What Do You Get By Decoding Into Superhuman?


The journey is rewarding beyond belief.

If you are reading this you joined The Superhuman Academy or you are thinking to join. You are wondering what will happen if you stay in The Superhuman Academy and follow our transformative challenges.

Becoming a Superhuman is not something that happens overnight, it’s a journey in discovering your SUPER. But the transformation happens immediately when you find that SUPER inside of you and merge with it.

The journey itself is going to give you treasures beyond your imagination. It will make you the best version of yourself and a better human being in general. It will unlock and unleash many pockets of potential within you.

I know you are wondering what being the best version of yourself really means. You are wondering what these treasures are. In this article, as a preparation for the start of your Superhuman Journey, I will explain.

I will tell you all the things you get by decoding into Superhuman. Not sublime descriptions like becoming the best version of yourself, but real exact values you will acquire along this journey.

The 10 Powerful Upgrades You Get By Decoding Into Superhuman:


1. You will balance your 4 pillars.

By following the journey of becoming a Superhuman you will first need to test your balance for your 4 essential pillars of your being, your Spirit, Mind, Body, Heart. After you get the results of your Balance Test we will provide you with a step by step actionable gameplan, based on your status, on how to regain balance to the 4 main elements of your being that are underused or overused. By following these steps you will balance your 4 pillars and establish a strong foundation for you to grow, transform and evolve on.

2. You will harmonize every segment of your life.

By establishing balance of your pillars you will establish balance in all segments of your life because your inner balance reflects your outer balance. The disharmony you see outside of you is reflection on the disharmony within you, the elements you underuse or overuse. For example, anxiety, depression and hypersensitivity can come from overactive or underactive Mental Pillar. Difficulties at work, lack of will power, problems with family can come from underactive or overactive Spiritual Pillar. Feelings of fear, poor health, lack of hygiene can come from underactive or overactive Physical Pillar. Anger issues, addictions and compulsions can come from underactive or overactive Emotional Pillar. Balance of your pillars means balance in your outer life.

3. You will discover your 4 hidden superpowers.

Each of your 4 elements has a certain Superpower that not many people are aware of. We are all much more than we give each other credit for. We all have 4 given superpowers. We are like super heroes unaware of their gifts. We are like Superman but we don’t know we can fly or have super strength, so to speak. By decoding into Superhuman you will become aware of your 4 Superpowers and you will learn how to use them through our trainings and coaching. For example, you have the power to bend reality by your will. Did you know about this? Even if you did, like most people, nobody showed you exactly how. That’s why we are here for. We will train you to use your Superpowers.

4. You will remove the blockages of your energy.

By decoding into Superhuman you will need to go through all your energy centers and give them a good cleaning. This energy hygiene is necessary and we will help you to do it right. When you clean all the blockages of your energy your energy will be able to move freely.

5. You will increase your energy levels by average if 70% or more.

When your energy moves freely your energy levels will naturally increase. But we will also show you certain habits to integrate into your lifestyle that will supercharge your energy even more. By following the transformative coaching and decoding into Superhuman, regular energy hygiene, following the steps we provide for you and using our techniques your energy levels will be higher than you have ever imagined they can be. You will feel energized every day. You will be able to complete 5 times the tasks you could in 24 hours. You will be healthier, stronger and happier. You will have greater clarity, vitality and positivity. People will notice your presence when you enter a room.

6. You will raise your default vibration by average of 2 levels or more.

We all have momentary vibration and default vibration. Momentary vibration is the state we are at each moment. Default vibration is the state we tend to get back to and maintain without external factors and effort. Most people live in a state of anxiety, fear, even apathy. As your energy increases, it is normal for your vibration to raise. By releasing pockets of low energy through our coaching, the weight that kept you stuck on low levels of energy will be gone. Your vibration will naturally raise to higher levels. By maintaining higher levels of vibration for longer period of time and decoding into Superhuman, your default vibration will raise at least 2 levels. You will climb from victim mentality to self empowerment.

7. You will achieve all 4 levels of freedom in your life.

As you decode into Superhuman you will need to realize the 4 levels of freedom. You will need to face the 4 tests of Ultimate Freedom, we will guide you by the hand and help you pass them. By achieving the 4 levels of freedom, Personal, Space, Time, and Social, you will gain full control over your energy and how you shape the world you live in. You will be free to design the life you want and live it. You will achieve Ultimate Freedom in your life.

8. You will heal from past trauma and emotional wounds.

By following our coaching you will need to face your Shadows. You will need to dive deep into your psyche and shine light on the dark corners you avoid. But once you do this you will realize that this is where real transformative work happens. And every time will be easier than the other until you free yourself from all your past traumas that you carry within and all your emotional wounds heal. Then you will be free from all that burden you’ve been carrying with you for years and you will transform into the you that you were before all that things happened.

9. You will double or triple your freewill.

You will become the real you. You will be that happy kid you once were again. But this time you will have all the experience you had till now, all the lessons. You will be the real you, but wiser, stronger, you will have the freedom necessary to choose your own choices, not the ones others want for you. That’s what it means to be the best version of yourself. It’s a journey that will bring you to where you started, but you will not be the same person that started, you will be much better. It’s not a circle but an upward spiral. And you will not continue to the same path, but you will transcend that loop by decoding into Superhuman. It’s like an elevator to the spiral you are climbing, or a whole new dimension of evolving.

10. You will find your SUPER and what makes you unique.

Before becoming a Superhuman you will need to find that secret potential within you. You will need to open the treasure that you’ve been sitting on all your life. You will need to discover that SUPER within you that makes you unique. Do not worry, we will tell you what we mean when we say SUPER. It’s the collection of your talents, gifts, the ways you cope with your pains, problems and the world, your experiences and lessons you’ve learned, skills, things you are passionate about, your purpose. All these things are held together by something, and that is your SUPER. You will need to find it with our coaching and guidance. That’s the final ingredient for you to transform into Superhuman.

All these things are yours if you join The Superhuman Academy, if you follow the steps we provide and take action. These are all things you will acquire on your way to become a Superhuman. Being a Superhuman is just the final result. The journey however, is extremely rewarding.

I help people upgrade their Spirit, Mind, Body, Heart to become the best version of themselves! After 10 years of writing, coaching and collaborating with top coaches from all around the world I have learned the best secrets to help you unleash your full potential! You can be a Superhuman! Write me at [email protected] if you have any direct question! Much Love!