The Best 6 Tips of How to Flirt With a Married Man


You might wonder, why we published an article that speaks about flirting with a married man…

Isn’t that going to harm someone’s marriage?

Here is the nuance you should get in this article: Flirting is not about doing something with someone, it’s more of a mental game.

If the person you flirt with wants to escalate, then the relationship is not really that healthy, or his values are not strong enough.

But everyone flirts. And if you are reading this article you certainly have intention to flirt with someone already, you just want to make sure how.

However, to flirt with someone who is in a marriage it is a little more complicated.

So, to help you do that in the right way, without much harm possible, we created this article.

The act of flirting may be thought of as both an art and a science.

You want to provide exactly the right amount of information so that your objectives may be understood, but you also want to allow some room for interpretation.

The art of flirtation is already difficult enough, but the challenge is amplified when the target of your attention is a married man.

How exactly does one go about wooing someone already in a committed relationship?

Or, “why do married men flirt?”

Ensure that your primary emphasis is on giving him the feeling of anticipation of reuniting with an old friend or acquaintance for the first time.

Be the one person in his life who gives enthusiasm to his life and makes him feel like he’s alive again. Be the one who makes him feel alive again.

6 Best Tips to Help You Flirt with a Married Man:


1. Dress in clothes that make you feel sexy.

We do not doubt that your wit and intelligence and your attractive appearance are more than capable of winning him over.

But here’s the rub.

Emotional attraction is the most common cause that leads women astray, while males report that physical attraction is what turns their heads.

Men and women think and act differently in this regard.

According to a survey conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor, respondents of both genders cited distinct explanations for cheating.

The most prevalent reason given by males for having an affair is because the person they had it with was “extremely attractive.”

This is in contrast to the situation for women, where the most probable reason is that they feel ignored by their relationships.

But when you look good you also feel good. This positivity is attractive to males.

Again, your intention is not to do anything more but to Woo him. Flirtation makes you feel powerful and valuable, and makes him feel alive.

2. Come up with excuses to spend time alone with him.

When you are alone, he will feel more at ease opening up to you.

Take advantage of this opportunity and ask yourself when alone, “is this married man flirting with me,” or “is he interested in me.”

He won’t be as self conscious about adopting your flirty vibe or engaging in the behavior since he won’t be concerned that anybody would see.

However, don’t escalate to something more serious if he is not taking the lead.

3. Use your eyes to entice.

The key to successfully seducing a decent married guy is to seduce him covertly and secretly.

Use a form of communication that only the two of you share.

You can’t display your assets and flirt with a married man as freely as you would with a single guy because you have to consider the very real danger that you’ll turn off the married man before you even have a chance to seduce him and get him into bed.

Because although it wants you, he will push you away with a pole if he believes that you could be too much of a “loose cannon” and that any connection with you will instantly wreck his life.

Maintain eye contact with him longer than is customary, this will demonstrate to him that you are interested in him as more than simply another person in the room.

You want him to feel your gaze and become accustomed to it until he can begin to understand that there’s more to your eyes than simply a curious glance.

In other words, you want him to get used to it before he can begin to understand what it means.

4. Make him feel like a hero.

If you are aware that a man is having problems at home, then there is a good chance of flirting with a married man for affair dating that there is something that the man’s wife is not doing that you may use to your advantage.

It may come as a bit of a surprise, but this has nothing to do with making him feel sexually desirable and everything to do with elevating his sense of importance.

No matter what, every male wants to believe that the woman in his life views him as a hero.

This innate drive of his is far more potent than love or lust on his part.

To woo a married man successfully, you need to be familiar with the hero instinct, a new psychological theory about what makes males tick.

5. Share your secrets.

In most cases, it is a bold action that will result in a deeper connection between two people.

Telling your secret would be a great way to bring him closer to you.

It is likely to inspire a guy to trust you with his secrets in return since this has been shown several times in human psychology.

6. Make your flirting obvious.

In most cases from dating sites, a married guy does not have the experience to flirt.

They will keep thinking, “is she flirting with me,” if you don’t make it obvious.

He may have been married for the last ten or fifteen years, which means that his wife is the only woman who’s given him any indication that she finds him physically attractive in the previous decade and a half.

Most men in marriage are blind to clues and signals that a beautiful lady loves them, they have trained themselves to ignore such cues.

This indicates that he may need some further assistance or prodding in the correct direction.

Another thing you should be mindful of:

Married couples are always constantly looking for some extra excitement to spice up their life.

Some couples are looking for 3some clues while others might intentionally try to cause drama just so they feel alive.

Make sure not to send any unintentional clues and be mindful of what you are putting yourself into.

Moreover, there are dating sites that primarily focus on offering a platform for individuals seeking extramarital affairs. They are searching for excitement and passion that may be missing in their current relationships.

Additionally, some individuals may be in open or non traditional relationships where both partners can have extramarital interactions. Notably,  OFL dating experts graded Ashley Madison as the top dating platform in this particular niche.

What You Should Remember?

Before interfering in another person’s relationship, you need to consider whether or not your actions have a moral basis.

Many women come to deeply regret the decision to make an effort to seduce a married guy.

It turns out that destroying a marriage does not provide nearly as much satisfaction in the long term.

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