Infertility Treatment: When you need one and what is the best option?


People around the world face fertility issues more and more frequently.

Statistics show that infertility is on the rise at an alarming rate.

There are several causes of such a tendency, which include ecology, genetics, virus strains, working conditions, etc.

Nevertheless, the newest Assisted Reproductive Technologies help to overcome infertility by using IVF both as the primary method and the basis for surrogacy.

Let’s discover together essential info about IVF fertility technology and medical establishments that provide the highest quality treatment using IVF.

What is IVF and Where to Do Artificial Insemination?


In vitro fertilization (IVF, also known as artificial insemination or in vitro conception) is determined to be one of the most common modern methods of fertilization.

The process of fertilization is carried out in laboratory conditions when a qualified fertility specialist connects egg cell and sperm cell together.

After maturation, the embryo (healthy and tested) is transferred into the uterine cavity of the woman.

In this case, the woman takes the necessary hormones to consolidate the procedure.

When is the IVF method reffered?

Initially, the IVF method of infertility treatment was developed for women who missed the fallopian tubes or who have non functional tubes.

But the constant development of Assisted Reproductive Technologies extended the application of this procedure.

For now, the IVF method is referred in the following conditions:

1. Severe endometriosis (a condition in women when the cells of the uterus grow outside the uterus).

2. Hormonal levels violation (in both men and women).

3. Ovulation violation.

4. Absence of ovaries (in women, such case requires the usage of donor eggs).

5. Absence of sperm cells (in men, such case requires the usage of donor sperm).

6. Seminal problems (in men, decrease in the total concentration of spermatozoa, their motility or violation of the structure).

7. Complex reproductive dysfunctions in both of spouse.

Pay your special attention, that any Infertility treatment must be referred only by your doctor after the thorough diagnosis.

Every case is unique and special, so you need to take into account personal specificities and case history.

Your doctor might suggest places or you need to look for the best place that you can find locally to do the IVF method.

One of our editors went through such process and she highly suggests ADONIS International.

IVF in Ukraine:

Ukraine is a prosperous country where many qualified fertility specialists work in the sphere of Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

One of the most renowned and known medical establishments ADONIS International provides different Treatment Programs using IVF method to help people from the whole world.

Infertility treatment in ADONIS differs from others by a full cycle process which includes not only consultations, but diagnosis, professional follow up, donor selection and many other related proposals.

ADONIS International provide the following services:

1. Own embryo laboratory.

2. Own diagnosis laboratory.

3. Own donor bank.

4. Own cryopreservation and storage.

5. Own embryo storage

6. Own Surrogate database.

7. Own Stem cells department.

8. Own Maternity houses.

In addition to wide range services ADONIS is known for perfect staff selection.

You will be surrounded by care of doctors with 12 and more years of experience (up to 21) which ensure the best result and exceed expectations.

To get more info about the medical staff you will be working with follow ADONIS site.

Do not settle for less, choose to get the best.

Such an approach is especially preferable in the context of Infertility treatment and proper treatment selection.

Be sure, ADONIS can be one of the best variants.

What you should remember?

Your fertility mostly depends on genetics but also your lifestyle.

There are some easy and not so complicated tweaks in your life that you can do to be healthier.

Taking care of your health is crucial for the health of your kids.

If you have problems with fertility there are options that technology provides, like the IVF method.

Always consult with your doctor first and find the best option that works for you.

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