The Dr. Dolores Show: Trust Yourself NOW! | A Guide to Unshakeable Confidence


 Dr. Dolores Fazzino, Nurse Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Energy Whisperer

Embark on a transformative journey with our latest episode of The Dr. Dolores Show called “Trust Yourself NOW.”

This episode is your roadmap to unlocking the secrets of self trust, designed to empower you with practical strategies and profound insights.

Join your host, Dr. Dolores as she delves into the heart of authentic confidence, exploring the tangible steps that lead to a more empowered you.

The Dr. Dolores Show: A Guide to Unshakeable Confidence


1. Embracing the Power of Trust

Dr. Dolores Fazzino emphasizes the significance of trust as a key component that enables a profound connection with the deepest part of ourselves.

In a world where external influences often dictate our actions, understanding the power of self trust becomes a catalyst for authentic self discovery.

Unshakeable confidence begins with trust… trust in oneself and the journey of self discovery.

Reflect on your strengths, accomplishments, and the decisions that led to personal growth.

Acknowledge and learn from mistakes, viewing them as opportunities for learning rather than setbacks.

Develop a positive internal dialogue that reinforces your abilities and potential.

2. Empowerment without Imposition

The episode highlights the delicate balance between offering guidance and allowing individuals to step into their free will.

Sometimes, the act of telling people what they need to do can diminish their ability to make independent choices.

This insight encourages a more nuanced approach to empowerment.

Empower yourself and others by embracing a collaborative approach.

Offer guidance and support, but refrain from dictating choices.

Encourage independent thinking and decision making.

Strengthen your confidence by recognizing the impact of your choices and taking responsibility for them.

3. Taking Baby Steps Towards Confidence

Trusting oneself is not an instantaneous process but rather a journey of gradual self discovery.

Dr. Fazzino advocates for the importance of taking baby steps in developing self trust, highlighting the transformative power of incremental progress.

Break down larger goals into smaller, manageable steps.

Celebrate each achievement, no matter how small, to build momentum.

Establish realistic timelines and expectations.

Consistency is key, commit to regular, incremental progress.

As you accomplish each step, your confidence will naturally grow.

4. Finding Richness in the Journey

While goals provide direction, the true richness lies in the journey towards achieving them.

The episode underscores the value of embracing the experiences, challenges, and growth encountered along the way, making the journey as significant as the destination.

Shift your focus from just achieving end goals to appreciating the journey.

Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

Keep a journal to record lessons learned, moments of resilience, and instances of personal development.

Cultivate gratitude for the richness that comes from the entire process.

5. Tapping into Inner Wisdom

The discussion explores the concept of stepping into one’s inner wisdom, gaining access to profound knowledge, and trusting the information received.

Learning to trust your gut and tapping into the wisdom within is presented as a transformative process.

Develop a practice of mindfulness and self reflection.

Set aside time for meditation or quiet contemplation to access your inner wisdom.

Trust the intuitive insights that arise.

Journaling can also be a valuable tool for capturing these thoughts.

Over time, this connection to inner wisdom becomes a source of unshakeable confidence.

6. Harnessing the Creative Power of Words

Dr. Fazzino highlights the potency of words, emphasizing that our words have the ability to create and shape our reality swiftly.

Understanding the creative power of language becomes a crucial aspect of self awareness and manifestation.

Be mindful of your self talk.

Replace self limiting beliefs with positive affirmations.

Create a list of affirmations that resonate with your goals and repeat them daily.

Use language that empowers and motivates you.

Consistently reinforcing positive thoughts will shape your mindset and strengthen your confidence.

7. Cultivating Positivity

A positive mindset is a key ingredient for unshakeable confidence.

The episode encourages listeners to shift their focus towards love and appreciation.

By cultivating a mindset centered on positivity, individuals can attract more love and appreciation into their lives, creating a ripple effect of positivity.

Surround yourself with positive influences.

Practice gratitude by acknowledging the good in your life.

