4 Super Fun Podcasts to Tune into Today that Will Make You Feel Better


There were times when you would sit by the window, accompanied by a book and hot chocolate, and enjoy the rain pouring down.

In today’s age, people prefer to enjoy their perfect days listening to podcasts.

It is honestly calming and soothing to listen to tuneful and melodic voices that entertain and inform you.

There is no denying that podcasting has become very common these days, and the outlook seems incredibly good for the upcoming years.

Gen Z makes up the largest percentage of podcast listeners.

And since they have a wide range of interests, they are open to listening to a variety of podcasts and having different experiences.

The podcasters, thus, mainly curate their content to appeal to the taste of Gen Z so that they spend the most time listening to them.

However, podcasts should not be fancied as something super advanced.

In fact, it is a modern form of radio with a touch of new technology and multiple options.

Thus, it is something that adults and seniors can also use.

Anyway, whether you are a millennial or GenZ, if you are interested in podcasts, we have compiled a list of some of the most fun podcasts that will leave you feeling refreshed and, rolling on the floor, in a few cases.

But before you explore our definitive list, here is a quick reminder to keep a check on your internet before you tune into any podcast.

Streaming podcasts require you to be connected to a speedy internet so that you do not experience distortion in audio.

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Anyways, are you ready to experience fun?

Here you go!

4 Super Fun Podcasts:


1. The Beef and Dairy Network

As put by one of the listeners in her review, “The Beef and Dairy Network” is like hearing how BBC World would present Godzilla attack news.’

Well, this is an incredibly fun comedy podcast created and hosted by Ben Partridge.

Owing to its incredible success, it has won Best Comedy at the British Podcast Awards 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Ben started this podcast in July 2015 but it joined Maximum Fun podcast in April 2016.

In the podcast, Ben interviews all sorts of least expected guests, who play characters from the beef and dairy industry.

If you love satirical and tongue in cheek comedy shows, then this is definitely going to be your next favorite.

2. My Therapist Ghosted Me

The next on our list is “My Therapist Ghosted Me“, which is hands down, the most random yet insightful podcast.

It was created as a result of Joanne’s personal experience of being ghosted by her therapist.

Her therapist used to ignore her calls and refuse to let her inside the clinic and stopped talking to her.

In this podcast, you would listen to Vogue and Joanne, who are committed to giving the best therapy, with a pinch of laughter.

It is most like listening to your friend talking nonsense but making some meaningful points between the lines, giving you relief.

These two come over to the podcast and talk about what did they do in the week, share unique experiences, and gossip about just anything.

So, it is a simple, fun, and very, very engaging podcast that you will absolutely love.

3. The Sink: A Sleep Aid

The Sink: A Sleep Aid” is an insanely dark horror comedy podcast that will have you guffawing immediately.

This superb parody sleep inducing meditation show binds you to its surreal conceit.

It offers a collection of compositions that are presented as your dreams teased out of you to help you get restful sleep.

4. Jamali Maddix: Spooky Shit

This podcast, “Jamali Maddix: Spooky Shit” is all about spooky stuff where guests drop by Jamali’s studio and talk about their paranormal experiences, supernatural beliefs, conspiracy theories, aliens, and just every creepy tale.

You must expect guests like Kiell Smyth Bynoe, Maisie Adam, James Acaster, and Mike Wozniak to talk about the weird run of the mill haunting stories.

What You Should Remember?

Listening to podcasts is a great way to keep yourself entertained.

You may check out the interesting podcasts that we have listed for you.

You may download them for offline listening or stream them online.

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