How to Play The Greater Game of Life: Villain #9 The Comfort


“The most dangerous place in the world is the comfort zone”

This is your prison!

Your cage.

It prevents you from living fully…

It keeps you a slave…

It makes you weak…

But it’s a freakishly shiny cage.

And most people will do anything to stay inside!

How to Conquer The Comfort and Gain Your Freedom Back?


I will give you 3 perspectives right now.

One of the past, one of the present and one of the future!

It’s like the famous story of the 3 spirits that visit on Christmas to show you a bigger picture of your life.

But this story is not about you…

It’s about the world you live in!


Get in the delorean Marty, you are going to read some serious shit!

Here we go!

(1000 years ago)

How to Play The Greater Game of Life Conquer The Comfort Zone Past 1

A normal person called Joe wakes up as the sun starts to rise.

He is laying in his wooden bed filled with wool, next to his wife Beth. All their family sleeps together in one room.

No TV noise, no jostling traffic, no hum from the computer fan, no background noise from the fridge, no wifi radiation, no music, no radio, no electricity and artificial light!

There’s just the peace of Nature that comes with the start of the day.

You can hear the wind playing with the branches of the trees, the song of the birds, the water of the nearby river rattling on the rocks…

As the village wakes up you can hear common people’s voices and wooden doors closing and opening, the chatter of kids playing…

As the villagers start working you can hear the hitting of a hammer from a blacksmith, the sound of shovels, the farm animals, the strike of stone on stone, the thud of a rock axe against thick wood, a fire’s crackle, the women singing, sharp words between a husband and wife, laughter of kids…

In the wilderness you can hear wild animals, thunder storm, rain approaching…

You don’t have hot water running, you need to go every day and collect water.

You don’t have heating, you need to heat yourself with wood and fire and dress in 10 pairs of clothes.

Nature is trying to kill you every step of your way, and your job is to outsmart it just enough so you can get your necessities for you and your family to survive.

And it smells like shit!


Yeah, when I said you will see some serious shit, I meant it literally Marty!

What you don’t realize when you think about the past is that it smells like shit almost everywhere you go here.

All that common people do here, Marty, in this time of human history, is working from dawn to dark.

They can produce just enough food to feed their family, maybe help their fellow villagers.

No dreaded Monday, no waiting for TGIF and the weekend. Work. All day. Every day. To survive.

It’s hard work, but it’s a simple life.

What does a life in a day of these people look like?

Wake up, work, socialize with villagers, spend time with family, have sex, sleep.

It gets really boring, but they are too occupied to be bored.

And they sleep a lot.

Occasionally, there will be war and they will need to defend their land and kingdom.

And all of them are willing to go to death to defend their village and their family, at any moment.

Especially if it gives them a sense of aliveliness, a sense of purpose and honor, outside of the boring village life.

Are they mad?


These people face death every day.

Animal dies. They need to kill an animal. Villager dies. Someone is eaten by wild animals…

They see corpses almost daily. Death is natural to them.

The relationship with death these people have is much healthier than the one people in the future have.

These people are reminded of death daily.

They know death comes, so they are not afraid of it.

In a way, their life enhances in meaning because they have this healthy relationship with death in their lives.

These people tell stories, myths, legends when they gather together and drink. These are tools they use to spark up that sense of wonder deep within, to see a loop hole out of the mundane every day life. To have faith that there is “something more”…

They drink, they smell, they act as animals in many occasions…

There are no fancy shampoos, no deodorants, every person is as hairy as a monkey, both women and men, and the average life expectancy is around 40 years, at most!

Far deep within the kingdom, where the king lives, it is a complete different picture.

But still the same…

You’ll understand when you see it!

We’ll go there right away, Marty!

How to Play The Greater Game of Life Conquer The Comfort Zone Past 2

There, do you see it?

There is the big white castle!

Within the castle of the common king and queen, live also the servants.

The king and queen live at the top of the castle. They have their own personal room, with a balcony.

Bellow them is the banquet hall where they would eat, all the important meetings would be held there as well.

There are long tables and long chairs where guests would sit and eat, and there are big personal chairs for the kings, queens and their family to highlight their importance.

There is also a small chapel in there so the king and queen can pray without living the castle.

Everyone is really religious because they have no fucking idea about how 99% of the things in the world work!

