The 3 Brains Theory: The Heart Brain and Its Mindblowing Power to Shape Reality


“The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing.” Blaise Pascal

The 3 brains theory suggests that we don’t have just one, but 3 brains: the one in your head, the heart, and the gut. And the heart is the most powerful brain of them all.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here… Let’s star from the beginning!

When we talk about the brain, it’s common to think of the organ residing within our skulls. We associate it with intelligence, logic, and decision making.

But what if we told you that another “brain” exists right within your chest, nestled beneath your ribcage, the heart?

This is not just a metaphor, it’s a scientifically proven reality.

In the latest episode of Life Coach Code podcast we talked with Christoffel Sneijders (ICF MCC Executive Coach and 3 Brains Coaching Trainer) about each of these 3 brains and why The Heart is the most powerful brain of them all.

Who is Christoffel Sneijders?

He is an ICF MCC Executive Coach and 3 Brains Coaching Trainer. With 30 years of leadership, coaching, and therapy experience, he specializes in integrating the wisdom of the three brains: Head for analysis, Gut for resilience, and Heart for compassion.

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The 3 Brains Theory: The Heart Brain and Its Mindblowing Power

Intriguingly, the heart is not just a muscular pump.

It possesses its own intricate neural network with around 100,000 neurons, white matter, gray matter, glial cells… in essence, everything that constitutes a “brain.”

What’s even more astounding is that these neurons in the heart can operate independently.

All of this becomes truly extraordinary when we consider that individuals who receive heart transplants often undergo remarkable personality changes.

Approximately 80% of heart transplant recipients exhibit shifts in their characteristics and sometimes even adopt the personality of the donor.

They have dreams that echo the experiences of the heart’s previous owner.

These phenomena challenge our conventional understanding of where our consciousness resides.

The Mindblowing Power of The Heart Brain!

The 3 Brains Theory The Mindblowing Power of The Heart Brain!

It’s not just the neural structure, the mystery of the heart goes even further.

We all know that the brain in our heads is one of the most powerful organs that Nature produced. It literally makes sense of the world around us and constructs reality.

But here is the most mindboggling fact you will ever read:

The heart brain is 5000 times electromagnetically stronger than the head brain. The HeartMath Institute proved that the heart’s magnetic field is 5000 times more powerful than the one of the head brain. Yes! 5000!

The heart is the strongest generator of our bio electrical energy. It is 40 to 60% stronger than the electrical energy of the head brain.

What does all of that actually mean?

It means that when it comes to the shape of your reality, the subconscious, and even decision making, the brain in your head is just following orders from the heart.

After your heart gives a signal with its beating rhythm, 6 miliseconds later the amygdala reacts. By listening to the coherence of the heart the amygdala knows what to produce.

It knows whether or not to put you into a relaxed state, fight or flight, it knows what kind of details to make you focus on from the world around you. And what you focus on is the structure you build your reality upon.

The heart’s electromagnetic field extends up to nine meters around your body, affecting not only ourselves but also the people around us.

This field’s influence can be so profound that it affects your interactions without conscious awareness.

A fascinating example of this is the synchronization of menstrual cycles among women who live together.

This phenomenon is attributed to the heart’s electromagnetic communication.

Similarly, the connection between babies and their mothers is profoundly influenced by the heart’s field.

It’s not just humans… many animals, such as zebras, dolphins, fish, birds, they all communicate and coordinate their actions through their heart’s magnetic field.

The 3 Brains Theory: What’s The Heart Brain’s Purpose?

Each of our 3 brains has its own unique purpose.

Our Gut’s purpose is survival and reproduction. It’s the most selfish of all the other brains because it only cares about you and your life. And that’s good.

Our Head’s purpose is to understand the world around us and make sense of it. To make it more organized. To invent and create systems, tools, technology. To save energy and make life easier for us. It’s mostly focused on the world around you. Sometimes it can prioritize following rules and comfort to the expense of one’s health and wellbeing.

The Heart brain serves a unique purpose, bonding and socializing.

Think about it, how do humans secure food and reproduce?

