June 2019 Rant From The Heart: Build your kingdom!


Think of it like this. You are born in a kingdom. This kingdom is not yours, it’s your parents’ kingdom. And you have to obey their rules.

The kingdom of your parents is within another kingdom, the kingdom of your city. And this kingdom is within the kingdom of your country.

We can even argue that your country is within the kingdom of this world, and so on. However, the point here is that you are born very dependent.

As we grow up we inherit the kingdoms of our parents and many people live like this. They don’t try to free themselves, they don’t take control.

They play with what were given to them without ever questioning the options of their game. They whine, yes, but they don’t do anything.


Don’t be like most people, leave the kingdom that’s not yours!

Leave your household. Leave your city. Leave your country. If space travel was available I would suggest that you leave this planet to explore others.

By leaving the kingdom, you are free. Even if that’s metaphorically said and you don’t actually leave physically, but you detach from ruling there.

The point is to detach yourself from all the kingdoms you don’t want to rule at. Most people rule at kingdoms they don’t really care about.

Most people rule over kingdoms where they don’t have any actual power, like their city, their country, some even think they rule the planet.

They complain about things they cannot change because it’s their kingdom. That’s why leaving your kingdom is the first step.

Now you must become aware of what you really want in life!

What do you actually want? How do you actually want to live? What do you actually care about? Audit your life.

It doesn’t matter what the answer is. There is not a right way. Everyone has their own unique right way. However, one sure wrong way is not to know.

That’s why you must become aware of how you want to live your life, so you will know what’s the right way for you.

That’s how you will know what kind of kingdom to build!

And start building. Start with small steps. Start by doing one thing that you always wanted to do. Start by changing your circle of friends.

Start by hanging out with the people you want to hang out with. Start by learning what you are actually passionate about.

Start the business that you actually care about. Start following the cause that actually matters to you. Be honest with people, share your feelings.

You build your kingdom by being unapologetically yourself!

It’s not just about being a king or a queen. It’s about building the kingdom that you want to be a king or a queen in.

Otherwise, what’s the point. You will rule over everything that’s not yours. You will rule over everything you have no power over.

Instead, create your own piece of paradise, create your own beautiful dreams, make them real. It’s not going to be easy but it’s worth it.

Create the kingdom you want to live in!

Build it!

Expand it!

Decorate it!

Create the reality that only you can create!

Build your beautiful dreams in the real world!

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