Cosmos Evolution: The Importance of Self Awareness in Mental Health


Let me introduce myself, my name is Dorte Joy Juul and I am the founder of Cosmos Evolution where we work with Cosmos New Age Energy learning intelligence for the consciousness to become self aware of the whole: Your Higher Self!

I sell wisdom and knowledge.

This whole online concept developed when I took management practice.

Here I became aware that we live destructively in our mindset!

It is not about conflict management, but the conflict revolution!

Cosmos Evolution: The Importance of Self Awareness:


Why do we create problems and challenges?

Problems don’t exist, we humans create them ourselves!

That is why learning wisdom is important…

About the Past,
the Present
and the Future mindset

Self examination, cleansing for mental health!

You come here to earth, where you end up with your parents and external surroundings (country).

They can teach you what they know and believe because that’s what they grew up with and what they’ve been taught.

What is it that they have learned and what is it that they have not learned and are therefore not aware of, when we talk about the whole in the context?

The new mindset of the future is three dimensional: here we get the wisdom into society, companies, and the education system.

We have two Energies in the world: positive and negative, the balance lies between the two energies.

Therefore, your awareness is important, you must be self aware of which one of the energies you receive and draw on!

Ignorance is what creates poor communication, poor learning, poor working environment, poor management, poor social development, etc.

Design mental health through YOUR awareness for a sustainable mindset and mental health.

When we talk about self management, being able to lead oneself, we also talk about self-insight, culture, and behavior.

For many decades we have separated man into body, mind, and spirituality.

We have doctors who are specialists in the matter of the body, psychologists who are specialists in what concerns the mind, and when it all goes wrong, we seek guidance from the apparent spiritual guides, priests.

They have given us a lot of knowledge.

However, they have made us narrow minded, which has meant that we have lost the overview and thereby how things are connected and created.

This is the difference between wanting to understand and creating the understanding.

This separation or division of man is what has created frustration and powerlessness of our own self understanding.

Therefore, humanity has lost itself, people do not see themselves as a whole person who is both body, mind, and soul.

The understanding of body, mind, and soul has a connection with your thoughts and the word through communication.

Here you go on a discovery within yourself to gather understanding through your awareness, to become self aware of yourself as a whole person! Your Higher Self!

“You are only what you have learned.”

You do not see the world as it is, but as you have been programmed to through your upbringing, through your external environment, through what those around you believe!

From there, our society and the world are created.

The brain can be compared to a hard drive, it receives a lot of information and knowledge, but it does not have the consciousness itself to know what is true and false or good and bad for you.

This is where the deeper meaning will emerge in your self awareness as you become more aware of creation through training with Cosmos New Age Energy.

Here you create a bridge between the heart and the brain, which creates a bridge between EQ and IQ.

“Your empathy and ability to empathize.”

There is probably a point that you can be brain dead and still be alive, but when the heart stops, it’s over.

I think that you have not been allowed to live from the heart, as education and books address the brain and thereby we lose contact with the heart!

Therefore, you can also break yourself down mentally and physically, and create morbid conditions and symptoms.

Body, mind, and soul are connected and here you learn through the heart to clean up the brain. What should be updated and what should we delete?

The whole is about creation in processes and what we create with is our mindset.

Why are you looking for answers outside of yourself?

If we want to change the world, it only happens by changing our mindset. Why?

You make your choices and decisions based on what you believe!

The education system and research have separated man into body, mind, and soul.

The body = the doctor, The mind = psychologist, and the spirituality = priests.

We humans are body, mind, and soul, it is the ignorance that creates frustrations and powerlessness in the problems and challenges that are created.

The teaching is the (re)creation of that understanding via wisdom through consciousness to become self aware of the whole.

We have 2 energies in the world to draw on, the positive and the negative, this is where your consciousness is to become self aware of what kind of energy you are drawing on.

Is it constructive or destructive, it is your responsibility to become aware of it because from there we create.

Paradigm shift: The whole, because the world is energy.

