The Dr. Dolores Show: “Boundary Breakers” Elevate Your Life With Healthy Boundaries


By Dr. Dolores Fazzino, Nurse Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Energy Whisperer.

Are you ready to transform your life on every level? Step into a world of limitless possibilities with healthy boundaries.

In a world where chaos and confusion often reign, our two word secret weapon is here to guide you: Healthy Boundaries. This episode of “The Dr. Dolores Show” redefines the way you live, love, and lead.

The Dr. Dolores Show: Boundary Breakers


Join us on a profound journey of self discovery as we delve into the power of setting healthy personal, emotional, mental, and spiritual boundaries.

This captivating episode of “The Dr. Dolores Show”, “Boundary Breakers,” uncovers the art of saying ‘yes’ to yourself and ‘no’ to what holds you back, across all facets of your life.

Explore real life stories of those who’ve harnessed the magic of boundaries to design a life of purpose and fulfillment in their personal relationships, emotional well being, mental resilience, and spiritual growth.

With insights and inspiring anecdotes, this episode will equip you with the tools to not only protect your dreams but propel them forward, nurturing your personal, emotional, mental, and spiritual health with healthy boundaries.

Tune in, and together with Dr. Dolores Fazzino let’s unleash the extraordinary potential within you through the profound art of setting boundaries across every dimension of your life.

Your life’s transformation begins here, with “Boundary Breakers.”

Embrace the power, break free, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of, one defined by healthy personal, emotional, mental, and spiritual boundaries.

What to Look for In This Episode of The Dr. Dolores Show:

  1. We have boundaries that are nebulous, meaning that you can’t really see them but can sense they are there. (05:56)
  2. A lot of times we draw things into us on an unconscious level, when it’s unconscious, it happens automatically. (10:41)
  3. It is important to know whether something is your stuff or somebody else’s; why would you want to fix something that’s not yours? (17:22) 
  4. Being in your physical body and experiencing your emotions is important for being able to discern your boundaries. (19:33) 
  5. When you are in the present moment you experience your emotions and also connect to your higher self which allows you to get alot of wisdom. (20:40)
  6. “When you’re able to discern the whole projection thing, it’s a real game changer, and setting boundaries becomes easier.” Dr. Dolores Fazzino (28:41) 
  7. “Embracing and aligning your personal and professional lives with boundaries should be consistent.” Dr. Dolores Fazzino (32:26)
  8. It is so important to create healthy boundaries, learn how to say yes when we mean it and no when we mean it. 
  9. Step into your power, love yourself enough to speak up, and set healthy boundaries. (49:52) 
  10. When something doesn’t feel right, trust that and set a boundary. (50:45) 
  11. Once you start setting boundaries for yourself you are reclaiming your power. (52:42)  


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Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP is a Nurse Practitioner, Medical Intuitive, Energy Whisperer, an International Amazon Best Selling Author, TV, Podcast, and Radio host. With over 45 years-experience in the healthcare industry, Dr. Fazzino believes healing is a multi-faceted process. After witnessing the miraculous healing of her father’s physical condition as a young adult, Dr. Fazzino has dedicated her life to assist people to Heal In Ways They Never Thought Possible. Dr. Dolores takes us beyond the mind-body paradigm to include spirituality in wellness and assisting her clients to unravel the energetic discord in their life. Known as the “Energy Whisperer,” her gifts, customized programs and strategies assist her clients to move through life challenges, and reconnecting with their inner self with grace and ease, creating lasting health and true wellness. She is the author of 5 books, two which are Amazon International Best Sellers. Her latest book “Your Amazing Itty Bitty Healing in Ways You Never Thought Possible Book” became an Amazon Best Seller October 2022. Dr. Dolores Fazzino is the host of The Dr Dolores Show, a TV, Radio, Podcast with Inspired Choices Network (ICN) streaming to over 300 platforms globally. Contact her at: 760-579-2440