Psychologists Explain: Why Did Will Smith Slap Chris Rock?


We have all seen it. If you didn’t watch the Oscars you have seen it on social media, on the news, on memes… it’s everywhere! Will Smith slapped Chris Rock live on stage at the Oscars after he made a joke about his wife.

And like the good humans we all are, we desperately waited for a new scandal to make our lives interesting, for something new to talk about with our friends. Old drama gets boring quick. We need new drama, but that’s a topic for another time.

Today I want to explain to you WHY DID WILL SMACK CHRIS.

And I don’t mean the obvious why: Chris making joke about his wife. We don’t care about controversies and celebrity scandals here, you can check TMZ for that.

What we do care about is the psychology behind it all and why it’s important for you and your life, how it applies to your life, and how it sabotages you in ways you are unaware of, waiting for your greatest hour, to smack you down.

I want to reveal to you where the devil hides.

Why Did Will Smith Slap Chris Rock:


Your highest moment.

After Will Smith slapped Chris Rock there were commercials, and during commercial break Bradley Cooper and Denzel Washington approached Will to make sure he is fine and give him a hug.

Denzel said something to Will that he later confessed on stage when taking his Oscar for best actor in a movie. He said: “At your highest moment, be careful, that’s when the devil comes for you.”

Will Smith winning his first Oscar ever, will not be remembered for his insane amount of efforts, dedication and work he put in his art for years, but for him slapping Chris Rock.

He tainted his highest moment, minutes before it arrived.

Clearly the devil came for him. Or at least that’s what we say. What really came for him was his trauma, his pain body, his suppressed emotions. They took over and he did what he did.

The greatest trick.

A lot of us know the saying “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that it didn’t exist.” But that’s false. There’s a greater trick “the devil” pulled on all the world.

Let me explain…

We use the word trauma usually for events like war, death, divorce. But Trauma is not the event itself, it’s the emotions the event produces in you that are too much to handle, the overwhelming energy surging through your nervous system that cannot be processed, so you suppress it, repress it, or avoid it and push it down in your psyche because you cannot deal with that at the moment.

What’s “not a big deal” for a grown up can be traumatic for a child, eg. being lost in the store, being yelled by their parents… the event in itself is not traumatic, it’s the subject being affected by the event that makes the difference between “not a big deal” and a “traumatic event”. It’s how they perceive the event that matters.

Trauma is more common than you might think. Most of us experience daily micro traumas like overwhelming stress, not meeting deadlines, relationship arguments… that we don’t fully process and try to avoid with a help of distractions, social media, alcohol, weed, whatever.

These emotions pile up. They wait on pending to be processed, felt. They have no expiration date. Most of us carry unprocessed emotions, or, trauma.

So when something triggers us, it actually pokes at these unprocessed emotions, and we blow up, they take over and we react. We do something that we would not consciously do, something that we later regret doing. And we blame the devil for it.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was not convincing the world that it didn’t exist, but that it actually did.

What does exist, is trauma, your pain body. It sabotages you every day, bit by bit. And you can fight it all you want with positive thoughts, books, mantras, healthy living, meditation… But it has all the time in the world. It waits for your highest moment, for that brief second when you are tested and show a glimmer of weakness, and it takes over to sabotage you.

It happened to Will, it happened to majority of people, and it can happen to you. Nobody is safe from it.

The layer of the pain body.

Why does it sabotage you? Why does this trauma energy wait for your highest hour to screw you over? Is it your arch enemy?

The truth is, it’s nothing personal. It’s how things work. You cannot break through the orbit of your limitations and current emotional reality by holding that amount of low vibration energy within you. It’s too heavy, literally. And it will not allow you to break through. It will hijack your subconscious mind and sabotage you. Why? Because you threaten it’s environment.

Low vibration energy cannot exist in a high vibration environment.

You can put as much effort as you want, but there will always be this invisible hand pulling you down.

So how to deal with it?

Go into its layer. Face it. Go into the eye of the storm.

It’s easy to say, really hard to do, but the only way out is through.

All that unprocessed emotions, that stormy chaos needs to be dealt with. It cries for your attention. In fact, that’s why it sabotages you. It’s not its aim to sabotage you, but to grab your attention, so you can face that once and for all.

These pending emotions need you, and you are avoiding them, escaping them, all your life, thinking you can finally be free from them if you get that car, if you make a certain amount of money, if you get an Oscar, if you get together with your wife. The truth is, nothing will save you unless you deal with that trauma energy within you head on. It will follow you, because wherever you go, there you are.

The only way to be free from it is to let it surface, to feel it, process it, allow it to come out fully, and finally, to release it out of your system.

You see, Will Smith is in a lot of emotional pain at the moment. I don’t know him, nor do I claim that I know his life, but my opinion from what I am seeing is that he is going through a lot of shit.

Think about it, he is with his wife since a very young age. We all know how much he loves her, she is his best friend and he doesn’t want to lose her. On the other side they are in an open marriage that, in my opinion, is overwhelmingly hard especially if your partner is someone you really love. The sole thought of them being with other people is unnatural.

So he is strangled between 2 brutal choices: not being with the woman he loves with all his heart, or seeing her with other men and being ok with that. He is trying to keep his family together while the whole world is making fun of them. That’s a lot of shit, a lot of trauma energy.

And Will, as we know him, he is always trying to be the most positive person in the room. But with all those emotions he carries, it’s too hard, too incongruent and borderline insane to keep being the pillar of positivity. There is a real war happening in him, and he is just a human.

So of course he would snap out, especially when someone, a person he is friends with for many years is making jokes of his wife’s sickness publicly, instead of being a support for him like, in my opinion, he truly needs and craves for.

Most likely, the attachment he has with his wife is based on a trauma bond, and if he releases his trauma energy, in a way, he is letting go of the love of his life. So he would rather stay in that hell than let it go.

Now that’s Will.

Where does this dynamic happen in your life?

Where is your trauma bond?

Where is your trauma energy sabotaging you?

Think about these questions and write me at [email protected] if you want to talk about it.

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