The Dr. Dolores Show: 4 Steps to Achieve Self Love Mastery


By Dr. Dolores Fazzino, Nurse Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Energy Whisperer

Embarking on a journey of self love is not just an act of kindness to oneself, it’s a pathway to unlocking personal power and transforming your life.

In this exploration, we distill the profound insights shared by Dr. Dolores into four actionable steps that serve as a guide to mastering self love and unleashing your inner strength.

The Dr. Dolores Show: 4 Steps to Self Love


Step 1: Cultivate The Longest Relationship

The first step on the path to self love involves recognizing and nurturing the longest relationship you will ever have, the one with yourself.

Embrace the depths of your being, acknowledging both strengths and areas for growth.

This self awareness forms the cornerstone of a powerful connection with the most important person in your life: you.

Step 2: Take a Deep Dive into Self Discovery

To truly master self love, it’s essential to take a courageous dive into the deeper realms of your psyche.

Acknowledge and explore aspects of yourself that may have been overlooked.

This step is about embracing vulnerability, confronting challenges, and discovering the reservoirs of strength that lie within.

Step 3: Step into Your Power

As you navigate the journey of self love, you’ll find yourself stepping into your power.

This is the stage where magic unfolds in your life.

Recognize and embrace your strengths and capabilities.

By doing so, you empower yourself.

You also set the stage for positive transformations and opportunities aligned with your authentic self.

Step 4: Becoming Unstoppable through Resilience and Reflection

The final step in mastering self love involves understanding the role of resilience and reflection.

Your resilience is a secret sauce, propelling you forward in the face of challenges.

The world is a reflection of your inner state.

And by cultivating self love, you become unstoppable.

The 4 steps are discussed in depth in this episode of The Dr. Dolores Show.

Through insightful conversations, real life stories, and practical guidance, Dr. Dolores provides you with the tools and knowledge needed to foster self compassion and build unshakable self confidence.

We understand that self love isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a game changer, the key that unlocks the doors to a more fulfilled life.

Embrace Self Love and discover how loving yourself first can positively impact all your relationships, career, and overall happiness.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a life altering journey.


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What to Look for In This Episode of The Dr. Dolores Show:

  1. “The longest relationship you are ever going to have in your life is the one you have with yourself.” Dr. Dolores (02:25) 
  2. It is time to take that deep dive and go to the deeper places. (03:28)
  3. Once you start stepping into your power, you are going to watch magic happen in your world. (05:13)
  4. Working on yourself is not for the faint of heart. (05:47)
  5. “Self-love is about being reconnected with the innocence each of us has when we are born and reincarnated into this world.” Dr. Dolores (08:10)
  6. Self- Love is healthy and positive. (20:48)
  7. Your resilience is, what I like to say, one of your secret sauces – your ability to move forward no matter what happens. (23:09) 
  8. When we start loving, appreciating, and valuing who we are, we are going to become unstoppable. (29:33)
  9. Remember, the world is a reflection of you. (33:38)
  10. By the laws of the universe nothing is allowed to come into your space unless you allow it. (36:35) 
  11. Self- care is about trusting your intuitive ability to make the right choices for you in the moment. (42:33)  


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