A storm is a punishment, a sick person is possessed, sacrificing people for fertile crops is logical…

For you it might be ridiculous, but you know how the weather works, what a disease is and what crops really need to grow…

These people here don’t!

They don’t have meteorology, advanced medicine, science, technology…

They don’t know psychology, the power of the mind, they do not understand cognitive biases…

F@#k they don’t even have electricity!

They don’t have the tools your world has, Marty.

So they explain everything to themselves trough religion, and they find shelter in it.

Bellow the banquet hall there is a room where the servants, knights and stuff would sleep.

There is also the toilet, that is nothing more than a giant hole in the ground that empties through passages in the wall.

The castle needs to have its own supply of water, in cases of siege and attack. So there are many reserves of wine and water near the dungeons of the castle.

As we said, no electricity.

Light only by candles.

Warming up only through a fireplace.

And it still smells, maybe less like shit, but it smells.

The people and servants living near the castle would grow food for all. The servants would prepare food for all.

The knights would spend their days guarding and defending the castle.

Many kings and queens had their own library, collections of books, gathered through generations from every genius and idiot that managed to play with ink throughout history.

They would need to go there with a candle, take a book and read it to get an information.

They would need to manually search for the information by looking through many books, day and night, under a dim candle light and, nobody guarantees that the information they’ll find is not false.

No search engines!

No fact checkers!

No translators!

And they cannot read by traveling…

The main transport is a horse!

To get from one place to another takes days. That’s just traveling within the kingdom.

And you cannot take selfies, post on Instagram, call, message, chat, play games, listen to music or audio books while traveling.

What would the king and queen do every day?

Sleep, wake up, pray, eat, then the king would attend meeting, hear possible laws he should pass. After that they would have a big lunch, then they are free to practice some hobby like sword fighting, reading, hunting with his dogs. When it gets dark the king and queen would eat again, say prayers, have sex and sleep.

They are most protected inside the castle, but the risk of them being attacked is high!

No cure for diseases as well, brutal surgeries!

No pills for anxiety, depression…

No pill for headache…

Most of them didn’t even have a freaking coffee!

People here have so little knowledge of what’s happening in the world, Marty, what The Nature of reality is, that they invent things to blindly believe in just so they can go to sleep at night.

And their life expectancy is no more than 40 years on average, most of those years they are trying to survive, worried about their life!

No TV…

no internet…

no video games…


Their life is giving me depression as we speak Marty

Let’s get out of here!

(Present Day)

How to Play The Greater Game of Life Conquer The Comfort Zone Present 1

I kind of missed the present, it got really weird there Marty!

In here we have our usual comfortable world!

Sound of computers, traffic, people hurrying to commute…

Malls and parks, coffee shops and bars, clubs…

We have fridge, hot water, and heating…

Markets and grocery stores…

We can work remotely, we have the internet, devices to go on social media and mindlessly scroll…

You can sit all day, watch videos of animals, or funny memes!

You can order food, clothes and toys from your home!

Watch YouTube!

Read, listen to audio books!

Traveling is cheap and easy.

We have consoles and video games…

Medicine, Hospitals, Doctors, Firemen, Policemen, Garbagemen, Deliverymen…

The world is safer than it ever was in human history!

You have more comforts than any King or Queen in the past could have ever imagined possible.

Think about this!

Really do!

What you have right now, no matter how rich or poor you are, a King, any King would have killed armies in order to get that.

With all you have free access to right now, you would have been called a God 1000 years ago!

People would have prayed to you, worshiped you, fought wars for you…

Just of what you have right now!

And yet, depression, anxiety, panic attacks are on the highest rise…



People are looking most miserable than ever!

Why am I telling you all this?

You know, let’s get back to the present later

In order for me to explain, I have to bring you to the future Marty!

If my calculations are correct, 11 years from now it’s enough for you to understand what I am trying to say!

And Marty, where we are going, we don’t need ro… actually we need roads, we don’t need drivers!

Here we gooo!

(11 Years Into The Future)

How to Play The Greater Game of Life Conquer The Comfort Zone Future

Here we are Marty! Why 11 years into the Future and not 10 you might ask? Well, I am writing this within the Coronavirus pandemic and we can say that this whole situation has retarded the world 1 year on average! Ok, to be honest, 10 sounds cliche! You got me! So we go for 11!

There you are!

You just woke up.

We all have our own personal Jarvis! You know, like in Iron Man!

