You are The Miracle! The chance of you existing at all is terrifyingly small…


Do you know how terrifyingly small is the chance of you existing at all? Basically, you are a miracle!

The Insanely Small Chance of You Existing at All:

If you don’t feel like reading the whole article, just watch this 4 minute video and you’ll realize how much you were actually given!

Think about this, what if two people sat and watched the spectacle at the beginning of The Universe and as they sat they chatted. The one person said to the other, “Hey…” let’s call his buddy Jimmy.

“Hey Jimmy, what do you think. What is the chance of a person called Beth to exist on a tiny piece of rock within this almost infinite vastness?”

Jimmy all confused asks “What do you mean Jonny?” We will call the other guy Jonny.

Jonny explains: “Well, what is the chance of all these particles to organize themselves in stars, for over trillion galaxies to exist at the right place just so at one of them there will be one solar system, out of billion, where there will be pieces of rock orbiting this star, and there will be one piece of rock at the exact right distance from its star and the other planets so it has an environment for life and its safe from enough asteroids so that life can flourish. And on this planet there will be countless species each having their choice, but they will all do the right choices leading micro organisms in water to evolve into land animals, and at the right time an asteroid would hit to wipe out the huge and dangerous land animals so other land animals can evolve into humans. And each of those humans will live and die according to the right sequence and set of choices that it all ends up for Beth’s mother and father to meet and she to be born. What do you think the chance of all this happening is?”

Jimmy: “You are crazy. This is not even close to possible. There is no chance.”

You would tell him the same right. I mean who wouldn’t? What Jonny asks for is 14 billion year long shot. one tiny particle going the wrong way and poof, Beth doesn’t exist. Humanity doesn’t exist.

And 14 billion years later, boom!

There she is, Beth came to be.

Somehow, against all those mindbogglingly tiny odds, she is alive.

Not just Beth, all of us.

You are alive!

Against all the odds, you are here.


We are the miracle!


I don’t know if you’ve thought about this…

I certainly do think about these things!

I research these things.

I write about these things.

The chance of you being alive is sooooo…

…terrifyingly small,


it’s impossible to believe that you are existing

without a reason!

Now we can objectively say that there is no reason to existence.

That we are the ones who are making our own purpose, and that might be the case.

That doesn’t matter!

What’s important is that




Trillion, maybe even more events,

SIGNIFICANT events happened,

just so you can exist at this moment, right now!

like, just, think about it…

think about…

like how incredible it is

for the planets

to be in the right place.

For Earth to be at the exact right place

away from The Sun,

away from other planets,

so it has environment for


Just that fact is incredible!

Now think back!

How old is The Earth?

How many asteroids could have hit The Earth

and change the direction of evolution at any given moment?

How many different choices

each animal could have made

that could have determined a different fate for all of us?

If the first fish didn’t get out of the seas, right…

There wouldn’t be any land animals!


the asteroid didn’t hit…

Dinosaurs would have still lived on this planet! And…

there wouldn’t be any place for other mammals to evolve and for humanity to exist!

How many different choices each human, each ancestor you had,


How many choices they had?


…each one choice could have determined a different fate for ALL of your ancestors!

How little was the chance

for your grandfather to not meet your grandmother?

And how little was the chance

for your father to not meet your mother?

ALL of those things

could have


wether or not you will be born or…

…you will not be born!

And just your mother and father being together and mating at the right exact time


that sperm was the fastest sperm…

…it went through all of those traps, all of those, like, mines, the process of the sperm getting to the egg has!

It went through all of that!

And it was the fastest,

and it was the fertile one!


there you were!



ALL of those chances are

when you add them up together?!

Now, you are born!


you were born and you were raised

at this right period of time

when you can have an access to the internet

and you are more free than people were

1000 years ago!

You have more than a king had!

ALL of those things were given to you

and you didn’t even move with your finger!


If this is not something that inspires you


than you are missing the main point in ALL OF THIS!


You are here!

Against all the odds…

…you are here!




This is your life



To say that it’s an incredible gift

it’s an understatement!

It’s A LOT MORE than that!

So many things could have gone a tiny micro millimeter off the course…

…and none of it would have been like it is today!

Just ponder on this thought.

Ponder on the incredible chain of events that happened

so you can even listen to this episode!

Think about this!

All those things happened perfectly at the exact right order just so we can be here, just so humanity can exist.

You are a miracle. So, act as one.

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