  1. When problems don’t exist!
  2. Why do they exist then? Man’s unconsciousness through the energy in words, feelings, emotions, and action!
  3. How? Because man is not conscious!
  4. How to become one? Through self awareness in words, feelings, emotions, and action in energy! Are they positive or negative because from there we receive! “You can be blinded by the light, or you can get lost in the dark”.
  5. How is it done? Through self awareness.
  6. The world will not become conscious if humanity is not self conscious!
  7. Only there is the world conscious. Because we humans are the creators of the energy in the world!
    We are each other’s working environment and well being. Create a sustainable mindset for better collaboration and a conscious world.

Scientific studies show that approximately 60 to 80% of human behavior lies on the unconscious level.

This means that man has a consciousness of 20 to 40%.

Therefore, we often talk past each other, create misunderstandings, and make bad decisions.

It is, among other things, The clarity we get through self awareness so that we become more and more aware of our challenges and communication.

It is learned through self examination, by taking control of your mindset.

That awareness means that you become better at navigating through learning processes >challenges or problems<.

Because problems are only created because we need to learn from them.

Otherwise, they weren’t a problem, then we would have acted on them, so they are learning processes for personal development.

The greater self awareness we have, the easier we can navigate and help ourselves, and truly be something for others.

That’s why I’m a good coach, because I’ve been training my consciousness all my life.

I want you to learn how to train your awareness to become self aware, that’s why I have created online courses.

I have trained my consciousness all my life, through How and Why in my problems and challenges.

When problems don’t exist, why do they exist?

Are you seeking the truth in your experiences, to become more aware and enlightened in your life’s challenges for more wisdom and Spiritual growth?

Or do you seek power and influence through money, or titles because you believe that money, power, and influence give you more awareness?

Have you reflected on it?

Cosmos Evolution is about awareness of your self awareness, turning your weaknesses into your strengths, and everything that lies on the unconscious level also called the shadow sides of the mind.

Clean up your challenges and problems (your defenses and reactive behavior) so that there will be more space for your awareness and your self awareness will grow.

Create balance in your outer and inner world. (Your inner compass)

Here comes the mission, vision, values and the goal of Cosmos Evolution purpose and what does Cosmos Evolution offer?

Coaching, sparring of consultant services, and training through online courses, as well as lectures.

Cosmos New Age Learning Intelligence for wisdom.

When the problems don’t exist, why do they exist?

Research and the Education system have separated man into body, mind, and soul.

The separation has meant that man has lost contact with his inner self, the “I”, which is also your higher self. The truth of man, thy wisdom!

Until now, the world has lived in a two dimensional mindset, with right and wrong, good and bad, and healthy and unhealthy.

The balance, truth, and wisdom lie between the positive and the negative, here you become aware of whether you are constructive or destructive in your actions.

This is where you train your consciousness to become self aware of a holistic mindset.

Positive thinking is being able to see the positive in the negative.

“You’re learning processes for personal development.”

Here you turn your weaknesses into strengths. You take back your inner power.

Cosmos Evolution offers learning in the three dimensional way of thinking, where the awareness of how body, mind, and soul are connected with your thoughts and communication.

Without that knowledge, we are not aware of why and how we create positive and negative consequences.

Sustainable thinking!

Become self aware and make a difference. We are each other’s cooperation and working environment, for the well being of a shared world.

Cosmos Evolution Mission:

Cosmos Evolution teaches and coaches new communication skills through the wisdom of creating a holistic mindset for consciousness.

The new learning intelligence will transform and develop our schools, companies, society, and the world, through the strategy of visual thinking with Cosmos New Age Energy which is a new form of intelligence through the three dimensional mindset that means everything.


That awareness provides the understanding of how body, mind, and soul are connected with your communication, and from there you can experience how problems and challenges are created.

You can break yourself down and you can build and heal yourself.

A revolution within new intelligence and learning methods around conflict management.

Create quality of life, joy, and balance for you and the whole world.

Know the energy you draw on, positive or negative?

The energy is the value for the strategy.

Gets values into companies and society for new business and social culture through mental health.

Cosmos Evolution Vision:

To be the best most attractive company in the wisdom of holistic communication skills and development of personal growth through competence development of employees, management development, and personal development as well as for private and companies.