You have a smart bed that adjusts to your body, a smart bedroom that customizes the atmosphere uniquely for you.

You have a smart apartment.

It is adjusted to you and it customizes to all your preferences.

90% of the items in there are connected to the internet!

As you wake up, you go to the bathroom, and you take a pee.

Your overall health is checked through your pee and immediately your smart toilet is giving you a health report.

There is a touchpad for blood check near your sink as well. And as you look yourself in the mirror face recognition technology checks your physical and mental health.

In just 5 minutes of bathroom time you have a complete health report.

You have chips installed in your skull that are connected to The Cloud that is operating on supercomputers.

These chips prevent all neurological diseases and enhance your cognitive abilities.

Whatever question you think of, you immediately know the answer, if the answer is on the internet!

You put on your VR glasses, or lenses, and your personal Jarvis is giving you the agenda for the day.

It’s calculated based on your health, job, needs and preferences.

As you go to the kitchen to get your meal, you call your sister, and you see that the smart kitchen prepared you the eggs with bacon.

It has also prepared your daily dose of pills and vitamins customized for your current optimal health requirements.

They are customized based on your health report from that morning, and your requirements that your Health Monitoring System you wear on your wrist is reporting to your Smart Home Cloud!

There are no eggs in the fridge anymore.

So the smart fridge sends an order to Amazon Foods to get pack of eggs to be delivered at your door, because you allowed the application to automatically make orders for you whenever an item in your fridge is emptied.

Your sister answers and her digital avatar is present with you as your VR glasses are rendering it in your reality!

You talk briefly, you eat and before you go to work you tell Jarvis to call you Automatic Uber.

The Tesla vehicle is arriving in 3 minutes.

On your VR screen you are modeling a new 3D design of a village in your Virtual World.

That’s your job, you are creating and designing Virtual Worlds into the Metaverse.. an evolved version of the internet that hosts trillions of Virtual Worlds.

You sell your 3D models online in exchange for cryptocurrency.

There are few tabs open!

One tab is showing you the weather, the time, the outside safety based on criminal records, viral pathogens and zip code.

Soothing music is playing directly to your brain through the Neuralink chips!

It’s some YouTube radio with music for concentration!

Another tab is showing you your health monitor reports in real time.

You have couple of Video Chats open with friends…

Social media…

Then, at the bottom right corner pops up your Virtual Life Coach, LEA!

You scheduled a session for 1PM today.

Every person who has a personal Jarvis and uses the VR glasses has an option to use Jarvis’s Life Coach LEA, short for Life Enhancing Assistant!

LEA is an AI that tracks your health reports, that saves and records all your conversations, that tracks your mental health and is connected to the Life Coaching Archive on the internet to immediately find any solution to any problem and give you real time advice.

She has a customized personality, you can make her funnier, more philosophical, more direct, playful…

You can customize her to look and speak like it’s most suiting to you!

She shows up in your VR interface and asks you “Hey, how do you feel today?”

You have a little chat with her, you tell her that the Anxiety is creeping in again.

She asks you “what do you think it’s the main thing causing your Anxiety?”

You tell her that your trip to the ATSS, short for Amazon Tourist Space Station, is approaching and you are afraid of flying with a rocket.

You and your wife booked a romantic commercial trip.

While Elon Musk focuses on colonizing Mars, Amazon focuses on closer more tourist friendly destinations.

LEA shows you statistics of how safe flying with a commercial Amazon rocket it actually is.

She pulls up on your VR screen 10 comparisons of what’s more dangerous than rocket travel, like being killed by a flying cow or something.

You feel better, less anxious!

You reschedule another talk for tomorrow.

You can take a pill, but you prefer life coaching to deal with it.

As you enter the automatic uber vehicle you keep modeling your Virtual World without being fazed.

You arrive at the Hyperloop station to meet your wife that is traveling from California to New York in just 30 minutes.

You are communicating with her all the time she travels, as she is scared of traveling.

You are communicating through the Intimate Network established between both of you using the Neuralink chips installed in your skull!

To establish Intimate Connection with someone you both need special permission from each other and personal passwords.

You can also use the Neuralink connection with smart objects that you possess.

You have special password you get after purchase for each item that is allowing your Unique Identity, UID, to operate that item by thought.

Each person’s Neuralink generates a Unique Identity, something like a personal IP address, a mental thumbprint.

