The 5 Ways How Boxing Training Can Improve Your Life


Combat sports are often overlooked when searching for a new hobby or fitness regime.

Who wants to get punched in the face for fun and pay for the privilege?

Only a few is the answer, but 2023 has already seen an influx of people ignoring the risks involved in participating in combat sports like boxing, MMA, and Thai Boxing.

Fancy giving it a go, using boxing to shape your body and increase fitness levels in time for summer?

If you want to get beach gorgeous, remember the old saying, summer bodies are made in winter.

We’ve all seen the top boxers battle it out at huge arenas packed with thousands of fans, with the action shown worldwide to millions.

We’ve cheered on a fighter, stayed up late to watch a bout, and even predicted how the contest should play out at your chosen sportsbook online.

The leading bookies offer odds on boxing with plenty of markets, specials, and promotions available.

But there’s more to the sport than losing teeth and holding frozen peas against a bruised eye.

5 Ways How Boxing Can Improve Your Life:


On this page, we have enlisted the help of a former professional boxer who explains why 2023 is the best year to get involved in the noble art.

Readers will find expert advice on getting started and the top five ways boxing training can improve your life.

By the end of the article, you’ll know what boxing can do for you, what to expect when joining a gym, and what’s required before you can join a public boxing gym or participate in lessons.

In short, we have everything you need to be the next Tyson Fury or boost your fitness levels and mental health through one of the oldest sports in the world.

1. Strength.

Boxing isn’t a sport you’d associate with heavy lifting or weights, but it is excellent for building strength.

The muscles built from boxing training are best suited to endurance rather than size.

It gives strong, reliable, slender muscles perfect for fast responses, such as moving and delivering hard, quick combination punches.

It doesn’t take long for your gains to show, either.

After just two or three weeks, there will be a noticeable difference in your body shape, including broader shoulders and a slimmer waistline.

The main difference you’ll feel is the explosive strength in your legs.

2. Fitness.

Your cardio fitness will go through the roof and fast.

There’s no getting away from the fact you’ll be tired and hurting after your first session.

But it gets easier. You must trust us on that one.

If you are dedicated to boxing training, you’ll see the results in your general fitness, which should be the driving force behind your journey.

One thing to remember when you are working through those grueling rounds is; you’re supposed to be tired.

You aren’t working hard enough if you aren’t tired at the end of each round.

The difference between a fit boxer and an unfit one is the time it takes to recover between rounds.

3. Self defense.

The sad fact is it’s more important than ever to learn self defense.

You can do this in many ways, including karate and MMA, but boxing is certainly worth a shot.

It has been a popular choice with people looking to improve their self defense for generations.

Boxing doesn’t teach you aggression; it shows calmness under pressure.

It doesn’t just show you how to KO an aggressor, you’ll learn how to hold yourself so that confrontation is unlikely, especially against someone who doesn’t train in boxing.

If you desire peace, prepare for war.

4. Friendship.

You’ll be too busy enjoying your boxing journey to notice, but you’ll make many great, like minded friends who are on the same journey as you.

Boxing, or any training regime, will help you meet new friends, making getting off the sofa and to the gym easier.

5. Confidence.

This is connected to all previous parts of this article.

Boxing builds tremendous confidence.

It gives power to the weak and a voice to the shy.

The fitness, mental well being, confidence, and self defense the sport offers are the building blocks of great confidence.

Give boxing training a try this year.

We guarantee it will change your life.

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