The 3 Best Ways How to Reduce The Smell of A Vaporizer and Vape Discreetly


Many people who were addicted to smoking are starting to vape but in our opinion both habits are bad. However, if vaping is your choice than at least you can make it less painful and annoying to people around you.

Though vaping does not smell as bad as smoking, it still smells. You have been misinformed if you think otherwise. Most dry herbs have a distinctive smell of their own even without vaporization.

Once you apply heat, you can just imagine how potent the aroma will be. This is probably the reason why some users of cannabis prefer edibles and capsules instead of vaporizers.

There is a stigma associated with vaping cannabis in public. Some establishments even have vaping bans. Vapers who do it at home may avoid the judging stares by others, but some are not as lucky. Fortunately, there are ways to vape discreetly.

It pays to know the types of vaping devices that produce the least amount of odor possible. You can also reduce the vaporizer weed smell by following some tried and tested tips.

3 Ways How to Reduce The Smell of A Vaporizer:


Does a vaporizer smell? Of course they do. There is no such thing as no smell vaporizer.

Even the best selling devices like the Volcano vaporizer smell. Click here to learn more about this type of vaporizer.

Usually, the smaller the vape is, the more discreet. Compact vapes have less vapor output because they have a lower voltage.

They are also small enough to be stored in your pocket or bag. Your choice of vape juice also matters.

Some scents, like menthol and strong fruity flavors, draw more attention than others.

They are probably best to use when at home than in public. In comparison, flavorless vape juices are more discreet.

You may also opt for those with more propylene glycol. These juices are known for producing less vapor and odor.

1. Oil and Dab Pens.

These keep the vaporizer weed smell to a minimum while still providing quality vapor.

The amount of odor produced depends on how big of a puff you take. Small hits in open space usually give off a faint scent, but this dissipates quickly enough.

Meanwhile, the dab pen vaporizer smell lingers a bit longer than oil pens. It is also a bit stronger. If you use a rig, the odor becomes more potent because you exhale bigger clouds of vapor.

2. Dry Herb Vapes.

These devices produce the strongest odor. Once the dry herbs are heated, it is difficult to mask the aroma.

The portable ones can give off powerful vaporizer smell since they generally have a conduction type of heating system. Most desktop vaporizers utilize convection heating, so they tend to smell less.

This is because the dry herbs do not make direct contact with the device’s heat source. The smell also lingers, taking about 15 to 30 minutes to clear out completely.

3. Reduce the Smell of Weed.

If you own an oil or dab pen, good for you. You can enjoy your vaping sessions with fewer worries about the smell of offending others. If you have a dry herb vape, you should consider the following tips.

As mentioned, a dry herb vaporizer no smell is not possible. The aroma will definitely spread once the plant material is heated.

The good thing is that you can minimize the odor by doing some simple steps. Regular cleaning of your vaporizer helps. After every use, ask yourself.

Does a vaporizer smell?

Once it starts to emit odor, it is time to get the cleaning tools. The portable vapes need extra cleaning since most of them run on conduction. Another tip is using a spoofer.

You can make one by stuffing several fabric softener sheets into a roll of paper towel. When you exhale, blow the vapor through the spoofer. It will smell like clean laundry instead of weed.

You can also out sheets of fabric softener on the vents of your window fans. This helps get rid of the weed smell. Some users claim that putting a damp towel under the door also diffuses the odor. If you have used air fresheners or incense in your past vaping sessions, try using popcorns. The scent of the popcorn reputedly masks the smell of cannabis better. It is also best to keep your cannabis buds in a jar after use.

When you stealth vape, you do it in the most discreet manner possible. Not everyone can do stealth vaping. You need a certain boldness to get away with vaping undiscovered by anyone. The first thing you need is to get your hands on a concealable device. Pod vapes are a good choice since they are ultraportable and small enough to fit in your jean pocket. They also look innocuous to be taken as flash drives or key fobs.

When you take a hit, it is important to cover your device’s LED lights. Ultraportable vape kits usually have small LED lights that turn on when you draw in vapor. Use your finger to effectively conceal the light. Do not take long puffs. Short ones produce smaller clouds. When you exhale the vapor, remember to purse your lips. Blow a tight stream of vapor towards the ground and away from other people.

And note that we are not advising vaping. In our opinion you should take control over your habits and implement ones that are healthy for you and constructive for your character. Stay healthy and stay safe.

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