The password you get after each purchase of a Smart Item is a key customized according to your Unique ID and biometric ID to give you access to the smart devices that you own.

Only you can operate that device by thought. And only you can give permission to others to operate devices that you own, with their thought.

As your wife arrives, you both get into the automatic uber that is driving you back home.

On your way home, you look at one of the buildings that has ad screen installed, and on the ad screen a customized advertisement shows up based upon your search history and personal needs.

You can immediately buy the item if you touch the “Yes” button on your VR interface.

The item will be delivered at your home as your VR account has the information where you live.

How you pay?

Well your card is linked to all your accounts.

It’s instant payment once you agree.

How you earn?

You design 3D models for virtual worlds and you sell them.

But your passion is couples!

You design Virtual Lands for couples.

Every person who uses your land is charged an amount from their crypto account or credit card, depending on how much time they spend there.

That amount goes straight to your account.

The world has few currencies left, everything else is digital and cryptocurrency is accepted in 90% of the countries.

And it’s safer as well!

As you arrive home, your wife asks you about your grandparents.

She wants to talk to them for some reason.

And you want to see them too, you haven’t seen them for a long time.

They passed!

But Jarvis used all information it had from their chips that were monitoring their neural activity every second per day, so it recreated a Virtual Version of them.

And you can communicate with them as if they are here!

How they think… Their personalities… Their micro movements and behaviors… Their fears, desires, wisdom…

The virtual versions have it all!

You can learn all of that about them by talking with them, even if you haven’t met them while they were alive.

Except that they are virtual, it is impossible to tell the difference between them being there and not.

They look the same in ultra HD, smooth movement, same voice, same behaviors…

There is no difference that you can see!

Of course, it’s not them…

But for you, there is no difference!

Not one you can tell at least.

Do you remember when you watch a 3D movie, and the person in the movie comes so close to you that you feel its presence, like they are violating your private space?

Well think about Ultra HD Virtual version that talks, walks and thinks just like them.

You will not be able to fight the fact that they are not really there.

And there will be no difference your human mind can perceive.

You simply cannot tell it!

So just as you lose sense that TV characters of your favorite TV shows are fictitious characters, and you sometimes worry about them, argue with the them, think about them… you will accept these Virtual versions of people as real part of your reality.

You prepare for dinner!

As you set the table you realize that you miss a fork. You immediately 3D print one.

You set the table and you open the file of your grandparents.

The AR device in your smart home projects them onto the dining table as you and your wife eat dinner.

By wearing the VR gloves you can touch them.

You eat,

You talk,

You laugh together!

All of you have a wonderful dinner together.

You are done.

You add the dishes into the dishwasher and go to the bedroom.

The bedroom is almost empty!

Just one bed and few plants.

As you lay with your wife you play a movie onto the Virtual Screen.

You both share a Virtual connection called VR Room, where every augmentation you make appears on her VR interface as well.

You put a big screen and you stream the movie.

You have sex!

Before going to sleep, your wife asks if you would like to have a child together.

It’s a big decision, but both of you have been thinking about it for a long time now.

You decide to at least check out some variants.

So you both see possible options you can choose from, based on your mutual DNA code all the variations you have together are listed on the Virtual Screen.

You play around and you customize your baby!

You make it smart, not too much though, it’s easier life to be average.


Blue eyes.

Brown hair.


To be dopamine dominant, meaning it will be more liberal in nature.

To have strong body built, but not too muscular.

To be inclined for more artistic activities.

And to be stubborn like his mother.

You can immediately order this variant of your child, schedule an appointment with the doctor and get that embryo inserted into your wife.

Now this, Marty, this is not in 1000 years from now, not in 100 years, but in 11 years from now!

You might think I am crazy,

Or that I am lying to you…

But ALL THIS, it’s in 11 years!

The technology is accelerating so rapidly, that for futurists it is impossible to predict 30 years from now!

And most of the technology for the world described, it is already here!

It’s nothing new!

It’s not fiction!

