirituality in wellness and assisting her clients to unravel the energetic discord in their life. Known as the “Energy Whisperer,” her gifts, customized programs and strategies assist her clients to move through life challenges, and reconnecting with their inner self with grace and ease, creating lasting health and true wellness. She is the author of 5 books, two which are Amazon International Best Sellers. Her latest book “Your Amazing Itty Bitty Healing in Ways You Never Thought Possible Book” became an Amazon Best Seller October 2022. Dr. Dolores Fazzino is the host of The Dr Dolores Show, a TV, Radio, Podcast with Inspired Choices Network (ICN) streaming to over 300 platforms globally. Contact her at: 760-579-2440