What You Should Know About Internet Dating in Times of Crisis


In times of crisis, while people are stuck at home, the only solution to meeting new people and dating is the internet.

Acquaintances on the Internet are a great opportunity to introduce yourself and in the future to find friends or a soul mate.

But, meeting people on the internet is not easier than getting acquainted with someone on the street.

The same rules apply for internet approach, the same principles. It is important not to scare off a person online, but at the same time, you need to attract an interlocutor while remaining yourself.

So where to start?

What You Should Know About Internet Dating:


1. Start by knowing what you want.

First of all, you should determine the purpose of dating and your expectations, simple communication, finding your soulmate, or something else.

If you plan to find something casual there are different sites, or if you are looking for potential brides online using the Ladadate or other dating sites, you should study other people’s reviews of such resources and choose the appropriate ones based on this. It’s important to know what want.

2. Then, design the appropriate profile.

An attractive profile is a guarantee that messages will not remain unanswered.

Add quality Pictures.

It’s important to use a picture of you on the avatar. The main picture should be clear and high quality so that the face can be clearly seen. You should not get too involved in Photoshop. Add diverse photos to your profile, it can be pictures from vacation, concerts, or other events.

Delete posts with vulgar jokes.

They may scare potential partners off. But it is not necessary to seem too abstruse.

Be open and honest about yourself but have a fun style.

When creating an account on a dating site, you should fill in all the necessary information, tell about your character, hobbies, and specify the purpose of dating. However, do not appear as you are writing a motivational letter. Have fun, write it in your own style, make a joke, tell a short story, use fun words to describe yourself. People are attracted to fun and carefreeness. So when you write your details have this in mind.

3. And start approaching.

There are some points that are worth paying special attention to.

Ask more and tell less.

This way you will be able to get to know the person better and not bore them with stories exclusively about yourself.

Mind your grammar.

Spelling and punctuation errors can repel the interlocutors and make them think about your lack of education.

Don’t be intrusive.

Allow the interlocutor to write or ask you something, do not clog the private message inbox of new friends with your messages.

Don’t use unnecessarily sweet messages.

Words like kitty, baby, etc. are unacceptable in communication with unfamiliar people.

If you want to tell a joke, be careful.

If the joke didn’t work, you should apologize and explain that the meaning was different. Just keep the conversation steering smoothly away from it.

Do not tell lies or exaggerations.

Don’t embellish information about yourself and lie because one day you can forget what you said and find yourself in an awkward situation.

Try interesting topics.

Do not be afraid to ask and start conversations on any topic, whether it is travel, the main nightmare of childhood, or what kind of chocolate or flowers they prefer.

Do not rush.

Be direct. But you do not need to rush things and touch too personal or intimate topics, it is better to wait for an opportunity.

Do not be afraid to look.

The main thing is not to be afraid and take a responsible approach to dating on the Internet, and then the right person will be found.

How to Use This Article?

Step 1. Decide what you look for and find the appropriate site or app for it.

Step 2. Design a profile that gives you a bigger chance for meeting new people by following the advice in the second step.

Step 3. Start approaching and building a bigger social circle right away, schedule 30 minutes in your day for outreaching.

All the knowledge on the planet will not help you if you do not take action.

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