August 2019 Rant From The Heart: Learn to surf the uncertainty waves


The thing is, we all love to make strategies and plans. It gives us a sense of security in the midst of uncertain world, a sense of control.

And we cling to these plans, we follow these strategies, missing on all the opportunities that come with the present moment.

It’s smart to have a plan, do not get me wrong. It’s smart to know your direction, to know what you need to do to get where you want.

It’s smart to have a strategy, maybe not just one, to be prepared. However, it’s not that smart to start depending on them.

Because the nature of life and the world is uncertainty, and you having a plan doesn’t change that, anything can happen so you need to be flexible.


You need to learn how to surf the uncertain waves of the world!

And if you want to surf you need to forget about plans. You need to come to the present moment, to sense the waves.

Having a plan means that you are not in the present moment. It means that you orchestrate strategies in your mind, but you are not present.

You don’t see the wave, you don’t see the opportunities in the uncertainty, you don’t see the hidden treasure behind the obstacle.

You need to forget about everything else and become present!

Only in the present moment you can create a fitting plan for the waves of uncertainty that the world gives.

Only in the present moment you can sense the wave, its speed, its shape, its characteristics and opportunities.

That’s how you can catch the wave and surf it instead of letting it go with all of its opportunities while you whine for a different type of wave.

You cannot control the waves!

Even if you could control the waves, you are giving away your control to something you can slightly control instead of fully controlling you.

You can fully control how you surf!

So forget about the perfect moment, or the perfect plan, or the perfect opportunity. Come to the present moment, see what’s actually happening.

Make the best out of the current waves instead of waiting!

There is an opportunity around you.

There is a plan you can make for this moment.

This moment is the perfect moment for what you want to do.

So just stop living in illusions.

Become present and use the most of it to be happy.

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