Rant from The Heart for This Whole Year: Nobody Can Prevent You to Love


This year hasn’t been easy for anyone. But in the hardest of times our characters are being forged.

We might say that life is about learning or about following your purpose, or whatever you want life to be, whatever meaning you want to give.

Whatever you decide, learning a lesson is still a powerful thing you can do. And this year has taught us many lessons, one of them is about who we really are and where does our true power come from.

Let’s talk about love then.

Everyone talks about love, every song speaks about love, every person seeks love, but almost nobody knows How to Love!


People will say that Love hurt them, and that’s the most ridiculous thing!

Love is the only thing that does not hurt!

Not knowing how to Love though, that thing can kill you!

Let’s take all these “focus on your self” people who preach “self love” and putting your self first.

What a bunch of selfish pricks!

That’s not what Love is!

Most people who “focus on themselves” and practice “self love” are doing it as a defensive reaction to the pain that “someone” caused them because they were selfish pricks back then, and they are selfish pricks now!

Maybe if they didn’t love to get something in return, and they did it selflessly, for the sake of loving, they would not be so buthurt!

But the truth is they were not the saints they make themselves be in their story!

They were loving so they would be loved back, and if this condition wasn’t met, they felt like this transaction the other person doesn’t even know about, is not fair!

Their manipulation tactic didn’t work, so they act as a victim now!

Screw the world, screw them, focus on yourself, self love!

No you selfish prick!

That WAS the problem!

You were so far up in your own asshole that you though you can use love as a manipulation tool to get love!

Being too selfless and too loving of others while neglecting yourself wasn’t your problem, you didn’t know how to truly love, unconditionally!

Your healing is not in “focusing on yourself” it’s at the exact opposite!

Learning how to take your head out of your own asshole and SEE others for once!

Learning how to be truly selfless!

How to serve!

How to find something bigger than yourself that’s worth dying for!

How to love unconditionally, for the sake of loving, not to get something out from that!

If you just focus on yourself and love yourself and screw the world, you are making the problem that led you here just bigger!

You are closing to the world, to your real healing, and to opening your heart!

If you really love, you love!

And if you do not get anything, if nobody loves you back, why should that determine whether you love or not!

It’s your damn love!

You give it!

Why should others determine when you should give it!

It’s your gift!

You can give it every damn day if you want!

It’s not like if you give love to others you are taking away from your love!

In fact, the more you give the more you have!

Because love is not Finite!

But the ego cannot understand that!

People go around and calculate how much they loved others, whether they got the same amount back, whether or not they loved more than they were loved back, did they loved others more than they focused on themselves!

Because they thought their love is Finite!

Because they haven’t learned how to love!

How to find the Infinite Love within!

So they calculate their love scared that they will be left without any love for them!

What a ridiculous mindset!

Considering the fact that you are the producer of love in your life, why do you let others determine how much you will love?

Why don’t you love as much as you can while you are alive?

You can’t take the love you save with yourself!

So why don’t you love ALL IN?

Isn’t that what the world needs?

Isn’t that what heals the pain?

If you have a cure for some disease, an infinite amount, would you give a cure to a limited amount of sick patients?

Only to those who have something to give you back?

Only to those who deserve to be cured?

Or would you cure as many people as you can?

Than why are you different with loving?

Why are you so scared to love the world unconditionally?

Why are you calculating so strictly who deserves your love?

Just love when you feel like loving damn it!

Don’t wait for perfect conditions!

It’s not a competition!

Now, don’t mistake this with building a relationship!

Building something demands all sides to put similarly equal effort!

But even that has nothing to do with love!

Even if you do not build with others anymore, doesn’t mean you should stop loving them!

Even if you were betrayed by your friends, it doesn’t mean that you have to hate them!

Just because others are assholes, it doesn’t mean that you have to become grumpier, more serious, pathetic excuse of a life!

Nothing should determine how much you love or who you love!

That’s your freedom!

The tree doesn’t give its fruit only to people who water it!

It doesn’t care if you are a good person or not!

It gives because it’s what it fucking does!

It doesn’t give a shit about what kind of a person you are!

What you did in the past!

Or if you are good enough for its fruit!

It just gives it’s fucking fruit, unconditionally!

It’s a fucking badass!

So be a badass of love!

Love for the sake of loving!

In all directions!

Wherever you feel like it!

No conditions!

That’s what will heal you!

But most people love to manipulate, to control, to have a transaction!

So when they don’t get the desired transaction, oh it’s not fair!

It was not fair from the moment you used love to get something!

You don’t get to blame!

If you loved for the sake of loving, if you sincerely loved, you would not care how others behaved with your present!

Because it was your gift, and you gave it!

And the act of giving it was enough!

You are free from the outcome!

You are free to give more gifts, to bury them in gifts if you want, or give your gifts to other places!

Nothing determines how much you love and who you love, not even them!

And the more you love, the more seeds of love you plant, the more love grows into the world!

The more loving world you create!

But if you are waiting for a perfect condition to love from a world that’s drowning in pain, you will not EVER make a better world!

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