Through bonding and socializing.

It is the heart that drives us to take care of one another, connect, and form lasting bonds.

In this regard, the heart is your center for connection and emotion.

It is the wellspring of empathy and compassion.

The hormone oxytocin, often dubbed the “love hormone,” is a product of the heart brain.

This hormone is crucial for bonding and building deep, meaningful relationships.

In the early stages of human development, especially during the first few years of life, the heart plays a pivotal role.

During infancy, we need caregivers more than any other period of our lives.

Our survival depends on forming strong bonds.

This profound need for bonding leads us into our adult lives, often causing us to follow bonding addictions that might result in unhealthy choices.

Actually, the more people listen to the heart brain and neglect their gut brain, the higher chance they are unhealthy.

How to Balance and Align the Three Brains?

Align the Three Brains

To lead a healthy and balanced life, it’s essential to recognize the roles of the three brains: the head, the heart, and the gut.

The main health issues tend to arise when one of these wisdom centers is overactive while another is underutilized.

Understanding the heart brain is an integral aspect of emotional intelligence. It allows us to navigate our interpersonal relationships more effectively. Harnessing its power enables us to build deeper, more meaningful connections.

But, overusing it might be seriously harmful to your health!

Females often face health issues due to an overemphasis on the heart brain, which can lead to neglecting the gut brain, in other words, personal boundaries.

The gut brain is your survival mechanism, the one that focuses on being strong and self reliant.

It’s geared towards ensuring your survival and health.

Males are mostly geared toward listening to their heads and ignoring their heart. This can lead to being overly logical and have trouble understanding their emotions or bonding with others. Sometimes they can appear as insensitive and mean.

Some males, just like many females, completely neglect their gut brain and experience burn out. They neglect their personal boundaries and self care, they get easily addicted and thrown into unhealthy habits.

Balancing these cognitive centers is crucial.

To make the best decisions, it’s important to consult with all three brains.

Think of it like going to a dinner with 3 friends. You ask each of them for an advice, and often their advice will be conflicting.

The head might say “we cannot stay in this city”, the heart might say “we cannot leave the person we love”, and the gut might say “we need money”.

Never rely solely on one of them, instead, strive to align their suggestions and arrive at a comprehensive choice that considers all aspects of your well being.

Ask yourself, what is a choice that satisfies your 3 needs: logic, bonding, survival?

Maybe you can find a job in that city? Maybe you can ask your loved one to move with you? There are many other choices that align your 3 brains.

When your three brains are aligned, they work together, making you emotionally intelligent and empowering you to navigate life more successfully.

But also, they make your energy far more powerful.

How to Become a Powerful Magnet?

Everything comes out of the quantum soup that we are all swimming in.

Everything is energy with a different vibration and density.

In essence, our heart’s magnetic field influences the world around us from a quantum perspective.

It affects people even at a distance, especially those with whom we share deep connections.

When our hearts are bonded, just like experiments show with quantum entanglement, we can affect each other on distance almost instantly whenever we make heart centered changes.

This explains the success of practices like Reiki and distance healing.

Just as a piece of metal can become a magnet when its atoms align, people can become magnets when their three brains are in harmony.

When your 3 brains are aligned, your energy and the power of your heart (as the strongest electromagnetic generator) become insanely more powerful.

This alignment supercharges your energy and significantly enhances your life.

It attracts the right people and opportunities, propelling you forward on your unique life journey.

The path forward becomes clearer, more defined, and increasingly shaped by your intentions.

What You Should Remember?

In conclusion, the heart is not just a vital pumping organ, it is a powerful brain with independent memories, responsible for our bonds and connections, directly affecting the world and the people around us on an energetic level.

Understanding and harnessing its power leads to profound transformations, empowering us to create the reality we desire.

With this newfound knowledge, you can become more in tune with your three brains and find a harmonious balance among them, ultimately unlocking your emotional superpower and taking control of your destiny.

Everything we talked about in this article is just a glimpse of how to unleash the real superpower of The Heart. Join us on the Superhuman Summit this November to discover how to unleash all of your 4 superpowers.

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