Start and end your day by focusing on positive aspects.

Engage in activities that bring joy and fulfillment.

The more you cultivate a positive mindset, the more unshakeable your confidence will become.

8. Patience in Personal Growth

Reiterating that learning to trust oneself is a gradual process, Dr. Fazzino emphasizes the importance of viewing it as a journey rather than a destination.

This perspective empowers individuals to navigate their personal growth with patience and resilience.

Understand that personal growth takes time.

Embrace challenges as opportunities to learn and adapt.

Set realistic expectations, and recognize that setbacks are a natural part of the journey.

Develop resilience by staying committed to your goals, even during challenging times.

Trust the process, and your confidence will strengthen with each lesson learned.

9. Letting Go for Alignment

The discussion concludes with the significance of releasing things that no longer align with one’s journey without attachment.

Dr. Fazzino encourages listeners not to fear letting go, as it creates space for new and more aligned experiences to enter their lives.

Evaluate aspects of your life that no longer align with your values or goals.

Practice detachment by letting go of relationships, habits, or beliefs that hinder your growth.

Create space for new experiences and opportunities.

Trust that releasing what no longer serves you opens the door for alignment and authentic confidence.

The episode concludes with a powerful message about being in the flow of life and trusting that the next thing will unfold seamlessly.

This perspective invites individuals to embrace uncertainty and trust that The Universe has a plan for them.

In this episode, Dr. Dolores unpacks the essence of trust and confidence, not as fleeting emotions, but as foundational pillars upon which you can construct a more resilient and empowered self, building your confidence.

Each word is carefully curated to resonate with your journey, motivating you to lean in, listen, and uncover the untapped potential within you.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to redefine your confidence narrative.


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What to Look for In This Episode of The Dr. Dolores Show:

  1. “Trust is a big component of what allows us to connect with the deepest part of ourselves.” Dr Dolores Fazzino (03:01)
  2. Sometimes when we tell people what they need to do it takes away their ability to step into their free will. (05:48)
  3. Trusting self is more about taking baby steps. (07:50)
  4. It is great to have goals but it is the journey to get there, that is where all the richness is. (15:53)
  5. It is about learning how to step into your inner wisdom, gaining access to the knowledge and trusting the information you get. (23:34) 
  6. Trust your gut and learn how to tap into that wisdom inside yourself. (23:57) 
  7. Your words are so powerful, you have no idea. Your words create things quickly. (25:44)
  8. When we are able to focus on love and appreciation you are going to gain more love and appreciation in your world. (28:49) 
  9. “You can learn to trust yourself, it just takes baby steps, it is a process not a destination.” Dr. Dolores Fazzino (34:10) 
  10. Don’t be afraid to let things fall away that are no longer aligned with you without attachment. (34:59)
  11. Be in the flow of your life and trust that the next thing will be there for you. (40:37)  


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Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP is a Nurse Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Energy Whisperer, an International Amazon Best Selling Author, TV, Podcast, and Radio host. With over 45 years-experience in the healthcare industry, Dr. Fazzino believes healing is a multi-faceted process. After witnessing the miraculous healing of her father’s physical condition as a young adult, Dr. Fazzino has dedicated her life to assist people to Heal In Ways They Never Thought Possible. Dr. Dolores takes us beyond the mind-body paradigm to include spirituality in wellness and assisting her clients to unravel the energetic discord in their life. Known as the “Energy Whisperer,” her gifts, customized programs and strategies assist her clients to move through life challenges, and reconnecting with their inner self with grace and ease, creating lasting health and true wellness. She is the author of 5 books, two which are Amazon International Best Sellers. Her latest book “Your Amazing Itty Bitty Healing in Ways You Never Thought Possible Book” became an Amazon Best Seller October 2022. Dr. Dolores Fazzino is the host of The Dr Dolores Show, a TV, Radio, Podcast with Inspired Choices Network (ICN) streaming to over 300 platforms globally. Contact her at: 760-579-2440