Here is How to Predict Fertility and Pregnancy Using Astrology


Astrology can provide a potent tool to assist you in achieving your family planning objectives…

Increasing your chances of conception by keeping track of your fertility…

Watching for signs of an unplanned pregnancy…

In short, Astrology can be used to forecast fertility and organize pregnancies.

Take a deep breath, let these astrology related fertility facts calm your nerves, and use them to improve your fertility, or let’s call it conception calendar.

(This isn’t just to prepare for the delivery you’re hoping for).

How to Predict Fertility and Pregnancy Using Astrology:


The Moon’s Impact.

Women’s menstrual cycles match the 29.5 day lunar cycle almost exactly.

That’s probably just a coincidence, says hard science, but astrology says it means something different for each person.

What do we know about the moon and monthly cycles?

The majority of women reach their peak fertility around the new moon and start menstruating 10 days after the full moon.

Younger women are more likely to “sync up” with the moon’s phases.

Czech fertility specialist Dr. Eugen Jonas asserts that every woman has a different relationship between the moon and fertility.

Sounds reasonable? Here is an online calculator that uses his approach to forecast when you will be most fertile.

The moons and fertility: Is it illogical?

The moon’s phases appear to be related to a variety of human experiences.

These experiences include epileptic seizures, motorcycle accidents, and stock market peaks.

Additionally, tides (and our over 90 percent water bodies) are thought to be influenced by the moon’s phase.

Everybody is unique.

Every woman’s ovulation cycle is different, just like every astrological chart.

A traditional ovulation calculator is a good place to start learning about your own lunar fertility relationship.

There are many compelling links between the moon and fertility, but it’s essential to keep in mind that every woman is completely unique.

Covering all the bases when using astrology to increase fertility and deliver babies.

As you can see from the information above, there are a few different schools of thought when it comes to monitoring your fertility using the moon.

But actually covering all of your “moon bases” is not that difficult.

The Dr. Jonas method states that each cycle has two fertile periods for women:

1. The moon will be in the same phase as it was when she was born.

2. When she ovulates, which can be observed using a conventional ovulation calendar like the one provided by WebMD.

In addition to Dr. Chenette’s research, you may also be experiencing “spontaneous ovulation,” which can be brought on by astrology and other factors.

You should also pay attention to the new moon, or dream about pregnancy, which some observers have noted has a strong historical connection to conception.

Moon Signs and Astrological Houses that Promote Conception and Pregnancy.

In terms of fertility, not all full moons are created equal, according to astrology.

Here are a few indicators to look out for that influence how fertile a moon is.

Plan your fertility according to the moon’s transit.

1. Gnerally higher when the moon is in a sign that is considered to be “fruitful” Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer.

2. When the moon is in a “semi-fruitful” sign, normal behavior is as follows: Capricorn, Taurus, and Libra.

3. When the moon is in one of the “barren” signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius) it is at its lowest ebb. (Avoid worrying! If one of these signs corresponds to your Sun sign, that fact alone will have no effect on your fertility.)

Here’s how to use the fifth house, which in astrology governs fertility.

The fifth house is most frequently linked to fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and sex.

According to your Sun (zodiac) sign, the full moon will be in your fifth house on the dates listed below.

A moon calendar can be used to determine the date of its fullness:

Conceive during a Leo full moon (January or February) if you’re an Aries.

Conceive during a Virgo full moon (February and March) if you’re a Taurus.

Conceive during a Libra full moon (March and April) if you’re a Gemini.

Conceive during a Scorpio full moon (April and May) if you’re a Cancer.

Conceive during a Sagittarius full moon (May and June) if you’re a Leo.

Conceive during the June or July Capricorn full moon if you’re a Virgo.

If you’re a Libra, conceive during an Aquarius full moon in July or August.

If you’re a Scorpio, get pregnant in August or September during a Pisces full moon.

Conceive during the Aries full moon (September or October) if you’re a Sagittarius.

Conceive during a Taurus full moon (October or November) if you’re a Capricorn.

Conceive during the Gemini full moon (November or December) if you’re an Aquarius.

Conceive during a Cancer full moon (December or January) if you are a Pisces.

The fifth house is a crucial general predictor of fertility.

Your ability to have children will depend on the energy of the planets in this area.

Check your free birth chart to see if you have any planets, or even one, in your fifth house.

Effects of the planets on your trinkets.

Each planet has an affinity for specific body parts and processes, just like the astrological signs.

Keep an eye on Pluto (sex and transformation), Venus (attraction), Mars (action and virility), Jupiter (growth), Uranus (surprises), and Saturn (infertility).

For instance, it’s a strong indication if a fruitful planet is in your fifth house of fertility and is in a harmonious aspect (conjunct, trine, or sextile) to the fruitful full or new moon, especially if it coincides with your customary conception calendar.

The distribution of the planets’ fruitfulness is as follows:

1. Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune are all associated with the receptivity required to conceive, making them fruitful planets.

2. Mercury is a semi productive planet (and sometimes Uranus).

3. The Sun and Mars are virulent planets that are both linked to the life force.

4. Unproductive planets Saturn (and sometimes Uranus).

Plan your Pregnancy Astrologically to Promote Family Harmony.

Some mother child birth sign combinations are more intuitive than others.

For example, one Cancer mother was adamant that her child be born under a compatible water sign.

Momstrology is a book about parenting by the stars, and it has a whole section on baby birth sign combinations.

If you have a wish list of baby signs for your child, you should concentrate on getting pregnant nine months before their due date.

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