The Market trends and development of new sources of protein in pet food


The pet food industry is constantly evolving.

Gone are the days of feeding your cat leftovers, these days we’ve got Cat Vitamin Down!

So what’s the new trend in cat food? Why is eating with insect protein suddenly all the rage? And which cats are these new foods suitable for?

We will answer all these questions and more in the following paragraphs.

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Market Trends In Pet Food

protein in pet food

Why insect protein?

Cats want a sure quantity of protein, which they typically get from meat like salmon or chicken.

But insects?

Can insects give your cat what it needs at any time?

Cats want certain amounts of certain nutritional vitamins and minerals, regardless of where they get them.

Vegan cat foods may contain iron and calcium from some legumes instead of meat, and magnesium is also found in wheat germ, whole grains, and soybeans.

While cats can technically digest vitamins, minerals, and proteins from plant sources due to the fact they are obligate carnivores, cats can’t digest flora properly and efficiently.

In addition, cats want to gain amino acids that can only be observed in meat.

Is cat food with insects environmentally friendly?

As more and more people come to have pets in their lives, the livestock raised to keep the animals has increased accordingly.

Thus, livestock production produces so much methane and occupies so much land that the production of animal feed indirectly affects the environment.

Conversely, the use of insects such as Hermetia illucens as the main source of protein in pet food has little to no environmental impact.

Raising insects such as the black lion fly requires only a small fraction of the water, food and land used by livestock.

This fact makes insect based cat food a very sustainable option for your cat.

Is insect cat food safe?

Okay, so worms are sustainable and highly nutritious.

Whatever the case, is insect food right for your cat? Surely insects carry disease?

Insects are incredibly safe for your cat. Unlike chicken, salmon, or other animal protein sources, insects don’t get sick and don’t need medications like antibiotics.

In addition, pesticides are not used to breed these insects, unlike growing plants for livestock and poultry feed.

These facts make insect based cat food a healthy choice.

Insect protein can also be kind to your cat’s body.

For example, many older cats develop kidney failure in their later years, causing the cat to have difficulty digesting traditional foods and require a special diet.

However, because insect protein produces little or no metabolic products, insect based cat food from Zooexperte is ideal for cats with kidney failure or any other cat.

What about cats with allergies?

Can they react to proteins in insect food if your cat is allergic?

Actually, no.

Insect based protein is not like any other protein based product, it is a new product.

So this means that your cat cannot react badly to insect based cat food, even if it has had a few bad reactions to other foods in the past.

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