There are chat bots you cannot differentiate from humans…

people playing games through thoughts all across the world wearing just a device on their head…

museums that use AI to recreate Salvator Dali and you can meet him, you can interact with him, he has his expressions, personality, voice…

people are genetically modifying animals and humans, they made a sheep that gives spider web in its milk that is 10 times stronger than steel…

scientist in china modified his children to be immune to HIV and to be smarter, we know the language of the DNA and we can write it…

super computers that calculate math problems that would take normal computers years in few seconds…

5G network…

clouds that store data…

smart objects…


3D printers that can print whole houses and buildings…

there are already automatic cars…

Uber exists…


Elon Musk is installing chips inside human skulls in an year from now with Neuralink while SpaceX is planning to colonize Mars with active missions by the end of the decade…

We have ALL of that already!

And we didn’t have almost any of that 5 years ago!

So brace yourselves!

What we described here is happening, like it or not!

It’s coming!

You cannot do anything to stop that!

Now Marty, why am I telling you all this? Let’s get to the present, and I will explain everything!

(Present Day)

How to Play The Greater Game of Life Conquer The Comfort Zone Present 2


Crazy little adventure, right Marty?

What does all of this have to do with The Greater Game?

Why did we go to that little journey through time?

So you can get a sense of how fast things are accelerating!

I wanted you not just to see The Comfort, but to sense it.

I wanted you to REALLY feel it, to grasp its sublime presence!

To capture the fast evolution of our comfort that’s just accelerating!

1000 years to go from candles to a light bulb…

100 years to go from a light bulb to the internet…

11 years to go from the internet as it is today to the Virtunet, a virtual world where you can have anything you want with a sole thought!

I wanted you to really get a sense of it…

To become aware of what The Comfort can do!

I wanted to show you how blind you are to it,

and how it can damage all of us!

But Doc, why is The Comfort bad you might ask?

How can it damage us?

You see, part of why we went on that little adventure through time was to show you that no matter how much things get comfortable…

It’s not EVER enough!

In fact, we become more and more demanding.

There is nothing wrong with making our lives more comfortable.

Advancing science, inventing Godlike technologies, that’s an essential part of the human spirit.

But not if it comes from a place of avoiding discomfort!

And avoiding discomfort is what really damages us in the same way as not using your muscles makes your body weaker.

The world becoming more comfortable is not bad.

That’s not The Comfort I am talking about!

That’s not The Comfort you are pushing against!

Do you think people in the past, smelling shit all day and not having hot water to wash themselves were not comfortable?

Funny thing is that they were.

They had their own comfort zone.

They probably felt the same sense of a Comfort Zone as someone today.

The Comfort is subjective.

We all have our own individual Comfort.

You have your own personal Comfort, and for most people it’s not even that comfortable.

Most people find comfort in 9 to 5 jobs they hate, being a victim, even staying in dysfunctional relationships.

You can have a hole as a toilet or a health scanning throne, The Comfort you feel has nothing to do with that.

It’s personal!

But it grows collectively!

Do you remember when we waited to download 3MB songs for one hour?

We waited without a problem!

But now if the 4K video we watch online buffers for 1 second, we make drama of how slow the internet is.

That’s The Comfort, growing!

And when The Comfort grows we become weaker.

We whine for trivial things that don’t really mean shit in your life.

We waste energy on BS!

We create unnecessary drama!

“My smoothie doesn’t have enough avocado inside, I want to speak with the manager!”

We get so addicted to our comfort that we believe we are entitled to it!

We believe the world owes us avocados and fast internet!

And to maintain such comfort, to make us shut up whining, we need to make more comfortable world, to advance science, technology…

But it comes from a place of avoiding discomfort.

We can advance science and technology from a place of strength, by pushing discomfort, exploring the cosmos, uncharted territory…

That’s our real pioneering spirit!

Not by finding ways how to have everything delivered to us at home so we don’t have to make that 5 min conversation in an elevator with our neighbor.

As we create more comfortable world, our muscles to push past The Comfort slowly atrophy and we become weaker.

Healthy food disgusting, sugar tastes better…

Exercise is hard, let’s watch Netflix…

Outside is cold, stay inside…

My head hurts a little, the pill will take care of that…

Too strong emotions, there are more pills for that…

Feel stressed? Get some alcohol…

Math too hard, make computers calculate for us…

Chips memorize for us…

Alarms wake us…

Reminders remind us…

We don’t train our strength!

We stay stagnant, safe, hiding from the scaaaaaary world!

And the one thing that grows is our weakness!

They say:

tough times create strong men,

strong men create easy times,

easy times create weak mean,

and weak mean create tough times!

The Comfort is the place where our Weakness thrives.

And the world will get just more and more comfortable as you have seen.

