How to Have Quality and Comfy Sleep No Matter What the Season is


If you read our articles regularly you have probably stumbled upon our usual quality sleep is more important than good diet and exercise combined when it comes to your health.

In order to have quality sleep you need to have comfortable bed and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

The room should be away from electronics and gently arranged without too much stimuli.

The bed, well, that’s up to you. We all have different preferences. However, personally I found that nector mattress works best for me. If you want to find one for yourself you can check the nector mattress store locator.

In order to understand what makes one bed good for sleeping and comfortable, we spoke with specialists who told us some important things to consider.

How to Have Comfy Sleep and Comfy Bed:


1. You need to feel secure.

Why is this compulsion to be secured? We have this need of security when we go to sleep at night and it comes from our childhood, maybe even earlier when we still were in our mother’s tummy.

In order to make your bed feel secure you should think about covers and sheets.

You can get normal covers that you find comfortable, or luxury mattress protectors, the main thing is to get something that gives you the feeling of security.

2. Think about the weather.

Every location has different weather at different periods, different humidity and various temperature differences from day to night.

You should take in consideration the weather in your location when you are creating a comfortable bed. Maybe you need an extra blanket, maybe you need to sleep just with covers.

Do not follow the default bed setting that you see on commercials. Customize it to your own preferences. After all, you are going to sleep in that bed, so make it comfortable for you.

3. Not too warm but slightly chill.

Keep extra covers and blankets close. If you get cold during the night you do not have to get up, open drawers, be loud just to get an extra blanket.

However, we are sleeping much better at slightly colder environments. Humans have evolved like this and our bodies rest better when the environment is not too warm.

So keep your bed slightly chill. Open windows before you go to sleep. Leave the room for couple of minutes to get clean air and for the bed to get slightly chill. You will sleep much better.

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