The Dr. Dolores Show: 6 Self Care Secrets for Radiant Resilience in Challenging Times


By Dr. Dolores Fazzino, Nurse Practitioner, Medical Intuitive

Do you ever feel like life has become an overwhelming burden, making it hard to pick yourself back up again? In a whole new episode of The Dr. Dolores Show, we explored the concept of resilience, inner strength, and the ability to navigate life’s challenges with grace.

This article will delve into some of the profound takeaways from that conversation, offering valuable insights into personal growth and empowerment.

The Dr. Dolores Show: 6 Self Care Secrets in Challenging Times


1. See The Bigger Picture.

Life can sometimes leave us feeling stuck, overwhelmed by its challenges, and struggling to regain our momentum.

Dr. Dolores Fazzino suggests that one effective way to overcome these hurdles is by stepping back and seeing the bigger picture.

When we view our journey from a broader perspective, we become better equipped to move forward, regardless of the obstacles we face.

2. Focus On The Hidden Gems.

Resilience isn’t just about enduring difficult times, it’s about thriving despite them.

Dr. Fazzino encourages us to continue shining our inner light even when life gets tough. This inner light is a source of strength and positivity that can guide us through adversity.

Within every challenging situation, there are hidden gems, much like gold nuggets waiting to be discovered.

3. Embrace Your Inner Resilience.

Distractions and external influences can sometimes prevent us from realizing our full potential. Dr. Fazzino believes that embracing resilience is a way to reclaim our personal power.

By focusing on inner strength, we become less susceptible to distractions that hinder our progress.

When you tap into your inner resilience, a powerful force ignites within you. This inner power can be a driving force for personal transformation and success.

It enables you to face life’s challenges with courage and determination.

4. Stay Present.

Being present in the moment is a key aspect of personal growth.

Dr. Fazzino emphasizes that when you are in your heart, you enter your body, and when you are in your body, you are fully present.

This presence can help you make the most of every experience and opportunity.

5. Remember Your Higher Self.

It’s important to remember that your earthly existence is just a small part of your higher self.

By recognizing this, you can tap into a deeper understanding of your purpose and potential.

Embracing your higher self can provide profound insights into your life journey.

6. Stay Fluid.

Imagine your life as a vessel floating down a river.

When you go with the flow, you embrace the natural course of life, making it easier to navigate challenges and changes.

This fluidity and adaptability can lead to a more fulfilling journey.

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What to Look for In This Episode of The Dr. Dolores Show:

  1. “Do you ever feel like life has gotten so burdensome that it is hard to pick yourself back up again?” Dr. Dolores Fazzino (02:05)
  2. When you are able to step back and look at the big picture, you are able to gain momentum and move forward in your life. (10:13)
  3. “Resilience is about moving through those difficult and challenging times and still being able to shine your inner light.” Dr. Dolores Fazzino (18:31)
  4. When you are able to look deeper into a situation you will find all these gold nuggets. (20:13) 
  5. I believe the distractions we are part of try to keep us from gaining our own personal power. (25:55)
  6. When you tap into your inner resilience a power ignites inside you. (27:46)
  7. When you are in your heart you enter into your body, when you are in your body you are in the present moment. (35:14) 
  8. What you are here on earth is a small fraction of your higher self. (36:50)
  9. Imagine you are like a vessel moving down the river, it is easier to go with the flow. (40:29)
  10. When you tap into your creativity a lot of things start to manifest. (45:23)  



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