Herniated Discs: 5 Great Pain Management Tips


A lumbar herniated disc may result in a sharp and burning pain that radiates from the lower back to the buttock and the leg.

For this kind of pain, relief will vary from one person to the other and may even require techniques of trial and error for benefits to be realized.

Here are 5 pain management tips to relieve you from severe pain.

5 Great Pain Management Tips for Herniated Discs:


1. Rest.

If your herniated discs result in severe pain, you may want to consider a few days of strict bed rest.

In most cases, experts recommend that bed rest should not exceed two days, as these are believed to be sufficient for pain alleviation.

Even if you resume your daily routine, you should consider taking frequent rests in between hours and, also, avoid prolonged sittings.

2. Heat.

If you have an injured back, chances are you’ll encounter moderate severe, and in other cases, debilitating muscle spasms.

To deal with this pain, consider placing a hot compress or even a heating pad against the lower back from time to time.

You may also want to experiment with various forms of heat therapy to determine what offers the most relief.

For instance, you may consider low level heat or a warm bath in the evening.

3. Manual Manipulation.

There are different kinds of manual manipulations you can use for your back pains.

The choice of the technique to use will depend on what an individual prefers.

An example is mobilization which is the application of a low force to the right areas and is suitable for specific conditions.

When it comes to manipulation, make sure you speak to a chiropractor or a physician to know what options are available for you.

4. Mindful Meditation.

Numerous techniques for meditation can be helpful to you.

In that case, you may want to try some of the available options to see which ones work best.

Using one of the available mindful meditation techniques can be effective in reducing your symptoms as well as pain through focused breathing.

For some people, the use of meditation can help them minimize their dependence on medication and pharmaceutical products over time.

5. The McKenzie Technique.

This is a physical therapy technique involving a specific criterion to exercise.

In the case of lumbar herniated disc pain, you may want to utilize a method that will allow you to alleviate your sciatica pain, centralizing it to the lower back section.

Ideally, the symptoms you experience determine the McKenzie exercises a therapist will use.

Once the pain has shifted from the leg, the next approach is utilizing long term rehabilitation for strengthening your back.

In other words, after the lumbar herniated disc pain is gone, a stretching and back strengthening program can be used to avoid the lumbar pain from returning.

What you should remember?

Although your lumbar herniated disc pain may last for approximately 6 weeks, you’ll need to look for procedures that can allow you to manage the pain in the meantime.

While not all the above tips may work for you, it is important to try and see which among them is most beneficial to you.

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