July 2019 Rant From The Heart: You are already living the reward!


Try this. Walk down the street and look at people’s faces. Try to notice how they feel, if they are present enjoying life or chasing after something.

In 99% of people you will notice this derpy look as they automatically move not even being aware of their present moment.

Some of them will be sad, some will be angry, some will simply be confused or derpy, but all of them will lack this vibe of liveliness and joy for life.

It’s because they lack something, at least in their story. They need something first in order to start living. You are probably like them as well.

You need that perfect job, that raise, that partner, that car, that house, some people even need that Instagram story to show to others.

Stop playing imaginary games you have already won!


You are alive, you are here on this abundant planet, you have shelter, food, free internet and countless people who you can get to know.

You can start living right now! You can stop postponing your fun at this party and allow yourself to experience life fully right here and now!

You have unlimited opportunities, you have passions, talents, curiosities, you can learn new things, try new things, explore new places.

You are safer now, you have more than any other human in the history of humanity, than any king, you can read anything with a click of a button.

But we don’t want to accept our victory. Actually, we are most afraid of it. To just accept that we already won, that there is no need for more competition.

We have post victory traumatic disorder!

We are afraid to see that we actually live in the paradise that we so desperately try to reach. It’s around you.

Just write down the details of your paradise. It’s probably beautiful nature, sound of waves, sunshine, people laughing, kids playing.

You can literally see all those things if you go on any random beach in the world. This paradise of yours is already here, around you.

It’s just that you turn your back on it. We have everything now. Just the sole fact that we are free to dance to our favorite music should be enough.

And yet we have so much more. Movies, art, books, sports, activities, games. We have so much free things given to us by us. But we still need something.

We are afraid to accept the fact that we made it to paradise!

We are afraid because we don’t know what to do if there is no problem to solve, no villain to defeat, so we keep creating problems and villains.

Have you noticed that most of the problems we face these days are of our own creation. We create them so we can keep playing.

We cannot understand that the real game progresses, the real fun starts when we accept that we made it.

You don’t need to change or fix anything!

Just accept the present moment as it is. This does not mean to stop advancing as species, in fact, it will allow us to move forward.

It will allow us to unstack from the same old story that we have been telling ourselves for the past couple of millennia.

It will help us update to a new version of humanity, one that does not feel incomplete, but one that grows through its wholeness.

You are already as enough as you can ever be so just start living!

Free yourself!

Do the things you love to do!

Stop looking for what others might say!

The world is saved so enjoy your reward!



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