5 Ways How to Speed Up Your Essay Writing Process


Some students like essay writing, while others loathe it.

Some find it difficult to do writing assignments because expressing their opinion on a particular subject may not be as easy as some think.

For some, sticking with simple answers that you can find in the book is easier.

But, even students that enjoy writing essays find the process tedious at times.

There are several reasons behind it: Fear of failure, search for compelling arguments, and editing issues.

You may have doubts that your essay will not be as successful as you expect it to be.

But nobody’s perfect.

After all, you show your knowledge of the subject and the ways you express your opinion on it.

It’s a test drive of your writing and critical thinking capabilities.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it will help you improve.

When you’re looking for compelling arguments, reputable source materials will help you.

Yes, there’s a chance that you will not find everything online.

Instead, you may have to visit the library and check the books on the subject.

Formatting and editing are a bane for most essay writing aficionados.

Nobody likes having lower grades because of editing issues.

However, if you’re struggling on your own, you can also order help from a professional essay editing service so that you will submit a perfectly edited paper.

Time management is another common issue with paper writing.

Especially when you’re trying to write your essay in one take.

You’re telling yourself that it will take you less than one hour, but five hours later, your paper is still not finished.

Gladly, some tips can help you speed up your essay writing process.

So, let’s check them out without any further ado.

5 Ways How to Speed Up Essay Writing:


1. Make Sure You Understand the Subject.

So, you were either assigned the topic or chose it yourself. And you think that you are prepared for it.

Even if you don’t, you will figure things out while writing it.

But, the deeper you dig into the subject, the clearer it gets that your essay won’t go the way you originally envisioned.

It’s the best case scenario.

The worst case one, you completely misunderstood the subject.

It’s always better to get prepared beforehand.

As soon as you are assigned the topic, try finding everything you can on the subject.

In case you find that you misunderstood the task, you have enough time to seek advice from your professor.

Otherwise, the process of essay writing will get stressful.

And you may end up with a delayed submission that can affect your grades.

2. Prioritize Your Tasks.

Do you need to take your dog to the vet? Finish some home chores? There are important things you need to take care of?

Then finish them before you sit down to write your essay.

Otherwise, the process will be extremely stressful, and you will write in a rush, which will affect the overall quality of your essay.

However, avoid getting caught up in the tasks and procrastinating writing.

fine balance between the two can help you write your essay faster.

3. Ditch the Ink and Paper (But Not Completely).

Do you use a pen and a piece of paper to draft your essay?

Well, that’s great, but it slows down the process greatly.

Drafting your paper is important, but you don’t need traditional methods from the past century for that.

You can type your draft as well.

And changing things in your Word or Google Docs file is easier, than retyping everything that you have written.

But you don’t have to ditch ink and paper completely.

It’s always better to outline your essay before you start writing it.

Here is where pen and paper come in handy.

Sometimes it’s much easier when you have an outline in front of you while writing.

So, if you’re so attached to pen and paper, use it for the outline and notes that you will need for your essay.

4. Mind Your Attitude.

Some can start writing from scratch as soon as they sit down to work, while others spend hours waiting for the muse to come.

In case you fall in the latter category, you should consider your mindset before you start writing an essay.

If you think of the process of writing your paper as tedious, it will turn out to be that way.

But changing your attitude may really help.

Stop thinking of working on an essay as some monster that will drain all your power. Instead, try thinking about it positively.

Basically, set your mind to achieving more in a shorter time frame.

Yes, it may seem peculiar, but suddenly, you will find yourself completing your essay, or the first draft of it, sooner than you expected.

Mindset has a strong impact on the results.

5. Get Rid of Distractions.

Okay, you want to make the process less dull.

So, you’re going to put some music in the background, or some movie, or even a podcast.

But then you find yourself singing along to your favorite songs or focusing on a film, despite watching it for the unnumbered time.

And the podcast’s subject is far more interesting than the one in your essay.

So, it won’t be a big problem if you finish listening to it and then return to the writing process.

You’ll finish it while listening to the next episode, right?

If you want to speed up your process, you must eliminate all possible distractions.

Of course, it’s not impossible to work while listening to music or podcasts or while watching movies.

But if you experience anything from those mentioned above, it’s better to work on your essay without distractions.

This way, you will be able to finish your essay in an hour or two and get back to other activities.

What you should remember?

So, here are the main tips on how to speed up your essay writing process.

Get prepared beforehand.

Prioritize your tasks so you don’t get too stressed while working on your paper.

Don’t waste your time on a handwritten draft, have a more positive attitude toward the process.

The tips may be useful, however, you can get all that figured out yourself if you learn from your experience.

For example, only you know which way it is comfortable for you to write.

So, think about what prevented you from getting your essay done faster the last time you were tasked with it.

Finding the answer will help you finish your next one faster.

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