3 Most Profound Lessons About Life That Most People Do Not Learn In A Lifetime


You should be serious about having fun.

We are all born without a manual for life. Nobody knew the rules and guidelines as soon as they were born, we all had to learn through trail and error.

And you can say that humanity is still a young civilization when it comes to how much we know about The Universe and what being alive means. We are all still learning.

Things that we thought were true couple of hundreds of years ago are the subject of laughter today, and things we see as true today will likely make our descendants giggle.

Or they might even blame us for our ignorance. One thing is for sure, that we don’t know even 10% of what there is to know, and some of what we know is probably false.

However, there are couple of lessons that we should learn in order to be able to live happy, joyful and fulfilled lives. Here are the 3 most profound lessons you should know.

3 Most Profound Lessons About Life Most People Do Not Learn:


1. Life is not a restaurant, it’s a buffet.

Majority of people look at life as if they are sitting in a restaurant. They sit and wait for the waiter to serve them. They constantly complain about the slow service of the restaurant, even though they didn’t see any waiter.

As they wait their whole lives, most people do not realize that there is no waiter. Even when they are served something it’s not someone serving them, nor what they wanted to order, it’s a spilled drink, or a dropped food by someone else.

Most people take this and still wait for the waiter, still complain. But life is not a restaurant, it’s a buffet. You need to get up and take what you want. There is no waiter. It’s up to you. Nobody serves you. You get up, take action, and bring to your own table what you desired.

2. Life is not a competition, it’s the reward.

Almost every single religion teaches us that if we are good here we would earn a happily ever after. And most people live their whole lives for this promised reward. But that’s not the point. Being good for a reward is not a sincere type of goodness.

Other people compete with who has more wealth, who has bigger house, who is more famous. They seek something, hoping that when they get it, then they will finally start living happily and free. And they keep seeking, competing, for some imaginary reward.

They don’t get the fundamental lesson of life, that life itself is the reward. Being born and experiencing life is the actual reward. Everything else is just a topping. Stop postponing your happiness, your joy, liveliness. You are already at the party, so have fun.

3. Life is not a story, it’s a sandbox.

The biggest question that philosophers, scientists, and almost every single human being ponders about at some point, is the question of what is the meaning of life. We want to know what is our purpose, what is our mission, our right direction.

Most of us think that life is a story type of a game. That there is a quest that we need to become aware of and start completing. But no matter where we seek, there seems to be no definite answer. As far as we know, there is no purpose. Think about it, it makes sense.

We need a purpose, not life. We need a direction, not life. If there is an actual purpose of life than it is to be lived. There is no grand boss we need to fight. It’s an open world sandbox type of game where you are free to make your own purpose and story.

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