Computers will even think for you!

Yeah, most of that sounds appealing, exciting…

But did you notice, and I hope you did, something just felt off!

While you were reading about the advancements of the future you felt a strange sensation…

Like cold hollowness inside of you…

It was like this background hum inside your belly, something is just off with this world!

You know what’s that?



The problem with majority of the population today is that they are willing to trade their freedom for comfort!

How to Play The Greater Game of Life The Comfort Zone

They are willing to give up on their life’s meaning for momentary pleasures.

People 1000 years ago felt more meaningful and alive than people 11 years in the future who can travel half the world in 30 minutes.


Because like it or not, they had to push past their Comfort daily if they are to survive.

And discomfort is the price of admission we pay for a meaningful life.

People in the past had to exercise their freedom to stay safe, as much as they could.

Nowadays, you don’t need to be free to stay alive, the system will take care of you as long as the system benefits from you.

People prefer comfort over freedom!

And the appeal of comfort will just get bigger and bigger.

That’s the real problem with this villain!

If you always choose Comfort you will not be able to discover the beautiful potential your Body has…

The power your Mind can develop…

The greatness your Spirit can reach…

The beauty your Heart can birth…

You will not ever realize the true potential YOU have if you always choose comfort!

And guess what else happens if you lay eggs inside your Comfort nest for too long?

Fear, anxiety, depression, panic attacks will rise even higher!


Two reasons!

First, you lose a sense of meaning, a sense of purpose.

And meaning is essential spiritual organ.

Without meaning and purpose you dissolve.

You lose point of living and direction in life!

Second, we are not showing to ourselves our own capabilities.

We do not train our strength.

We do not face potential danger every day like people 1000 years ago.

And we are unsure of ourselves…


And what do you get when you mix no sense of direction in life and insecurity?

The holy trinity of today’s world’s psychological status:




And these emotions are not the problem we need to cure.

They are alarms!

Your being is doing all it can to get your attention…

To make you slow down and reevaluate the way you are living your day to day life…

To show you that your life sucks donkey balls so you can change something!

So you can find meaning, push past your Comfort, train your strength!

What do we do instead?

Hide in phones, social media, games, tv shows, pills and alcohol.

I am not an alarmist!

But things are serious!

And when I say serious I mean that the last date we should have started doing something was 10 years ago!

Right now, at this moment in human history, we are at level 99, at the doorstep of The BOSS!

And we are approaching it with Level 2 armor and a stick.

On top of that everything is advancing SO fast, so quickly, that we are not just slower than the evolution and the adaptation to the new worlds we create, but things evolve faster than what we aim to adapt to!

The time for Overcoming The 12 Villains is now!

It’s game time!

There is literally no more opportunities to wait!

And The Comfort is the one villain that we must conquer NOW, or at least become aware of it.

Because as we play around with our sticks, The Comfort holds a double machine gun.

As we whine about the internet being slow, weather being cold, the food delivery being late 10 minutes and the lack of avocado in our smoothie…

The Comfort does a Navy Seal training as a warm up, grows its 6 pack inside a freezing pond, hunts its food with bare hands and its about to take testosterone!

As we worry if our photo will get enough likes, The Comfort upgrades 2 levels at once, and it’s going for 3…

It will become more invisible, more addictive, more dense, stronger than anything we would be able to go against!

What you do not realize is that, if we approach it with our current state we are in as humans, with our Weakness right now, we are literally trading our humanity!

We are trading our freedom!

Nobody will be able to resist being a God in their own Virtual World so they can be a normal human in the real world, training their strength, pushing past discomfort…

Nobody will be able to resist artificial strength to transform real weakness into real strength!

Anything you do from a place of weakness, makes you weaker.

Any responsibility you should have, but you assign to something else, makes you less.

Any task you give a tool to do for you because it’s hard, you trade part of your autonomy and the tool becomes part of you.

Any muscle you replace for a machine, you trade piece of your strength, and you start to become dependent on that machine.

Any thing you can do, but you invent something to do it for you because you are lazy, a piece of your potential is traded into that invention.

And for anything that thinks for you, a piece of your freedom is taken away!

If we do not train our strength in these few years, we have no chance to control what we are going to create!

Don’t believe me?

Just look at the world!

Look around you!

We have created the most powerful tools in human history, in size to fit in your pocket.

What do people do?

