3 Unnegotiable Proofs That You Are Already Enlightened


Every single technique for enlightenment is just trying to make you realize you already are.

The spiritual movement in the world is getting bigger and bigger. More and more people start reading spiritual books, meditating, balancing energy.

If you start exploring the spiritual niche you will find trillion different advices, and there are countless spiritual gurus who can help you.

There are countless ways to walk the journey of enlightenment and if you start listening to every advice you will be even more confused.

There are countless techniques and practices. But in reality, you don’t need anything to become enlightened. In fact, you already are.

Think for a moment. What is enlightenment to you? Rarely who has a clear idea. Most describe it vaguely. I will prove to you that you are already there.

3 Unnegotiable Proofs You Are Already Enlightened:


1. You can observe your thoughts.

The whole point of becoming enlightened is to be unaffected by the worldly drama, as well as your own. This is why we imagine a person being enlightened as someone who is sitting, meditating and smiling, not being affected by anything.

But you don’t need to go to some special cave or speak to some spiritual guru to achieve this. You already can just observe your thoughts, your environment. You are the observer. You always were. It’s your choice, willingly or not, to decide what you’ll give attention to.

You are continually observing things and deciding what you’ll react on and what you won’t. But the world has made you forget about this. You think you are entangled in many things. You are not. You can just observe things if you want to, if you are aware enough.

2. You knew what you really wanted all along.

Majority of people seek enlightenment because they doubt themselves. They think it will give them the ultimate answer. They think it will show them the right way to live their lives. But what people who claim to achieved enlightenment say it’s quite ironic.

They say that being enlightened, you realize that you knew the answer all along. You knew the best way to live your life. Only you doubted yourself, you doubted that that’s the best possible way. So you tried to listen to everyone else but you.

We all know what we really want in life. For someone is playing games, being with friends, exploring exotic places, creating wealth. But listening to everyone else you think there’s something wrong with your idea, only to realize it was the rightest style for yourself.

3. The state you try to reach exists within you.

Think about this for a minute. They say that happiness, bliss, enlightenment comes from within you. The clue is in the sentence. If something comes from within you than, by common sense, it means that this thing is already within you.

If enlightenment comes from within you, it means that you are already enlightened. You just need to realize it. You need to see all the false beliefs telling you otherwise, all the blocks you’ve created between you and the enlightenment, and let them go.

There is no need for you to wake up at 5am, or to eat a certain type of diet you heard some spiritual guru practices, there is no need to do anything to become enlightened. Most advices help you be healthier and have more clarity, but you are already enlightened.

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