Rant From The Heart For This Month: Take the three stairs


Every single person has some kind of a goal. The goal might be vague or clearly defined but there it is, driving each of us towards something.

We create this map for ourselves, main goal we need to reach by first reaching smaller goals, smaller steps we need to take.

Some people get sucked into the everyday routine just mentally fantasizing about the steps they should take, others actually execute.

But nobody really understands the real power they have. It’s not about procrastinating or executing, it’s about shaping your map.

You have the power not just to execute on the things you need to do to get closer to your goals, but to elevate the map itself, to upgrade your goals.


You are the master of your life!

You have created some rules when you were young, you have taken on some outdated beliefs and you still play by the same.

You must remind yourself that you are not just the player, you are the one who decides what and how you are going to play.

So instead of following the same main goal you had years ago, instead of circling around it, create a bigger goal.

Upgrade your goals!

Make the main goal just a small step toward a bigger goal, toward something 100 times better and more satisfying than it.

Then your map will scale up, your steps will become bigger, and your time for reaching them will shrink significantly.

And all of this will bring you closer to them. We decide how fast we are going to reach our goals, but we try not to remind ourselves of this.

Reach your goals faster!

Make the limits of your imagination broader. The thing you dream about and thought you will chase most of your life, make it a simple step.

Make it a smaller step toward a much bigger goal. Reach this smaller goal faster, you don’t even know how much better dreams you can dream of.

When you reach your dreams, dream bigger dreams. In order to reach your goals, create 100 times bigger goals then them.

You should not complicate your life!

Why you should not live happy right now? Why you should not live the life you always dreamt of, and even a life 100 times better than that?

You decide what you deserve. So decide to upgrade your goals, your happiness, your dreams, yourself, and your whole life.

Remember, you decide how fast you will reach your goals. You can take one stair at a time like most, two stairs like few, or go for three because you can.

Take tree stairs at a time!

Stop procrastinating!

Make the journey toward your main goal simpler!

Upgrade your goals!

Dream bigger dreams!

You can do much better than what you think is your best!

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