6 Ways How to Make Money As You Sleep


In today’s world is much easier to make money than it was 50 years ago. You can literally make it as you sleep.

With eruption of new technology, the internet and wireless connection you can start building a business or work on a side hustle from almost anywhere.

In this article I want to show you 6 of the best ways how to make money while you sleep.

6 Ways to Make Money As You Sleep:


1. Brainstorm Your Ideas.

Take some time to brainstorm your ideas. Do not ignore the small ideas. So, avoid restricting yourself.

Write down your ideas on a piece of paper. Once you begin writing your ideas, do not stop until you come up with great ideas.

If you focus on brainstorming your ideas for an extended period of time, you will generate great ideas.

2. Know Your Audience.

Knowing your audience can help you know what they want.

You can, therefore, talk to your target audience to understand what they really want.

If your idea excites your target audience, then you know you have found the right idea.

Focus on solving the problems of your target audience. So, make sure your ideas solve their problems.

3. Create a Sales Machine for Your Course.

Once you create your course, you can now promote your course.

Do not, however, focus on selling your course once. It is much better to create a sales machine to sell your course again and again.

Successful online entrepreneurs use online sales systems to automatically sell their courses.

Your sales machine will do most of the work. You will continue with your life while your sales machine sells your course.

If you can automate the process, you will make money while you are sleeping so get yourself comfortable and wait for the money to roll in.

Who like Nectar mattresses? Go ahead and invest in your sleep. You can also improve your health while you sleep not just earn money.

4. Niche Down.

Do not make a course for everyone. You need to pick your niche.

The people in your niche need your experience and knowledge.

It is easy to sell to these people because they identify with you.

“There are riches in the niches” is popular on the internet for a reason.

Do not, therefore, pick a broad niche. It is better to niche down.

5. Focus on the Right Channels.

Different tribes and audiences will be more prominent on one social media site or web platform than another. So, finding the best place for you will be determined by where your tribe or the people who influence your tribe congregate.

Utilizing Instagram, Reddit, Facebook or even Quora to find your tribe is important and can greatly help with sales and growing your audience.

6. Create Your Course.

Once you complete your audience research, you can now use the information to create your course.

You want to create a course that people need and want from you.

Take your time to create the best course. Share your knowledge and experience in your course. You can try Canva or FlexClip for making online video courses.

There are many free platforms that can help you.

Do not, however, procrastinate. It is better to begin creating your course immediately.

It is also not easy to create a course. You may feel like quitting while working on your course.

Do not quit. Think of the money you will make while you are sleeping.

Let it motivate you to complete your course.

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