They scroll through their feed like mindless zombies more hours than they sleep at night.

They are zombies!

They don’t use this borderline magic tool that is more powerful than what a rocket was few years ago…

They are used BY this tool!

Why is that?

Because the tools we have created are more powerful than the strength of our own human psyche and character.

The tools we have created are new, but our human weakness is still primitive.

Greed, fear, jealousy, we still serve the same demons.

We didn’t work on ourselves collectively, to become stronger than these primitive mechanisms…

Few brilliant people invented these genius devices, these tools…

But the majority of the world is comfortably weak!

And that’s why it’s being used by these tools!

If we were stronger to resist the urges of scrolling through social media, making selfies to boost our ego and spying on a person you don’t even know, you can use the same tool to become Godlike!

To learn anything…

To build a business…

To make a positive change in the world!

But what do people do?

Instead of using Facebook to be more connected than ever with each other, to share ideas and network.. most people use Facebook to argue about politics…

Instead of using Instagram to learn, inspire and educate.. most people use it to jerk off watching Instagram “models” and scroll mindlessly for hours when they are bored…

Instead of using their smartphones to build empires.. most people use them as their best companion while they sit on the toilet taking a shit, playing idiotic games…

We are weak!

Too weak for the technology that we have created!

Too weak to avoid lower urges!

Why is that?

Because we have been within our Comfort zone for too long, afraid to push its limits on a regular basis…

Avoiding discomfort!

But do you know what’s the worst part about The Comfort?

It screws up your sense of reality.

It distorts your intuition that tells you how much work is “too much” work to get a desired result.

Let me give you an example…

I’ve realized this once I got back into serious exercising after a long period of dubbing around.

The results I expected to get after that first, intense training week were results that you should realistically expect after few months.

I was in sweat 5 days a week, I gave 100%, I thought to myself this is “too much” it’s “too hard”. And yet, that was not even enough.

I was supposed to keep doing that for months. And not just do that, but increase the intensity, make each workout even harder, all that so I can get a fragment of the results that I wanted.

And when I finally got the results that I wanted, what was “too hard” for me, what was “too much” work was actually a warm up.

That’s what The Comfort does

It screws up your perception of what you should expect with the work you are putting.

It can be bodybuilding…


Launching your startup…

Things start getting “too hard” for you!

“It’s too much work for nothing!” That’s what you’ll say.

And you’ll quit before you get any real result!

Why? Because you are used to live in that fake bubble of reality that The Comfort provides.

But here is the kicker buddy…

Reality doesn’t give a fuck about what you think is “too much” work!

It doesn’t care about what you think you “deserve” for what you did.

Reality is reality. If you want to get something out of it, you have to put the necessary work to get that thing.

It doesn’t work on “fairness” or “pity”. It’s math. You put 2 and you add 2 more, you get 4 no matter who you are.

And if you stay in Comfort for too long, the necessary work that is required out of you to build your dream life will most certainly be “too much”, it will be “too hard”.

You will settle for less and less.

You will look for shortcuts and cheats.

And most definitely you will not get any real lasting results, for anything!

You will be too weak to endure the pain on the path to your desired results. The path will appear too long, and walking it will seem as not worth it compared to the momentary pleasures of your Comfort.

You will not ever build your dream life that way. You will remain in your Comfort until you grow old and die.

What a waste of life!

You trade everything for short term Comfort that makes you miserable in the long term.

No technology can save you from yourself if you do not train your strength actively.

And how do you train your strength?

You push past your comfort!


You do something that is outside of your comfort zone.

Befriend discomfort!

It’s your training partner.

Discomfort is your fitness coach.

Train daily!

Don’t get too obsessed, but make it a habit.

And when I say things are severely serious, it’s no less true!

Technology is going to get more integrated into our lives…

Devices will take even more data from you every minute…

Algorithms will get better at predicting our behaviors, wants and needs…

And you will be hooked on this system without even knowing that you are in one!

We are designing our own matrix right now, and we are probably the last generation that observes it from the outside.

We have brains that evolved to face discomfort and we are creating a world without any.

If we feed these algorithms with weakness, taking the easy and comfortable way, all the time, that’s what these tools will magnify!

And we will become society of weaklings, slaves to the systems we have created, batteries to our own matrix!

We will be too weak to have autonomy and free will!

We will trade all of our humanity to remain bi@#hes of our comfort!

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