How To Balance Your Spirit, Mind, Body, And Heart To Upgrade To Your Best Self


Balance is the requirement to our evolution!

You have heard this before, everything is one. Everything comes from oneness. And yeah, this is true, everything can be seen as oneness.

But this oneness has many different parts that need to work together in order to create harmony. And this fragmentation starts with duality.

For oneness to be able to grow it needs to create these smaller parts, and it starts with 2, energy and consciousness. These two create everything else.

The play of consciousness and energy creates 4 main elements that many philosophers referred to as Air, Water, Earth, and Fire.

Through all of reality these elements are present. All functioning systems follow this blueprint. You have these elements yourself.

How To Upgrade To Your Best Self:


You have 4 elements or pillars, Spirit, Mind, Body, Heart, these are the parts that YOU are manifested through to exist into this reality.

Your soul manifests YOU through consciousness and energy into this world, following the same blueprint as everything in The Universe seems to follow.

Your consciousness and energy entangle themselves and create 4 parts. These pillars are fundamental parts of your being.

These are your Spirit, Mind, Body, and Heart and their interaction creates your existence into this world. You are a product of their harmonious work.

However, these pillars need to be balanced and on the same level in order for YOU and your being to grow, thrive and evolve.

Otherwise, the structure on what you build is unstable and leaning towards one of these 4 pillars more than the others.

You need to balance your elements, your pillars, in order to be able to grow, thrive and evolve into higher versions of you and reach the best version.

Most of us use one of our 4 elements less than the other, and the other 3 elements compensate for it. This dynamic creates disharmony and ailments.

In order to balance your elements you first need to know what element creates the disharmony in your being. Take this test we created to find out.

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