September 2019 Rant From The Heart: Just leave the prison


We were all different when we were children. Do you remember when you were a kid? Can you remember that sense of freedom? We all had it.

Everything was new and exciting for you. Everything was free, without attached stigma or consequence. You saw with fresh eyes.

But as we grow up and have experiences we start labeling things. Then we let other people share their labels with us. And we keep gathering labels.

We attach meaning to things, opinions and prejudices, and for most of these things we are not even sure. But these things give us a sense of security.

They give us a sense of comfort and control, because we know the world around us. But these labels end up staining our perception.


You need to start seeing the world with fresh eyes again!

There is another way for you to see the world. The way you see it right now is not the only one, and you are convinced that it is.

The labels and meaning you started attaching to things it’s one of many ways to see the world. And you think it’s the one and only way.

Because it gives you a sense of certainty. But what we don’t realize is that we traded our freedom for every label that we got.

You need to take your freedom back!

No sense of security, comfort and certainty is worth a piece of your freedom. And you should remind yourself every day.

Yeah, it can be scary, uncomfortable, sometimes you will feel like you don’t know anything, but at least you will have your freedom, your wonder.

At least you won’t be lying to yourself, because let’s be honest, nobody knows the real truth, we all just assume.

You need to let yourself be free!

And we think that we need to be good enough for our prison door to open. Some think that they need to find the key. Some clean the prison bars.

We all find countless ways to try and escape our prison cell, the one we alone made, we all try different ways to be free.

We wait for that perfect moment, for that right time to see if the prison door was always open. But we forget one crucial thing.

You need to realize there is no prison!

There is no door, there are no bars, there is no actual prison cell. It’s all in your mind. And the one only way to escape it is to stop believing in it.

Just move out of the prison you think you are in. Just take one step after another towards the supposed outside of your prison.

Just walk out. Do not even look at the door you think there is. Do not look at the bars. There is nothing, you are just thinking. You just need to realize it.

You are already out!

You just need to remember!

You just need to recall that you were always free!

That you were just playing a game!

Just be brave enough to be free!

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