Self management and change management is being able to manage yourself!

Individual learning and joint learning for personal growth and development.

Teaching EQ, values and the power of words through communication skills, where the pervasive tools are used in everyday life.

It will give the individual teams and individuals the opportunity to see their own strengths and resources.

At the same time, it will also provide insight and clarity on where the individual can strengthen themselves, and through that realization, team development and joint management will create greater growth and better well being, which prevents a good working environment.

It also results in a healthy value base and goal setting being created in one and the same workflow.


Design your behavior through your awareness for new communication skills!

Learn how to take control of your mindset, because how will you be able to make constructive choices and decisions when you don’t know the difference between feelings and emotions?

How will you be able to create the quality of life, joy, and balance when you don’t know the energy you draw on? Is it positive or negative?

Therefore, your awareness to be self aware is important!

Spaciousness via new learning intelligence:

Being able to see the positive in the negative for personal growth and common goals.

Break down the hamster wheel for yourself and others.

Nothing can be fought but everything can be dissolved.

Think positive.


Creating value with Cosmos’ two energies, the light or the dark, the balance lies in between, and this is the awareness you must be aware of if you and we are to have a society and the world in balance, joy, and quality of life.


The awareness of the consequences of choices and decisions.

Wisdom is being aware of what you say and do, and also going in the same direction for common goals.

Implement bar:

Take control of your mindset and learn through the three dimensional learning environment via the wisdom to see the difference and raise your awareness, your inner power!

Cosmos Evolution Values:

Cosmos Evolution’s shared value base is that we are passionate and ambitious for the wisdom of holistic overall development for companies, community development, and personal growth through the development of emotional and spiritual awareness through communication skills because all communication is behavior.

Our values are based on honesty, credibility via trust, and respect to materialize quality of life, joy, and balance in the world.

Passionate about holistic overall development because everything has a cause and connection because everything is connected.

It provides a completely new dimension to look at our problems, plus it provides a completely new business and collaborative development for new business and social culture.

Everything lies in our communication and mind because that is where you and we create from.

Each helps to halve the costs of the health care system and create well being and quality of life through mental health.

We are here to create results both on the bottom line and personal growth for mental health, well being, and competencies through communication skills via the self awareness to navigate through everyday problems and challenges.

We are ambitious in terms of goals and execution, as the art is to be able to receive and see the positive in problems and challenges for personal growth.

The value base is closely linked to the organization’s mission.

While the mission says what we must do, the values say something about the way we fulfill the mission.

The value base is also linked to the vision. They must help ensure common footing on the journey towards the vision.

Cosmos Evolution by DorteJoy Juul

Visual Thinking Strategy:

Cosmos New Age Energy is a new form of intelligence via the three dimensional mindset that means everything.


A revolution within new intelligence and learning methods around conflict management.

Example 1: Is Anxiety a Problem?

Problems are often not the problem!

That is what creates the problem, our mind of which we are not aware!

If you don’t know why, you don’t know how we create problems and challenges, both for yourself and others! (as well as society, companies, and the world)

The ignorance of others about themselves affects themselves and others, therefore emotional intelligence is important!

Many do not know the anxiety’s true signal because they have never worked with their behavior (mind) and therefore they react in defense or become passive in the anxiety.

Many are afraid of losing face because they think they are not good enough or they have to prove their worth.

This is where our two dimensional mindset lives.

The problem is not the problem, it is our mind, our behavior.

All communication is Behavior.

Cosmos Evolution teaches behavior and communication skills.

Take control of your mind and become self aware through the wisdom to see the difference in the conflict.

As you can see, the problems are not outside ourselves, but within ourselves (Behavior).

Example 2: Is Anxiety Signaling Danger?

Emotional intelligence and self examination!

How does the mind affect: words, feelings, emotions (Anxiety, anger, and sadness)…

..Actions through choices and decisions in energy!

Scenario 1:

Peter, aged 30, suffered from anxiety and depression, and the municipality helped him with housing and work.

When Peter started work, he said he experienced anxiety.

