May 2019 Rant From The Heart: Choose your storm!


We often ask for comfort, for calm and mediocre life. We seek to find that endless happiness and inner peace. We seek security, familiarity.

And most people spend their whole lives hoping to find this wonderland of endless happiness, comfort and security.

But what they do not understand is that this wonderland does not exist. So they spend their whole life chasing a phantom, running from themselves.

They do not realize that by chasing this phantom they actually run away from what they so desperately seek. They run away from their self.

From their inner peace, from their inner, unconditional happiness and their inner security. And they fail to realize the big lesson of life.


It’s not about making fences, it’s about being free!

It’s not about getting away from the storms, it’s about finding the ones that matter, it’s about finding something you would go through the storm to get.

There is no point in chasing safety your whole life. There is no point in chasing security, or some external thing to protect you from uncertainty.

We all live in midst of uncertainty. We all live on a planet in the midst of infinity, and we have no idea about the most of it.

We try to act as if we know most of what’s going on and we have no idea about 99% of the reality of our existence.

We feel secure when we know something, but even when you are certain of something you are still 99% blind to the rest of reality.

It’s not about playing it safe, it’s about living to the fullest!

What’s the point of playing it safe when you have so big desires within you? There is no point, it’s just more addictive than discomfort.

Playing it safe will not get you what you want. It will just make you think you will get a better chance.

And you might even get one, but you will play it safe and not use it. You will trade the things that make you feel alive for things that make you feel safe.

Stop craving security and start seeking passion!

Start making an epic adventure of your life. Start following your passions, start following your purpose, be courageous enough.

If there’s anything to be courageous about that’s your purpose!

So forget about what other people tell you should do, forget about what gives you a fix of safety, and find your storm.

Find something that’s worth going through a storm for!

The truth is there are storms all around you. There is no chance for you to escape them. And most people end up in the wrong storms chasing safety.

So you might as well choose the thing worth feeling uncomfortable for.

Find a storm worth going through.

Choose what’s worth living fully for.

Write your own narrative instead of hiding.

Create a badass story.

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