This Month Rant From The Heart: Do not let the shadows scare you!


Most people spend most of their lives running away from shadows. We are so damn afraid that we do not even look at what makes these shadows.

Our fear creates a shadow. Our doubts crate shadows. Our anxiety creates shadows. Our insecurities create shadows, and we are scared by them.

We see them on the wall and we get scared. We run away from them. We let them dictate our actions and choices.

We let shadows determine the way we perceive the world. We let shadows determine what we see, what we assume, what we act on.

But just like every shadow, these things are not real. They are illusions created by an object we are too afraid to even look at.


Look at what makes the shadow!

Stop being controlled by the shadows and see them as what they are, shadows. Turn around. See where they come from.

You will realize that most objects creating these scary shadows are not scary at all. In fact, the scarier the shadow the more not scary the object.

But we are afraid to look at the object. And we let an illusion determine how we feel, what we choose to do, how we live our life.

Do not let the shadows control your actions!

The scary monster that fear projects on the wall is a shadow of a teddy bear. Do not look at the shadow, look at the teddy bear.

That’s what needs your love. That’s what needs you to give attention to. To see why it projects such scary shadow.

Look at the things that make the shadows. They need you. They probably try to get your attention that’s why they make scary shadows.

Put light on the shadow!

Put light on the object. Light up the room around you. Get to know yourself and the shadows will disappear. Be conscious of your inner world.

That’s how you make the shadow disappear!

Not by running away from it. Not by trying to find a better shadow. But by lighting up the room with who you really are.

That’s how you find your freedom!

That’s how you heal!

That’s how you grow up!

That’s how you evolve!

That’s how you become you!

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