What he experienced were nervousness and uncertainty, so the anxiety was there to sharpen his attention, to see, listen and learn.

Anxiety is not dangerous, it is our survival signal to be awake and aware of what we are standing in and experiencing.

It is therefore important to become aware of the difference in the power of the word.

If Peter worked on self awareness via self examination of feelings and emotional intelligence, he would know that no one wanted to harm him.

It was really about the anxiety trying to sharpen his attention to the nervousness and uncertainty.

It is completely normal to experience nervousness and uncertainty, therefore anxiety is a help to tell you and him that you have to pay attention, if you sharpen your attention to listen and learn what they tell and show you, the anxiety evaporates.

Because you focus, the nervousness and uncertainty disappear the more you learn.

For that, you need to use your attention.

But why do we often associate anxiety with being afraid or fearful?

For example, anxiety trained in defenses.

We have learned that anxiety is dangerous and unpleasant.

For example, a child of approximately 2 years approaching the road:

“Be careful, cars are dangerous!”

This phrase is often heard in different guises.

Here the child is trained that anxiety is dangerous.

This can lead to anxiety about taking responsibility and acting like an adult.

It is programmed into the cells’ memory.

Therefore, body, mind, and soul have a connection with our communication via the power of the word.

Example 3: Emotional Intelligence Through Wisdom.

No one has taught us about the mind, that it has a connection with your outer and inner world, as a compass to navigate each day.

I would like to share what I have learned, because it has helped me and I have helped others via coaching in self awareness and awareness, which is why I have created the online course for you.

Here is a summary of a coaching session I had with a woman who had been to both a doctor and a psychologist before she came across me.

She almost felt that all options had been tried.

It took a maximum of an hour to get this clarity.

Faith is what you believe. And we believe in authorities.

The woman without limits:

I had an interview with a woman who was on sick leave with stress and depression.

I made it clear to her that I do not believe in illness, but that it is an imbalance of the mind.

That was actually her experience as well.

But she was not aware of why and how it was connected.

Therefore, she decided that she would like to start running to clear her head and have some time for herself.

Most of all, she wanted to have joy in her life!

After she had been telling for a while, she mentions that her friends often asked her, why are you in it?

I interrupted and asked, “What are you into?”

“Yes, we have a child who has ADHD, and she grabs me, pulls my hair, and sticks her fingers in my eyes. Yes, she bit me too!”

I laughed a little and said “Your child should have a trophy for patience, tolerance, and perseverance. Woman, you have no boundaries, and your child tries in vain to seek your boundaries, but you have none. Children reflect the parents’ shortcomings, so you can say that we actually get the children to learn from them.”

She sat for 30 seconds, then she said: “God, it’s a whole new life.”

“Yes, now you will see and experience the joy in your life. Enjoy it!”

Why did it only take one session? Because I have trained my consciousness since I was a child, therefore I can help you with clarity faster!

Wisdom is awareness and no one becomes aware until they are self aware.

Visual Thinking helps you with that through wisdom.

Learn how to bridge the gap between EQ and IQ!

This is where YOU rebuild, to design the mind via consciousness to become self aware, your inner power.

Knowledge and wisdom are 2 different kinds of learning intelligence.

Knowledge is IQ where you learn outside yourself. Here you need to understand, so here we separate the problems into boxes or systems.

Wisdom is EQ where you learn within yourself through introspection about the power of the word. Here a holistic whole is created and creates the connection between the issues.

Cosmos New Age Energy learning intelligence for your inner power, why?

Because problems are created by what we send out from the mind via our consciousness.

Consciousness is becoming self aware, for here lies your wisdom, your insight, your clarity, your power.

No people become aware until they are self aware, and this is created through the three dimensional mindset and learning environment.

Cosmos Evolution by DorteJoy Juul.

I help people upgrade their Spirit, Mind, Body, Heart to become the best version of themselves! After 10 years of writing, coaching and collaborating with top coaches from all around the world I have learned the best secrets to help you unleash your full potential! You can be a Superhuman! Write me at [email protected] if you have any direct question! Much Love!