What You Need To Know About The First 7 Days Of The Superhuman Upgrade Program


The Superhuman Upgrade is not like any usual program.

We do not start slowly, we get right to the cause right from day 1, and you, as a Superhuman in progress, you already start decoding into Superhuman.

Start your journey now. Decode into Superhuman.


Day 1 is Balance of Pillars Test.

You will need to go and complete a quick evaluation test we have created so we can check the status of your 4 main pillars, Your Spirit, Mind, Body, Heart. Once you finish this test we will evaluate your results and start designing your custom gameplan.

Day 2 is Consulting Call.

Me or one of our coaches will contact you personally over the phone. We will have a quick 15 to 30 minute call where we will ask you some questions just to better know you and your story. During this call we will reveal to you the results of your Balance Test, we will discuss about them, we will establish your biggest obstacles in life, your biggest strengths and what’s the perfect way for you to take this journey into becoming a Superhuman. We will also answer any questions you might have about our exciting work. We will schedule a Coaching Call by the end of this consultation, according to a time most suitable to you, that will take place at the end of that week.

Day 3 is Energy Test.

You will need to take another test that will determine what of your 7 main energy centers are overactive and what are underactive. This will show us where you have energy blockages that prevent the natural flow of energy through your being. We will take these results in consideration while constructing your gameplan as well.

Day 4 is Personality Type Test.

You will take another test, the last one, that will determine what of the 16 personality types you most identify with. This is the most insightful and precise test for determining someone’s personality at that stage of their life. We will use this result to complete constructing your gameplan and customized approach for decoding into Superhuman.

Day 5 is Talking to Your Shadow Self.

We will send you 15 questions that you will need to answer for yourself, privately, that will stimulate your shadow self to speak up. Through this you will get to know the part of you that always tries to sabotage you in life. By getting to know this part we will later know how to make you whole again.

Day 6 is Creating Your Dream Life.

You will need to describe the limits of success for your life and we will stretch them. We will push these ceiling higher to enable you to reach new heights in your life. You will create a new picture of your dream, one that aims even higher than you thought possible, so even if you miss, you’ll achieve results bigger than your previous dreams. The limits you put on yourself determine the life you live. Greater space for improvement and higher ceilings of success means more legendary life will come naturally to you.

Day 7 is Coaching Call.

We will contact you on the prescheduled time and we will have full 2 hour coaching session where we will reveal to you your customized gameplan and the next challenges of The Superhuman Upgrade program.

After this you will be given access to the first part of The Superhuman Upgrade program. Through all of this you will have access to our other transformational programs, tools, and premium content. This is just the beginning of your decoding into Superhuman. It’s just the evaluation of where you stand and what’s the best gameplan for you. It’s just the configuration setting before the start of your journey.

We will reveal each next step of these 7 tasks after we make sure that you have completed the mission of each day. You can already start with Day 1 if you still haven’t started and take The Balance Test.

I help people upgrade their Spirit, Mind, Body, Heart to become the best version of themselves! After 10 years of writing, coaching and collaborating with top coaches from all around the world I have learned the best secrets to help you unleash your full potential! You can be a Superhuman! Write me at [email protected] if you have any direct question! Much Love!